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  • Name: Charlie Armstrong ( Charlie Armstrong )
  • Date of birth: 26 September 1968
  • Age: 48 years
  • Place of birth: Caribbean Islands
  • Activity: singer, musician, participant of the show «the Voice 5»
  • Marital status: not married

    Charlie Armstrong: biography

    The grandson of the legendary American vocalist and trumpeter Louis Armstrong, Charlie was born in September 1968 in the Caribbean. His father, a native of Barbados and a mother from Suriname.

    Charlie Armstrong at the portrait of Louis Armstrong
    Charlie Armstrong at the portrait of Louis Armstrong | Guide

    So says Charlie. True, the biographers of the legendary Gentleman of Jazz in one voice say that Louis had no children with any of the four wives. Most likely he was sterile. Perhaps the singer, who calls himself a grandson of Armstrong, is actually the grandson of one of the sisters of the legendary jazz – Beatrice or Vanessa.

    Creative career

    According to Charlie Armstrong known that he began to sing in 5 years. His first performance happened in the Church choir and had been quite successful. The boy had no opportunity to do music professionally, so to have succeeded in self-education. Charlie was invited to sing in the churches of South America and Holland, where he performed songs in the style of gospel music.

    The debut concert of the young singer gave in 12 years. It was then that the biography of Charlie Armstrong has reached a new milestone. His career is moving on the rise.

    Charlie Armstrong
    Charlie Armstrong |

    The performance style of Charlie Armstrong became interested in the musicians from different countries. Soon the young jazzman involved as MC-freestyler in clubs in America and Europe. He readily invited to parties of the elite clubs closed. Charlie sings in the styles of Blues, jazz and funk. His deep voice is mesmerizing, and accompanied by a saxophone turns into real magic.

    Fans of Charlie Armstrong is growing. His singles «You Drive Me Crazy», «Respect My Authority» and «Feel The Summer» popular in the clubs of Saint-Tropez, Cannes and Monaco.

    Show «The Voice-5»

    In Russia, Charlie Armstrong appeared not so long ago, but has already managed to increase the popularity. Having heard about the popular TV show «the Voice», which is broadcast on the Central channels of the country and collects millions of audience, Charlie decided to take part in it. He was fully confident in their abilities and more determined. Armstrong said with a smile that if judges are not going back to him yourself, he will help them to do it.

    On the court mentors and viewers, the contractor presented the song «My First My Last My Everything». The judges looked at each other and had to guess who you’ll see. Himself Barry white to come for him. The first and only until Charlie turned Polina Gagarina. Thus, the supposed grandson of Armstrong got her team.

    Together with other judges Charlie sang one of the «cards» Mr. Jazz «Let My People Go».

    Personal life

    Long time colored the artist lived in Holland, Germany and Switzerland. But when I came to Russia, I realized that in this country it is very comfortable. Jazzman admits that cannot handle the heat and loves the snow and frost.

    Personal life Charlie Armstrong covered by a dense veil of mystery. It is not known whether he married, whether he has children. But now the heart of the singer and musician free, and he argues that it is not against to marry Russian.

    Charlie Armstrong
    Charlie Armstrong | VK


    Charlie Armstrong

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