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  • Name: Catherine Deneuve ( Catherine Fabienne Dorléac )
  • Date of birth: 22 October 1943
  • Age: 73 years
  • Place of birth: Paris, France
  • Height: 168
  • Activities: actress, singer
  • Marital status: divorced

    Catherine Deneuve: biography

    Biography Catherine Deneuve interested people around the world. The thing is that this actress back in the 60-70-ies of XX century became the embodiment of the present French. In its severe beauty Katrin has earned the nickname «ice Queen of French cinema». As said on one of her colleagues, «Deneuve is not just a legend, it is ideal.» Photo Catherine Deneuve graced not only the albums of autograph hunters, but the billboards of Europe and North America: she at one time was one of the main models advertising perfume «Chanel №5». The most important role Deneuve fell on such films as «the umbrellas of Cherbourg», «Girls of Rochefort» and «Indochina.»

    Catherine Deneuve in childhood
    Baby photo Catherine Deneuve

    The real name of the actress Catherine Fabienne Dorléac, but the nickname «Deneuve» she took later, when I started to act in films. The girl was born in Paris, in the family of a famous theatrical couple — Maurice Dorleac and his wife Renee Jeanne simoneau. Katrine has sisters françoise and Sylvia and sister from his mother’s first marriage with actor aimé the Clarion, Daniel.

    Catherine Deneuve in her youth
    Photo Catherine Deneuve | Gossip

    Despite the fact that in the evenings her parents was applauded by thousands of Parisians, Catherine grew up not in a Bohemian environment. The mother ran the household and daughters were taught to work at home. But quite naturally, all four girls followed in the footsteps of their parents. They were in the movie and was played in the theater. Everything, except the future legends of world cinema. The fact that Deneuve childhood is paraphobia, that is stage fright.

    Catherine Deneuve
    Photo Catherine Deneuve | Cinemania

    The girl studied at the prestigious lycée La Fontaine», but you already knew that dedicate their lives exclusively to acting. In fact, the creative biography of Catherine Deneuve begins in adolescence, after her debut on the set of paintings «the girls» was held in 14 years.


    In his first film, Catherine Deneuve has appeared under his real name, Catherine Dorleac, but later, when her older sister françoise became famous throughout France, the girl decided that one Dorléac for the film enough. As the alias she chose the maiden name of his grandmother Deneuve. The actress has become famous all over the world in 1964 when the musical «the umbrellas of Cherbourg» became a triumpher of the Cannes festival. Interestingly, before this she had roles, including main, for example, in the crime drama «Satan leads the ball», but these works are not attracted.

    Catherine Deneuve in the film
    In the role of geneviève emery in the film «the umbrellas of Cherbourg» | Movie-Theater

    Later was a huge success, movies like Catherine Deneuve, like a horror movie «Repulsion», the melodrama «the young Girls of Rochefort,» the Comedy «April madness» a colorful tale «Donkey skin,» the mystic painting «the Siren «Mississippi», the tragedy of «Tristan.» A very brave job Deneuve as her role Came Cerisy Frank in the film «morning glory.» French cinema surprise scenes with Nude Actresses was impossible, but the fact that the film was shot in real current public house, attracted everyone’s attention.

    Catherine Deneuve in the film
    In the role of Gabriel Devela in the film «East-West» | Movie-Theater

    Success was accompanied by Catherine throughout her life. Stood Oscar-winning war drama «Indochina» historical and social film «East-West» and the Comedy «Desperate Housewives». From the latest movies Catherine Deneuve is worth noting the melodrama «the Man who loved too much», the youth psychological film «Young blood» and the parable of the underground «the Newest Testament».


    Few people know that Deneuve also a singer. Their vocal actress demonstrated in the romantic Comedy «I love you», where a duet with Serge Gainsbourg performed the song «Dieu est un fumeur de Havanes…», in the Comedy «my Favorite mother-in-law» played the song «Joyeux anniversaire maman», and the hit song «Ho capito che ti amo» in her version sounded in the drama «the family Hero».

    And the detective vaudeville «Eight women» actress sang and myself, and together with other partners, for example, her voice can be heard in the smash hit old age «Toi Jamais». Among other things, produced the Catherine Deneuve song format full-length Studio album. And these songs have no relation to the movies. We are talking about the album «Souviens-toi de m oublier» which was released in 1981.

    Personal life

    First love in personal life, Catherine Deneuve was directed by Roger Vadim, with whom she starred in the film «Sin and virtue». At that time the girl was barely 17, and her partner was older than 15 years. Catherine lost their heads, ran away from home and moved into an apartment favorite. Moreover, Deneuve gave birth to Roger’s son Christian. After that, the Director has made the mother of your child a marriage proposal. But she was disappointed in the relationship and turned him down.

    Catherine Deneuve and Roger Vadim
    Father with his son Roger Vadim | Woman Advice

    Approximately two years later, she married British photographer David Bailey. According to the documents, they remained husband and wife for seven years but have actually lived together for more than a year. It’s funny that remembering his only official marriage, Deneuve says the best thing about it was the ability to learn English.

    Catherine Deneuve and David Bailey
    With the only official husband David Bailey | Culture of Poland

    Remaining Mrs. Bailey, the actress tied a serious romance with the legendary Italian actor and Director Marcello Mastroianni. Together with him, she starred in the film «Lisa» and it is he who gave birth to her second child, a daughter, Kiara. Marcello, as at the time, Roger Vadim, wanted to see Catherine his wife, but she again refuses the man she loves and preserves freedom in the relationship. Moreover, three years later, the woman claimed Mastroianni that they are now just friends.

    Catherine Deneuve and Marcello Mastroianni
    Father and daughter of Marcello Mastroianni | Kiev Telegraph

    In subsequent years, the legendary actress was a long-term affair with the Director françois Truffaut, actor Gerard Depardieu, the head of TV channel «Canal+» Pierre Lescure. But Deneuve was true: she kept the freedom, lives in one of the fashionable districts of Paris and chooses men.

    Catherine Deneuve and Gerard Depardieu
    With Gerard Depardieu, the actress had a ten year affair | Antenna-Telesem

    It is worth noting that children of Catherine Deneuve followed in her footsteps. The son became the star of the drama «time Regained» and a lot of plays in theatres, and Chiara Mastroianni filmography and is huge. Best known for her roles in the films «Glorious bastards» and «My girl wants…». By the way, thanks to the children, the actress is already six times became a grandmother: she has four granddaughters and two grandsons. By the way, Catherine Deneuve visited several times in Russia: in Moscow the presentation of the biographical book of Andrew Plakhova about her, as well as in Vladivostok, where he participated in the international film festival «Pacific Meridian».


    • 1964 — the umbrellas of Cherbourg
    • 1967 — the young Girls of Rochefort
    • 1969 — the Siren of «Mississippi»
    • 1974 — the Woman in red boots
    • 1986 — Hope it’s a girl
    • 1992 — Indochina
    • 2002 — Eight women
    • 2010 — Desperate Housewives
    • 2014 — the Man who loved too much
    • 2015 — Young blood


    Catherine Deneuve

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