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  • Name: Catherine Simahodskiy ( Ekaterina Simakhodskaya )
  • Date of birth: 5 October 1988
  • Age: 28 years
  • Place of birth: Minsk
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Catherine Simahodskiy: biography

    Catherine Simahodskiy — Russian actress, drew the attention of a wide audience thanks to the filming of the popular TV series «Stairway to heaven». She was born in the capital of Belarus in the late 80-ies. But after the Soviet Union ceased to exist, my parents decided to move to Russia and moved to Catherine, and her sister Olesya.

    When she worked in the Studio of dance. And it is equally professionally owned and classic ballroom dances and modern choreography in the style of art Nouveau. In addition, Simahodskiy graduated from music school in piano and in parallel I visited the section of sports acrobatics.

    To the final evening the girl finally decided that he wants to become an actress. So she applied to many theatre schools and eventually enrolled in the Institute of Russian theater graduating in 2011 in the specialty «theater and film Actress». In student theater Simahodskiy played a very interesting role of Aksinya in «and Quiet flows the Don», the matchmaker in «the Marriage Bal’zaminova», Catherine in «Mother Courage» and many other classic characters of world drama. After graduation she collaborates with theatrical center named after Vsevolod Meyerhold.

    Catherine has more education: she studied at the Higher school of television «Ostankino» from the famous teacher Tatyana Pushkina and finished the course «Leading television and radio programs». On television, the young actress can regularly be seen in a large number of commercials for such companies as Sberbank, MegaFon, the «Miracle yogurt», «KIA», «Calgon» and other famous brands. Also as a fashion model Catherine Simahodskiy appeared in the print edition of the famous cosmetic company «Faberlik».


    Filmography the young actress is quite extensive and includes both television serials and feature-length films. Debuted on the screen Catherine Simahodskiy in his student years. First, she appeared in episodes of such popular projects as the detective «Trace», the Comedy sitcom «Univer», crime Thriller «COP in the law», detective «. Three station», the melodrama «Two moments of love» and other movies, much appreciated by the audience.

    In General, 2013 for the actress was a year of fruitful and endless work, because within 12 months she visited the set more than a dozen projects. In 2014, with the participation of Catherine Simahodskiy came romance «a Year in Tuscany», war drama «Embracing the sky» and the crime film on a religious subject «Father Matthew».

    But the real success was waiting for her in 2016, when the lights went out in the sentimental melodramatic film «Stairway to heaven», where she got the negative role of Isolde, sister of the protagonist, which takes Faith Sitnicka. A romantic drama, which started filming 2 years ago, Directors and writers adapted for the Russian reality, based on the eponymous series Korean. Another landmark work of that period was the social drama of the everyday work of the fire brigade, «Between two fires».

    Personal life

    Catherine Simahodskiy carefully hides from the public all of their romance, both past and present. Because of this, there are a lot of rumours and gossip, after all, the public ascribes to Catherine novels then with one, then with another actor, with whom she collaborated in another project.

    In her spare time she enjoys traveling, horseback riding, going to the gym. In General, she spends leisure time more actively.


    • 2013 — Two moments of love
    • 2013 — Moscow. Three station
    • 2013 — the Syndrome of understatement
    • 2013 — the Last of Magician
    • 2014 — the Year in Tuscany
    • 2014 — Embracing the sky
    • 2014 — Father Matthew
    • 2014 — Stronger than the fate
    • 2015 — Between two fires
    • 2016 — Stairway to heaven


    Katerina Simahodskiy

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