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  • Name: Catherine Olkina ( Ekaterina Olkina )
  • Date of birth: 8 November 1985.
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: Kotlas, Russia
  • Height: 169
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Catherine Olkina : biography

    Actress Catherine Olkina was born 8 November 1985 in the small town of Kotlas in the Arkhangelsk region. But all her childhood memories are connected with Samara, where the mother took the girl when she was not yet informed.

    Parents of Catherine are not related to the performing arts, and she came to the profession unexpectedly. With three years Olcina dancing at four – went to the pool. And Olcina dabbled in drawing, but no talent for this art, as it turned out, it does not. In General, the parents tried to fully develop the daughter.

    When Katya went to first grade, mother enrolled her in music school. At first, the girl sang in the choir, then took up classical and pop singing, performed at competitions and won prizes. High school, where he studied Catherine Olkina was with an emphasis on foreign languages. Catherine studied English, French and Latin, was seriously thinking about entering the Department of English Philology. Perhaps it would have happened if not for «Another world».

    Russian-French musical was going to put in Russia. Catherine, hearing this, came to the casting. She recalls that the selection was tough: for the lead role in «Another world» claimed hundreds of girls, but approved Alcino. First rehearsals were held in Samara, then had a trip to Moscow and then to France. Month Catherine lived in France, worked every day. After returning to Russia, decided that I would become an actress. Her mother supported her, although the teachers tried to dissuade the 15-year-old girl from this venture. Olcina insisted, and went to enter the Moscow. On the way to the capital, she knew that Samara is not coming back.

    Catherine was going to study at jazz school in Ordynka, but came in GITIS – confused the metro station. She decided that fate had brought her to the theatre Institute is no accident, and no mistake. Katya passed the qualifying round and entered the music Department (course by Alexander Barmak). She recalls student drama performances that fell during the study. Olcina dreamed of playing in the theater, but Barmak foresight told her that she would be in a movie. The teacher sent the student, supported her and instilled confidence. He released Catherine on trial, and sometimes to the shooting.


    To be in a movie Katya began in his student years. She made her debut in the film «Stalin.Live» in 2006. The following year starred in the episodes in the films «the Servant», «frost», «COP in the law».

    In 2009, Catherine Olkina invited to play the main role in the film «the river Volga». The actress admits that at first it was scary. First, she played a major role, and secondly, with eminent partners. The wife of her heroine played Nikolai Dobrynin.

    2010 Catherine brought another major role of photographer Katya Solntseva in the series «Capital of sin». In the same year, she played a detective in «Hunter-2». After the release of the «Capital of sin», the Directors were offered the actress a similar role. One such proposal came from the Ukrainian producers, but Alcina refused because a similar story, and the script, in her opinion, was weak. She wants to play in one role.

    The next work was the film «Turn on the contrary,» in which Catherine Olkina filmed with Nikolai Baskov. In 2014, viewers saw the TV series «While sleeping village» with its participation. In 2015, she starred in the serial film «Family album» — played the eldest daughter of Professor Kolokoltseva.

    Personal life

    The actress is not married, although the young man she has. The name Catherine is hiding, says he is a creative person, that is why they understand each other.

    In life Olcina — private person, and her lack of publicity on the set. Like any girl, she likes gifts. When the actress was filming in St. Petersburg, her boyfriend sent her a bouquet of 250 roses.

    Catherine Olkina loves to drive SUV at high speed. She prefers active recreation – tours, exhibitions, travelling. For relaxation near the sea her missing two days. Kate recently visited France and realized that the thrust of the languages she had left.

    And the actress loves to watch movies and willing to do it around the clock.


    • «Only you»
    • «Night swallows»
    • «Diamond in chocolate»
    • «The river Volga»
    • «The widower»
    • «Family album»
    • «Frost»
    • «Double life»
    • «While sleeping village»
    • «The three Musketeers»


    Catherine Olkina

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