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  • Name: Ekaterina Gamova ( Ekaterina Gamova-Mukasey )
  • Date of birth: 17 October 1980
  • Age: 36 years
  • Place of birth: Chelyabinsk
  • Height: 202
  • Activity: volleyball player, two-time world champion, the best athlete of Russia in 2010
  • Marital status: married

    Catherine Gamow: biography

    Ekaterina Gamova — Russian volleyball player, one of the most significant athletes in their country for the last time. She twice became world champion in volleyball, and she is entrusted the honour to carry the torch at the opening ceremony of the world summer Universiade 2013 in Kazan.

    Catherine was born in Chelyabinsk in the year of the Moscow Olympics. She was raised by a single mother because the father left the girl when she found out about the pregnancy. In education Katie helped sister mom, Love B., which would later become the first coach in the life of the future stars of the sport.

    Gamow has grown at an incredible rate, and at 11 years her height was 172 cm. Probably stretched it more, and because of his love for sports. The girl managed to play not only in volleyball but also in basketball and handball. But in 11 years it is time to define with the partition completely, and Catherine opted for the volleyball sport school «METAR».

    The success of such a gifted teenager could not be unnoticed. At the age of 14 Gamow enrolled in a professional team METAR», and two years later she was already holding his first major award — the Cup of Russia. It should be noted that Catherine did not forget about education. In 2004 she received a diploma of the Ural state Academy of physical culture, and later finished yet and the Russian state social University, where he studied science journalism.

    Great sport

    In 1998 Ekaterina Gamova was invited to one of the best Russian clubs in Yekaterinburg «Uralochka». The honor of this invitation consisted in the fact that the team was coached Russia coach Nikolai Karpol. Here, the player first became the winner and the winner of the national championship. Perfectly made by the girl and in international competitions.

    Later she was on a platform in the form of Dinamo Moscow, Istanbul fenerbahçe SK, Kazan «Dynamo» and Russian national team, winning a lot of team and individual trophies. For example, only last time it was called the highest-scoring player on the Final four in Cannes, three times awarded the Prize Ludmilla Buldakova-as the best player of the Russian championship, and in 2014 in the draws of the Champions League and the club world championship, Catherine was recognized as the most valuable athlete.

    Season 2015/16 managed Gamova slightly less than previous, primarily due to the recurrence of an old leg injury. The girl had to miss a lot of matches, and may 18, 2016 in a live TV channel «Match TV» Catherine announced the termination of the professional career because of health.

    But Gamova definitely will not be forgotten, as a unique athlete will remain in the annals of Russian sport of all time, and many volleyball fans will remember the victory of Catherine and all that she did to promote the national sport in the world.

    Personal life

    In August 2013, Ekaterina Gamova married a famous producer and cinematographer Michael Mukasey’s. Her husband is the son of famous film Director Svetlana Druzhinina, which filmed historical series «midshipmen, forward!» and «Secrets of Palace revolutions. Russia, XVIII-th century». Many have suggested that now Catherine will begin to appear in the movie, but the volleyball player said, who’s cinematic career is not interested in her, as an actress, as, indeed, and Housewives she sees.

    After the wedding the shirt-athletes of Gamow names with a hyphen added her husband’s name. Around the same time, the radio station «Echo of Moscow» was included Catherine in the rating «100 most influential women of Russia».

    Had respect for the Russian star of volleyball and a German company that commissioned by the International Federation FIVB Heroes made of polyurethane foam five-meter statue of Ekaterina Gamova. It is a majestic statue of «traveled» to different cities for promotional purposes, and at the end of the Universiade-2013 found permanent residence in the Kazan volleyball Centre «Saint-Petersburg».


    Katerina Gamova

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