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  • Name: Catherine Miller ( Ekaterina Melnik )
  • Date of birth: 18 February 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 170
  • Activity: the Russian TV presenter, actress of theatre and cinema
  • Marital status: not married

    Catherine Miller : biography

    Catherine Miller – Muscovite. She was born 18 Feb 1982 in a family where no one is connected to the world of theatre and cinema. First Kate had planned to become a lawyer, but over time the bright girl with model looks and acting abilities, he decided to enroll in drama school.

    After school, Catherine Miller from the first time he entered the film Institute. Her course was led by talented actor and Director, people’s artist of the RSFSR Vsevolod Shilovsky. Kate graduated from VGIK in 2007, the specialty «actress of theater and cinema».

    Creative and television biography of Catherine Miller began in high school theater. In 2004, the girl with the famous actor Alexander Abdulov led extreme TV show called «Natural selection».


    In 2007, Catherine Miller, was adopted and currently is in the Theater on Pokrovka, which is run by a wonderful actor, theatre Director and people’s artist of Russia Sergei Artsibashev. Here the young actress played Lydia in the play «Mad money». It was her debut role. Later the artist have to get used to the complex image of the heroine of the play «Meek» in the novel by Fyodor Dostoevsky.

    Convincing and professional critics have called her playing in the entreprise «8 women», where Kate played the heroine Does. Working in theatre and acting in film, Katherine’s growing understanding that should continue to improve in acting. A young artist enters the International theatre school in 2012, completing Lysova. Further the game in performances of «the Feast during the plague» and «the Seagull» demonstrate a significantly higher level of professionalism than in the beginning.

    Beauty Catherine Miller often removed for various magazines and tabloids. She is extremely photogenic. So, in 2000, she graces the cover of the magazine «OM». Her Catherine appears in the image of the Madonna and child. This picture was awarded the nomination «the Best cover of the year».


    Debut of Catherine Miller in the movie took place in 2007. The actress was invited for a cameo role in the popular TV series «Trace». The heroine of one of the stories was Kate. Another not so notable works in the short film Thriller, «Fata Morgana». There, the actress appeared in the image of a girl without a name. The philosophical meaning of the painting, makes us think about global issues of our existence in this crowded «smart» electronics world.

    Already more prominent but not Central role was played by the actress in the TV series called «Rustic Comedy». The tape consists of ten episodes, each of which tells a new story of the residents and guests of the small village Pyshkino.

    But the melodrama «Moscow.Ru» is for Catherine the lucky key that opened her door in popularity and demand. Young artist involved in the main role and cope with it brilliantly.

    Next, the actress starred in two popular series. «Capital sin», where the actress played the top model Lara, introduced Miller with Dmitry nagievym.

    Two years later, the actress played the role in the film «the Spy» is an adventure novel by Alexey Andrianov. This is a film about the war. More precisely, the struggle between the two intelligence services on the eve of the great Patriotic war. And in 2013, Catherine Miller appeared in the popular TV series «yasmin». This adventure melodrama about the fate of the three Russian beauties in Istanbul.

    To prosnutsya really famous artist could only after the release of the second season of the popular series «

  • The teacher». Here Kate met back up with Dmitry nagievym. She played tough, cynical and self-confident business lady. One of the most «fresh» work of Catherine Miller’s role in the new series «Alien life».

    Personal life

    Personal life of Catherine Miller – this is the secret behind seven locks. About husband or lover beauties can’t hear anything. Talking about the shooting in the film «Capital of sin», the artist recalled the just-born daughter. About who the child’s father, the actress says.


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    Katherine Miller

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