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  • Name: Catherine Herbal ( Ekaterina Travova )
  • Date of birth: 10 September 1985
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: Arzamas, Russia
  • Height: 186
  • Activities: Russian theater and film actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Catherine Herbal: a biography

    Catherine Herbal was born in Arzamas in September 1985. In his family of actors was not, it would not hurt to dream about the profession of the artist. Often Katya, watching on the screen for favorite movie characters, imagined myself in their place.

    Katerina Trafova
    Catherine Herbal | RUSKINO.RU

    The girl grew up artistic, moving and active. She was in time everywhere: in sports, by going for the basketball and volleyball. With her tall, she was always the center of attention. And in Trewavas has been a wonderful hearing. Katerina between schooling and

    the sports section had time to learn to play the piano and guitar. And for school performances she was simply irreplaceable. Family, seeing that Katie has all the information to become an actress, didn’t discourage her from wanting to enter the theater Institute.

    After receiving the matriculation Catherine Herbal went to conquer Moscow. The first attempt she passed the Higher theatre school of Serguei Melkonian, educated at the drama theatre «Arlekin». In 2007, the young actress received her diploma and left the walls of the theatre of the University.


    Biography Catherine Trewavas started in his student years. The budding artist first tried his hand at the stage of the theater «harlequin». Kate was involved in the productions of «Dokhodnoe mesto», where she got the role of Pauline, «Bald singer» (Mary), «Francois Villon» (Trud), «King harlequin» (Slavistica) and many others.

    Catherine Herbal in the series

    Catherine Herbal in the series «the Sect» | VK
    To appear on television Herbal also started in student age. Like most of her classmates and colleagues in the profession, it was the first episodes. But these small parts are played Catherine in the rating series watched by millions of viewers.

    For the first time viewers met a charming stranger in sikome «My fair nanny»: Katya Herbal appeared in the series «New work» and «Little smoker».

    In the last year of high school Travou used in the popular TV series «the Detectives», where she played a pianist Masha Srednevo from 2006 to 2012.

    Catherine Herbal in the series

    Catherine Herbal in the TV series «Without a trace» | Cgaa-Gia.Gee
    After graduation the artist, it seems, never managed to «miss»: the Directors are regularly offered her a job in new projects. Catherine Herbal starred in the TV series «Relatives», «Bluebeard», «the Equation with all known», «How much», «a Whisper of orange clouds», «the Terror of love» and «Without a trace».

    But most viewers remember Throwaway heroine in the Thriller Novel Fokine’s «Bluebeard», the romance Novel prosvirnina «Dove» and the tape Valeria Devyatilov «Sect».

    A starring role was waiting for Catherine Trovavo in 2012, when the screens out popular medical series «Sklifosovsky», which gathered the cream of Russian cinema. Nurse Tatiana Tretyakova is remembered by many viewers. Herbal appeared in all seasons «Sklifosovsky». As it became known, in 2017, the screens will be released season 5 of project in which we will again see Catherine.

    Catherine Herbal in the series

    Catherine Herbal in the TV series «Sklifosovsky» |
    Of the «fresh» movies and TV shows 2015-16, which appeared Herbal, it is worth noting the multi-tape «the Black cat» and «Pearls». Here fans of the actress saw Catherine in the key images.

    Personal life

    The «secret» of the actress than Catherine Herbal, difficult to find. We only know that Kate is not married yet. But 100 percent certainty is not even here: the actress claims that such information only for «internal use».

    Katerina Trafova

    Catherine Herbal |
    For the General public and his fans only Herbal reports that in her free time she loves to read interesting books and visit good performances. But the impression that Catherine is a vicious man, about. Personal life Catherine Throwaway the large number of friends with whom she loves to have fun times with.


    • «Family and friends»
    • «Blue beard»
    • «Detectives»
    • Golubka
    • «Sect»
    • «Solar Eclipse»
    • «Mothers and daughters»
    • «My favorite genius»
    • «Sklifosovsky»
    • «Only love»
    • «Chesnochnitsy»


    Katerina Trafova

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