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  • Name: Catherine Porubel ( Ekaterina Porubel )
  • Date of birth: 8 June 1983
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: Russian theater and film actress
  • Marital status: married

    Catherine Porubel: biography

    «Serafima the beautiful» national cinema Catherine Porubel was born in the capital in the summer of 1983. In spite of the simple Russian woman SIM in worn-out shoes and an old polka-dot dress, many viewers did not even know that they face a Muscovite.

    Catherine grew up in a family of teachers-physicists. However, parents with a degree were not working. My father had a small business, and mom was a math club in one of the Moscow Palaces of culture. In addition to Kati in the family grew up the youngest daughter Sasha. The sisters were no tape recorders, no computers – lived rather modestly. But he dressed nice, he cared about the grandmother – a skilled seamstress, an order which did the wives of senior officials.

    Catherine Porubel did not study very well. Abilities to the exact Sciences it is not inherited. She liked literature and history. A still – scene. In school girl gladly participated in the initiative. At 12 he enrolled in the drama club and played his first role. Even then, Katya trusted large and textured characters. This one is never advised to lose weight.

    Talent and texture of the entrant noticed in the Schepkin theatre school, where Porubel came to do. Victor Korshunov immediately highlighted the girl weight at the time 95 pounds, among the fragile and thin peers. Already on the 2nd round he whispered to Catherine that she almost adopted and it should not run on other theatrical institutions.

    The future artist got on the course Korshunova. In 2004, she left «Squid» by a registered actress.


    Creative career Catherine Porubel began at the Maly theatre. To get helped Korshunov, who gave the recommendation a favorite student. Soon her abilities are appreciated and began to trust large role. Katya played Jeanette in «Efforts of love», the Luz in the production of «Day to day», Dunyasha in «the Whale» and Masha in «Poverty not a Vice».

    A cinematic biography of Catherine, Porubel was not so brilliant. The Directors offered the actress the episodes, and the same type: large, rural girls, women, fishermen, farmers. Katya was happy all work and carefully «laid out on the set.

    Such tactics and honesty brought success. Porubel, increasingly entrusted with key roles. The audience saw the Russian beauty in the movie «propaganda Team «beat the enemy!», detective tape «Chrome», the drama «Its another sister», «Doctor Zhivago» and «Farewell, doctor Chekhov!».

    A turning point in the career of the artist was 2009. Director Karineh Foliants remembered the bright actress, when picking the candidate for the lead role in his project «Seraphim beautiful». It is noteworthy that in the memory of Director Catherine Porubel surfaced after a 7-year break: in 2002, she played in an episode of «Amapola» Karineh Foliants.

    Reincarnation in simple and strong village woman who is «a galloping horse will stop,» was lightning fast. Artist easily agreed that her image on the screen will be «glamorous» and rough. The porubel immediately realized that this role — star.

    It just happened. «Seraphim beautiful» so sunk into the soul of viewers, especially from the provinces, they demanded to extend the series. Catherine Parallel compared with the legendary Nona Mordyukova, and this comparison actress was flattered.

    Of the «fresh» works most successful Actresses can be called the film «Rare blood», released in 2013. Here Catherine Porubel played another key role.

    Personal life

    True love came to this bright actress on the set of star project «Seraphim beautiful». In Feodosia, where they filmed the TV series, Catherine went to not one, but with a young son Cavuskoy and sister Alexandra, which was to look after the boy.

    Kate gave birth to a son without a husband: a relationship with his biological dad, but to get rid of the child actress didn’t even think.

    Odessa Anatoly Levenets got into the project as the illuminator. Struck a spark soon ignited into a flame. Anatoly got along great with Savva that Catherine turned out to be the decisive factor. Long-time lovers are supporting their feelings at a distance, because Levenets worked in Ukraine. But love conquered the distance and the pair together.

    Personal life of Catherine of Porubel in our days is the beloved husband Anatoly, the eldest son Junior Savva and Lukyan that came to light in 2012.


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    Katherine Porubel

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