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  • Name: Channing Tatum ( Channing Matthew Tatum )
  • Date of birth: 26 April 1980.
  • Age: 36 years
  • Place of birth: Cullman, Alabama, USA
  • Height: 185
  • Activities: actor, model, producer
  • Marital status: married

    Channing Tatum: biography

    Wonderful actor, producer, and model Channing Tatum born April 26, 1980 in the small town of Cullman located in Alabama. His parents — ordinary people who belong to the middle class population. Mom Channing worked in one of the local airlines, and father worked in an office building. Kay and Glen (the parents of the actor) wanted to have children and so I was overjoyed when was born their first son Channing. Then the family had seven more children.

    When Tatum finished with high school, he immediately went to Florida, where he enrolled in military school. This school he graduated well and took the decision to devote his life to the army. In this regard, he moved to West Virginia where he wants to continue training in one of the local colleges.

    Channing Tatum in childhood
    Baby photo of an actor | Personality

    Once his dream came true and he went to College, all of a sudden he abruptly quitting school and leaving home. What was the reason for such action, no one knows but himself Channing keeps it a secret until now.

    Returning home, Tatum imagined a rosy life with no hassle. However, the opposite happened. To survive, he had to sell clothes dance exotic dancing and performing at strip clubs. So only Channing could stay afloat.

    Once he could not withstand such trials and went for a better life in Miami. While there, Tatum luck smiled, and he noticed the PR agent of one of the local modeling agencies.

    Modeling career

    First Tatum tried his hand as a model at one of the auditions, which were held in Orlando. The jury, sitting at the competition, Channing noticed and invited him to participate in the video known Latin American singer Ricky Martin. For this work he received a fee in the amount of $ 400. At that time it was good money.

    Channing Tatum
    Early in his career | Vulture

    Then he begins to cooperate with such known companies as Armani and Abercrombie & Fitch. The year 2000 was special for Tatum. Then he took part in a fashion show organized by the men’s magazine mens Health. It was held in one of night clubs of Miami.

    Channing doesn’t stop and in 2002, tries himself in the role of the actor. He is filming a commercial brand Pepsi. After this event he was offered a job in the modeling Agency page 305. Tatum becomes the face of well-known brands starting to appear in commercials. Here he decides to radically change its image and it appears in front of cameras practically shaved.

    Channing Tatum
    Worked for major modeling agencies | Rorida

    Channing’s modeling career is on the rise. Now he is in demand in the largest modeling agencies in new York and Milan. A cover of fashionable glossy magazines adorned with his face, but Tatum does not cease to participate in prestigious fashion shows. In 2001, Channing enters the list of the fifty most beautiful people on the planet.

    According to Tatum’s modeling career is what he needed. It is this employment helped him to understand what he wants from life. Channing was very glad of the chance which gave him a fate. He considered himself lucky.


    Tatum first appeared on television in 2004, when at the peak of popularity was the movie «SCI». A year later, in 2005, he begins to act in various movies, where he plays subtle roles. For example, a cameo role in the film «Coach Carter», a boy from the Church in the movie «war of the Worlds», directed by Steven Spielberg, the biker in a feature film «Supercross», a young man from the movie «crazy».

    These events was the fact that Tatum is on time forget about model career and is totally immersed in a great movie. Once there were rumors that in the film «Mongol» was removed Channing, but for some reason it was replaced by Asano. He participated in the casting for the role of Genghis Khan in the movie «X-Men», but when his character cut from the story, he lost a huge chance.

    Channing Tatum in the film
    In the movie «Step up» | New-academia

    At this time, Tatum says one blockbuster producer Lauren Schuler Donner. She invites him to star in the film «She’s the man» and play there a major role. Premiere of the film took place in 2006, on March 17.

    In the same year, Tatum achieves a breakthrough in his career and gets a part in the world famous film «the Step Forward». He never thought that the dances will be the meaning of his life. Premiered in 2006 on August 11. Also in the movie «a guide to recognizing your saints» and «the War forced» the main role was for Tatum.

    In 2010, the screens out the new film called «Dear John», where Channing played the role of a soldier. A year later came the film «Knockout» and «Dangerous quarter». Soon, Tatum founded his own production center, which deals with the filming.

    In 2012, Channing played the title role in the film «magic Mike.» This picture was special to him, because Channing has long wanted to star in the film, where the main event revolves around male strippers. This was due to the events that occurred in his life a few years ago.

    Channing Tatum in the film
    In the movie «magic Mike» | Sretna

    In 2015, the screens out the film «Jupiter ascending,» where everything is the same Tatum became a star. In 2016 in cinemas around the world began to twist the film starring Channing’s «X-Men. Apocalypse».

    Personal life

    Personal life of actor, producer, and model Channing Tatum kept secret to the last. About his marital status just wrote some Newspapers and magazines. However, everything changed when his fan started a blog, which laid out the posts about their idol.This online diary became very popular. After that, the actor invited the girl to new York and made a statement – blog becomes the main star site.

    Channing Tatum
    Has thousands of fans |

    A special place in the life of an actor took the movie «Step up», because on the set he met a charming girl who has captured his heart. Actress Jenna Dewan played in this film a friend of the protagonist. Tatum for two years could not decide to propose to her.

    Day, going to Hawaii, Channing finally decided and in a romantic setting asked for the hand and heart in Jenna. In 2009, the couple legalized their relationship. The wedding ceremony took place in Malibu. The wedding was gorgeous.

    Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan
    Photos from the wedding | Gloss

    About a beautiful pair wrote many Newspapers and magazines. All of Hollywood was in awe of the collection of Tatum. Over several years Jenna and Channing enjoyed each other. They starred together in the films starring.

    In 2012, reporters noticed a small tummy Jenna. This is clearly testified to the fact that the wife of Channing pregnant. In may 2013, the family of Tatum appeared adorable daughter Everly. Channing became the happiest man on Earth, after all, fulfilled his main desire is to become a father.

    Channing Tatum with daughter
    With his wife and daughter | Fansshare

    Now almost every magazine you can see photos of Channing Tatum. The actor, according to many ratings, is the most beautiful and successful actor of the 21st century. According to many fans, the torso and the growth of Tatum is his main advantages.


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    • «A step forward»
    • Cobra
    • «Dear John»
    • «The eagle of the Ninth»
    • «10 years later»
    • «The vow»
    • «Macho and nerdy»
    • «Magic Mike»
    • «A side effect»
    • «Storm the White house»
    • «Hunter on Fox»
    • «Jupiter Ascending»
    • «Disgusting eight»
    • «Lucky Logan»

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