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  • Name: Charles Bronson ( Charles Dennis Buchinsky )
  • Date of birth: 3 November 1921
  • Age: 81 years
  • Date of death: August 30, 2003
  • Place of birth: village Erenfeld, PA, USA
  • Height: 174
  • Activity: American actor
  • Marital status: was a widower

    Charles Bronson: biography

    Iconic American actor of the mid-twentieth century, he became famous for his roles in the films «the Great escape», «the Magnificent seven» and «One day in the Wild West».

    Charles Bronson
    Future Hollywood star |

    His real name was Charles Dennis Buchinskiy. But the audience and an army of millions of fans know by his stage name Charles Bronson. He was born in Pennsylvania in 1921. The childhood of Charles Dennis, the eleventh child of 15 children of Polish-Lithuanian immigrants, was not carefree.

    Charles first of all Buchinskiy managed to complete his education in high school. English he studied independently, communicating with the local serf boys.

    Charles Bronson
    Heavy youth |

    Childhood young Charlie Buchinskiy over 10 years. Died the father of a large family, so the boy had to go to work. At first he worked in the office coal mine, and soon in the mine.

    The actor later recalled that poverty in their home was such that once even had to wear a dress sisters to go to school.

    Charles Bronson
    In the beginning | Cinema

    The second world war has not passed by men. Buchinskiy went to the combat zone. He came to the Pacific fleet and served as an air gunner. For their valor and courage he was awarded the Red star.

    After the war, a young man for many years in different spheres of life, until I joined the theatre troupe in Philadelphia. Just coming on the scene, he realized that acting was his calling.


    Buchinskiy knew that without drama training him not to break into the movie Olympus. So he entered and successfully graduated from the Pasadena Playhouse theater school in the Californian city of Pasadena.

    Charles Bronson
    At the start of a career |

    The cinematic biography of Charles Bronson, the future legends of world cinema began in 1950, when he was preparing to celebrate its 30th anniversary. The first 12 paintings in which he starred, the actor was listed in the credits under his real name. But during the McCarthy «witch hunt», he decided to change too «Slavic» name for the Anglo-Saxon.

    Debut tape Bronson was a military picture, «Now you’re in the Navy», where he got the role of a sailor. The film was released on the big screens in 1951. After 2 years went to the film «wax Museum», «Miss Sadie Thompson» and «riding shotgun». Everywhere the actor went to the role of the second plan, which are not particularly popular brought, but has played an invaluable role in the acquisition of acting.

    Alain Delon and Charles Bronson
    With Alain Delon |

    In the late 1950s Bronson has entrusted a number of key roles in the films, which have proved very successful at the box office. The brightest of them – crime drama «machine gun Kelly» and the series «Man with a camera».

    A breakthrough in his career came after the release of the brilliant westren «the Magnificent seven» in 1960. The role of the arrow in this film has brought the artist’s first – at the time of the emergency, fee: 50 thousand dollars. It is noteworthy that this film won the most popular in the Soviet Union. Bronson was a favorite actor Vladimir Vysotsky.

    Charles Bronson in a Western
    In the Western «Red sun» |

    After 2 years, Charles has pleased its fans with new picture – «the Great escape». Interestingly, the role of the Polish prisoner who suffers from claustrophobia, Bronson was close enough: he was suffering from this disease.

    The peak of glory of this actor we have in the 1960-70-ies of the twentieth century. The most striking and loved by the audience paintings with his participation can be called the movies «the Dirty dozen» and «Once in the West». Drama «the Dirty dozen» was awarded several awards «Oscar», and the cult Western «Once in the wild West» of the famous Italian Director Sergio Leone made the actor but a new level of popularity. The Director himself called Bronson «the greatest actor he ever worked with».

    Charles Bronson in the movie
    In the cult film «wild West» | tverdyi-sign

    Of works by the artist 1970s, it should be noted painting «rider on the rain», «Red sun» and «Enemy at the door». This is the time when Charles Bronson already has the status of world stars of cinema. His fees call mad: for each role he received a million dollars. Most of the artist are removed in westerns and action movies. Critics and viewers are crazy about the movies «stone cold killer», «Valdez the half breed» and «death».

    Charles Bronson
    The fees of the actor millions |

    The Thriller «death wish» was so successful that the filmmakers decided to shoot a sequel. It was released in 1994.

    In the 1980s, the star is removed less. One of the most remarkable paintings of this period — «ten minutes to midnight.» Old age takes its toll.

    The actor has a star on the Hollywood walk of fame.

    Personal life

    Hollywood star, which was a breath millions of fans, was a one-woman man. When they adored the beautiful Jill Ireland agreed to marry him, it seemed that Bronson flew into the clouds. Their marriage was long and strong. Love and understanding of this beautiful couple was the envy of many colleagues. It was atypical for a Hollywood marriage.

    Charles Bronson with his wife
    With his beloved Jill |

    Personal life Charles Bronson and Jill was remarkably happy: his beloved wife bore him beautiful children. But the light faded to stars, when he found out that his wife is sick with cancer.

    During her life, Bronson fought a long 6 years. He was ready to give up everything they had, and throw to save his beloved all his money to bring her back to life. In this difficult period he refused to shoot and never left her wife.

    Dying, the woman whispered that will remain with him as a guardian angel forever. But Jill asked the husband certainly found himself a companion and tried to be happy.

    Charles Bronson with his wife
    Only love Bronson | melena1001

    A few years after his wife’s death Bronson led a reclusive lifestyle. When he finally began to come to light next to him saw Kim weeks, a former personal Secretary Jill. It seemed, on the face of the grim Charles began to appear smile, but all was in vain. Soon he had a mental disorder. Bronson told his doctor that constantly communicating with your deceased wife. According to him, once she even saved his life. A man dreamed that Jill asked him to take a taxi.

    Charles Bronson on the Hollywood walk of fame
    Personal star on the walk of fame |

    The next morning he did so, instructing the driver to check the car. It turned out, the car in which the actor every morning went to the shooting was a serious fault.

    He was never married.


    In the last years of his life the famous artist was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. After his wife’s death in 1990, his health deteriorated significantly.

    He lived another 13 years and died in August 2003 at the hospital Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles. Here he fell with pneumonia, which he was unsuccessfully treated for several weeks.


    • «Now you’re in the Navy»
    • «Machine Gun Kelly»
    • «The magnificent seven»
    • «The great escape»
    • «The dirty dozen»
    • «Once in the West»
    • «Passenger of the rain»
    • «Red sun»
    • «Death wish»
    • «Ten minutes to midnight»


    Charles Bronson

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