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  • Name: Catherine Kopanova ( Ekaterina Kopanova )
  • Date of birth: 26 may 1985
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: Donetsk
  • Height: 160
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: married

    Catherine Kopanova: biography

    Catherine Kopanova— Russian actress who received recognition of the audience after the release of such films as «waiting for the miracle», «Cream» and «Toys». Katia was born in Donetsk in a family of dancers, but in the first weeks after birth she was moved to Sevastopol, as the Crimean city parents was part of the troupe of song and dance Ensemble of the black sea fleet of the Russian Federation.

    Childhood girls passed behind the scenes of different theaters. She’s still a little absorbed the concept of the creative professions, and I saw no other way but to be an artist. But first she planned to become like mom and dad, a dancer, but due to congenital physique in ballet school she was not accepted.

    However, Kopanova not upset. She enrolled in a specialized class with a theatrical slant to the end of the school established in the opinion to be only an actress. In the last class to gather money for a trip to Moscow, Catherine worked as a waitress at a local restaurant «Shynok».

    In 2001, the girl went to the capital of Russia, has filed documents in all universities with a cast and direction, but could enter the Theater Institute Boris Shchukin, where his workshop was gaining course Vladimir Poglazov. And it so happened that his class was only the representatives of the neighboring countries – applicants from Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic States.

    In his student years, Catherine Kopanova had to constantly fight obesity: Poglazov insisted that she was sitting on some diets. The situation was complicated by the fact that she started acting in movies, and there from her, on the contrary, demanded to get better. Fluctuations in weight, of course, reflected poorly on the health of the artist, so she decided to stop all attempts to change my body. And, strangely enough, it ceased to lose weight, Kopanova brought his figure back to normal.


    In the movie, Catherine made her debut in 2005 in the TV series «Talisman of love», depicting there the servant of the protagonist. Then had a small role in the melodrama «Love as love», «Union sex» and «From the flames and light.» And then Kopanova invited in the romantic Comedy «waiting for the miracle». As says the girl, at first she couldn’t believe it, because it is virtually unknown actress was offered the lead role.

    After painting on the screens of viewers and critics began to compare Catherine Kopanova with a famous actress Irina Muravyova and Natalia Gundareva, as she radiated the same inner goodness and sincerity. Began to receive new work. Kate appeared in the melodrama «Hot ice», the sitcom «My favorite witch,» the horror film «S. S. D.», the Comedy «the Tariff «new year», the novel «wedding ring». Thus, the range of genres that actress is very wide.

    However, a new wave of popularity came after the release in 2009 of the youth series «Cream». This story is about a modern Cinderella, in fact, became the hallmark Kabanovoy. And left behind the Comedy sitcom «Toys» and women’s drama «the Ugly duckling» only strengthened the public interest in the young actress.

    Later, Catherine was involved in the crime drama «SBM», the medical series «Sklifosovsky», the Comedy «peculiarities of national bus», rural history, «Alenka from pacitance». In 2015 came the detective trilogy of middle-aged girlfriends that are investigating «Murder for three», «Marathon for three graces» and «Chasing three hares».

    Catherine Kopanova generally agree on almost all proposals, regardless – this is the main role or minor. But it has its fundamental taboos: the actress categorically does not want to play negative roles. First, she admits that she does not feel these characters, and secondly, wants to bring into the world exceptionally good.

    Personal life

    In 2008, during the filming of the television series «Mines in the fairway,» Catherine Kopanova met her future husband Pavel Palkin. Despite the fact that they are really on the set, a young man to the actor’s environment is irrelevant. By profession he is a lawyer, and in that time he was serving in the Navy, and at the request of the Directors of command sent him and other sailors to participate in the crowd.

    A chance meeting turned into a long-term affair, and after some time, Paul and Catherine were married. Moreover, as stressed by the actress, they’re not just married in the registry office, but were married in the Church, as for spouses this Ordinance was very important.


    • 2007 — waiting for the miracle
    • 2009 — Cream
    • 2010 — Toys
    • 2011 — the Ugly duckling
    • 2011 — SBM
    • 2013 — the Test of love
    • 2015 — the Murder of three
    • 2015 — Marathon for three graces
    • 2015 — the quest for the three hares
    • 2016 — the Fool


    Katerina Kopanova

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