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  • Name: Catherine Velichenko ( Ekaterina Vulichenko )
  • Date of birth: 8 June 1980
  • Age: 36 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 168
  • Activities: Russian actress
  • Marital status: divorced

    Catherine velichenko : biography

    Ekaterina V. Velichenko — Muscovite. She appeared in «the contest» in 1980 in a military family. The early childhood years, the girl family moved from garrison to garrison. In addition to Kati in the family were older sister Oksana.

    When Catherine was 10 years old, his parents divorced. It was 90 years, a difficult time in the life of the country. Challenging and life of your family Kathy. Although dad left when you divorce her pension to her daughters and ex-wife, but soon this money turned into pennies. Mother Katya and Oksana had to work very hard to put girls on feet. She never married and devoted her life to her daughters.

    At school Catherine velichenko studied pretty well. But most of all she loved the exact Sciences, and the girl visited the school of mathematics. Like all children of that time, dreamed to become an astronaut, a physicist, after coming to school a wonderful teacher of literature, philologist.

    In middle school, Catherine and often participated in different Olympiads and was thinking that after the school to enter the mekhmat. But once it was noticed by Directors of children’s newsreel «jumble» and suggested that red-haired girl to appear in several episodes. She agreed. Kate loved the atmosphere of the shooting, hustle on the court and the process of birth movie. So in fifth grade Velichenko came first in drama and then to theatre school, who worked at the Schepkin school. To assert its desire to choose acting helped a small role in the film «serpentine channel». Although to play the young actress had a corpse, but Catherine finally realized that if to learn, then just for the actress.

    After school, Catherine velichenko carried their instruments in the theatre school named after Schepkin and easily got in.

    Catherine velichenko: movies

    A lull in the shooting during the entire study in «Chips» Cathy was secured. Students were forbidden to act, and she studied diligently, mastering the basics of acting.

    Biography of Catherine Velichenko began after school. The young actress took the troupe of the theatre «modern». Kate managed to appear in several productions, but soon I realized that the more she was attracted by the art of cinema. Especially as there were some tempting offers from the Directors.

    In the early 2000s, the budding actress appeared in four films. The most significant work in this period is the role of Ekaterina Simakova in a dramatic picture of the war. After «Stars» Katya fell asleep. It appears in several popular TV series, among which the most significant are «Free woman», «Samara-Gorodok», «keys to the abyss» and «Banker». These melodramas emerged in the early 2000s, very quickly made the artist popular and famous.

    Soon added to the popularity of the appearance in the films «the Frenchman», «the State Counsellor», «Love me», «Nine signs of adultery», «loff». Catherine appears in these tapes with the stars of Russian cinema such as Nikita Mikhalkov, Konstantin Khabensky, Mikhail Efremov, Maria Golubkina and many others. Critics say that along with such talented actors Catherine velichenko looks gray and not lost in their glow.

    The decision to re-work on the theatrical stage came to Catherine Velichenko in 2005. She chose the Theatre actors, where it is now. Theatergoers love to see performances featuring a flame-haired beauty «the Marriage of Figaro», «Fool», «All about eve».

    But the movie still remains one of the priorities Velichenko. The actress, and then starred in the series. It can be seen in «Russian heiresses», «Goryunova», «Nerd», in the film «Viy». One of the most recent paintings Velichenko – romance «whipped» in which she starred.

    Catherine velichenko: personal life

    My husband and Katia met at the airport, during one of the flights from Moscow to Kiev. In the ensuing conversation it turned out that

  • Denis Trifonov arrived in Russia on a working trip. He is a graduate of Oxford and successful businessman. Broke novel. Denis often flew to Moscow for a meeting with her beloved. Soon, the young couple decided to legalize the relationship. Catherine says that the wedding she was fabulous. Stylish dress for the bride is stitched in one of the salons. As expected, the couple went on a honeymoon in one of the warm countries. In 2007, Catherine and Denis ‘ daughter Sophia. After 7 years, it became known that the pair are not together. In October 2014, one of the district courts of the capital put an end to nine years of marriage Velichenko and Trifonov. Relationship stopped because of the frequent separations. Denis permanent and long-term trips in foreign travel, Catherine removed a lot and disappears on the set, on the stage.

    Daughter Sonya most of the time living with his grandmother in Cyprus and often happens in Moscow. With dad she sees on the holidays.

    Catherine velichenko: filmography

    • Star
    • The Frenchman
    • Samara-Gorodok
    • Banker
    • Casarosa
    • Tatiana day
    • Nine signs of adultery
    • About loff
    • Russian heiress
    • The case was in the Kuban
    • The defender
    • Nerd
    • Under the heel

    Catherine velichenko: photo

    Catherine Velichenko

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