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  • Name: Chagatai Ulusoy ( Ulusoy Chagatay )
  • Date of birth: 23 September 1990
  • Age: 26 years
  • Place of birth: Istanbul
  • Height: 188
  • Activities: Turkish actor, model
  • Marital status: not married

    Chagatai Ulusoy biography

    The rising star of Turkish cinema Chagatai Ulusoy appeared on the screens not so long ago, but is already considered one of the most promising young actors. A great external data (Chagatai – professional model), made guy the idol of Turkish girls.

    The artist was born in September 1990 in Istanbul. The Bosnian origin of the mother and Bulgarian father mixed up in their son. Maybe this is his vivid and memorable appearance. In addition to the Chagatai family has grown by another one son, Junior Atalay.

    Chagatai early years were incredibly active. He loved sports and was always the center of attention wherever they appeared. High growth led him to basketball, where the guy was making great strides. He could well become an excellent coach. But he predicted a acting or modeling career.

    Why after high school, Ulusoy has served on the faculty of landscape design, and it is not clear. But the advice of friends and relatives to try himself in the acting field Chagatai forgot. He took classes in drama school.

    In his student years handsome guy noticed one of the modeling agencies. Something happened that predicted school teachers: Chagatai Ulusoy became a model. And his career in this field rapidly progressed. In 20 years, the guy easily won the title of «Best model» among men in his native Turkey. This work brought a student with good earnings. However, now, under the current employment on the set, Ulusoy don’t quit your job model.


    A cinematic biography of the Chagatai Ulusoy began in 2010. He starred in a small role in the 3rd season of melodrama «Recep Ivedik». But the actor himself considers his debut picture «the Eagles of Anatolia.» He got the role of a fearless pilot of the Turkish air force, a very charismatic guy who does not bend under the weight of problems and a mountain for friends.

    The popularity came to the young actor after the release of the 2011 TV series «I Named her Feriha». This wonderful melodrama ruled the Chagatai to the top of popularity not only in his native country but also abroad. Ulusoy has played a rich man who fell in love with a poor girl from the lower class. The film tells about the difficulties and obstacles on the path to reunification with the beloved.

    After the release of this tape Chagatai Ulusoy, one after the other gets several offers from well-known Turkish Directors. Fans saw the actor in high-profile projects, «the Lightning pierced the house» and «the path of the Emir.»

    From 2013 through 2015, the actor starred in the hugely popular in his native country the TV series «Rush». He got the main role.

    New crest of popularity caught up with the Chagatai Ulusoy after the appearance in the continuation of the rating of the historical series «magnificent century» about the life of the Ottoman Empire. We will remind that the rights to broadcast this tape I bought 5 dozen countries. The continuation of the story is called «Kesem-Sultan.» Chagatai here got the role of Osman the Second, born mahfirat the Sultan. In this role, with the young artist met Russian viewers.

    In the spring of 2016 Chagatai Ulusoy began acting in film project based on the story of the famous picture «the Departed,» in which the main characters played by Leonardo DiCaprio and Jack Nicholson. The plans of the Directors of the film to produce your project in the fall of this year. Fans of Turkish star will see his idol in the image of a fearless police officer. For the credibility of his character Ulusoy visited America, where he learned the skill of small arms.

    Personal life

    It is known that young actor is not going to tie the knot soon. He is very busy on the set, is at the Zenith of popularity and demand in the cinema. His work schedule is painted on the clock.

    However, the personal life of Chagatai Ulusoy under the scrutiny of the paparazzi. Because Ulusoy – star at home. His every move and all the companions of handsome record savvy journalists and groupies. It is known that the actor had two novels with colleagues. First with actress Serenay Sarikaya did not last long. Then there was a romantic story with Derya Sensoy. However, this story was overshadowed by the rumors that the couple was caught in a joint marijuana. But the artist claims that his career is now so well developed that it makes no sense to put her up on drugs.

    Recently Chagatai Ulusoy often met in society colleagues Leyla Tugutlu, but the artist himself says that they have exclusively friendly relations.


    • «Recep Ivedik»
    • «Eagles Of Anatolia»
    • «I called it Fariha»
    • «Lightning struck the house»
    • «The Path Of The Emir»
    • «The tide»
    • «Casem-Sultan»


    Chagatai Ulusoy

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