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  • Name: Chad Michael Murray ( Chad Michael Murray )
  • Date of birth: 24 August 1981
  • Age: 35 years
  • Place of birth: Buffalo, United States
  • Growth: 183
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Chad Michael Murray: biography

    American actor Chad Michael Murray born August 24 1981 in Buffalo. He grew up in a large family where he had four children. The father worked as a Manager airlines, his mother was a housewife.

    Ten years all was well, and then the mother abandoned the family and left. She appeared in the son’s life many years later, when Murray became a famous actor. Warm meeting did not happen – Chad couldn’t forgive her mother that she abandoned them in childhood, and slammed the door.

    In his childhood he liked to organize theatrical performances for home. Didn’t stop him and pediophobia – fear of dolls he felt since childhood. Grandmother of Chad Michael Murray used to collect porcelain dolls when grandson came to visit her, he could not be with them in the same room – dead eyes of toys it was frightening.

    Chad Michael Murray in his youth
    Chad Michael Murray in his youth | ONLINE

    His second passion was football. One day while playing Chad injured his leg and was in the hospital. In the house he had time to dream about the future. Family life was difficult, money was never enough, so Chad Michael had to earn money. He worked as a paperboy, a Manager in a car company.

    At the hospital, Murray met a nurse who moonlighted as a model. She convinced a guy to try after recovery. Chad followed her advice. Two years later, he won the right of free education at the model school in Buffalo. Soon the promising young man drew the attention of model agents in 1999, he went to conquer Hollywood. There’s Chad Michael Murray advertised goods brands, and in his spare time was introduced to cinema.


    On the big screen he made his debut in small roles in the TV series «Diagnosis: murder» and «CSI: crime scene investigation».

    The first serious role for Murray got in 2003. It was the movie «Freaky Friday», in which he starred with Lindsay Lohan. The picture is a success, and the aspiring actor landed a role in the TV series «one tree Hill». The first season the project attracted about 4.5 million viewers. Pictures of Chad has appeared on the covers of popular magazines.

    Chad Michael Murray and Lindsay Lohan in FLM
    Chad Michael Murray and Lindsay Lohan in «Freaky Friday» | World Art

    The following year, Murray starred in the film «a Cinderella Story», which critics smashed to smithereens. But the negative comments only fueled the interest of the audience – this project became the highest grossing in his career Chad Michael, has collected $ 70 million at the box office.

    After «Cinderella,» the actor’s career went up rapidly. He was invited to star in the horror film «House of wax» and was shooting in the film «home of the brave», «Christmas Cupid», «Carrier» and other projects. In 2013-2016 the actor playing Jacob Orr in the series, «Chosen», and in 2014 he began acting in the project «Agent Carter.» The shooting continues today.

    Personal life

    His first wife, actress Sophia Bush he met on the set of «one tree Hill». In the spring of 2005 the lovers got married, but six months later said that they part. 29 Dec 2006 the couple officially divorced. The Newspapers wrote that the cause of the rupture was Paris Hilton, which Chad starred in «House of wax».

    Chad Michael Murray and Kenzie Dalton
    Chad Michael Murray and Kenzie Dalton | SerialoMania

    In 2006, Murray began Dating Kenzie Dalton, a few months later, the couple announced their engagement. Their romance lasted several years, but in the summer of 2013 it became known that Chad and Kenzie have broken up.

    Then Murray had a brief romance with actress Nicky Whelan, and in 2014 he met and fell in love with the colleague on shop Sarah Roemer. In the beginning of next year, the couple announced upcoming wedding. Soon, reporters said that the lovers were married in secret. May 31, 2015 Murray became a father – his son was born.

    Chad Michael Murray and Sarah Roemer
    Chad Michael Murray and Sarah Roemer | Glamourissimo

    The actor leads a healthy lifestyle, visit the gym, ice skating, playing basketball, participating in charitable events and loves dogs.


    • «The chosen one»
    • «Carrier»
    • «House of wax»
    • «The lone Ranger»
    • «Freaky Friday»
    • «Summer of our hopes»
    • «One tree hill»
    • «Southland»
    • «A Cinderella Story»
    • «Agent Carter»


    Chad Michael Murray

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