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  • Name: Carrie Fisher ( Carrie Frances Fisher )
  • Date of birth: 21 October 1956.
  • Age: 60 years
  • Date of death: 28 Dec 2016
  • Place of birth: Beverly hills, United States
  • Height: 155
  • Activities: actress, writer
  • Marital status: divorced

    Carrie Fisher: biography

    Carrie Fisher was born in California’s famous Beverly hills. Her father, Eddie Fisher was a crooner, and mother Mary Francis was an actress, known under the name of Debbie Reynolds. Cary is his younger brother Todd. When she was not yet 3 years old, my parents divorced because of a scandal associated with the novel father, American actress Elizabeth Taylor. From his father subsequently had a few marriages that Fisher has two half-sisters Joely and Tricia. All the brothers and sisters also became film actors. Debbie Reynolds was married to millionaire Harry Karl, who was raised in Cary, and her brother.

    Since childhood, Kerry wanted to follow in her mother’s footsteps and become an actress. 12 years old girl was regularly behind the scenes plays Debbie, for the sake of training acting skills left the private school he attended in Beverly hills.

    Fisher first came on the scene at the age of 17 in the musical play «Irene», in which one of the main roles played by her mother. In the same year she became a student of London’s Royal Central school of speech and drama, but studied there for only half of the course.


    In the movie Carrie Fisher debuted in 1975 in the drama «Shampoo,» in which she got a cameo role of a girl Lorna. But following the role of Princess Leia of the Authority in the science fiction blockbuster «Star wars. Episode IV. A new hope» made famous by the actress, and she starred in two sequels to «Star wars. Episode V the Empire strikes back» and «Star wars. Episode VI. Return of the Jedi». Between these episodes she participated in the musical «the Blues Brothers» and the romantic Comedy «Under the rainbow».

    Then there was the Central role in the Comedy «Garbo talks», the horror film «the Suburbs» and the musical Comedy «When Harry met Sally». Also had many small roles in the Comedy «Man with one red Shoe», the melodrama «Hannah and her sisters», crime Thriller «Vice squad Hollywood», a fantastic sketch show «Amazons on the moon», detective, «appointment with death», the romantic Comedy «Hero-lover», Comedy, «Brothers-sisters, rivals, rival,» the youth horror film «Scream 3» and the Comedy «dead Fred».

    In the new Millennium, she starred in the Comedy drama «Heartbreakers», the teen Comedy «Jay and Silent Bob strike back», the musical «Unsolved» adventure Comedy «Fanboys», the horror film «Cry in the Dorm», the romance «One day in USA» and the Thriller «Enlightenment white».

    The last movie Carrie Fisher is a continuation of the famous Saga «Star wars: the force Awakening», in which she again plays Leah On.


    As writer Carrie Fisher debuted in 1987, giving an artistic autobiography «Postcards from the edge of the abyss», which in the literary form told about the difficult relationship with his mother. Three years later, based on his relationship with the only official husband Paul Simon, she wrote the novel «Pink capitulator».

    Another semi-autobiographical novel, «delusions of grandma», was released in 1993 and talked about pregnant writers Corey Sharpe. The book traces the relationship itself Kerry with the father of her daughter Lourdes Brian. In the nearly 10-year break, she released the book «Hollywood mommy» and «the worst», is a literary sequel to the debut book.

    The only non-fiction book that brought from the pen of Carrie Fisher’s autobiography «the drinkers». Now the actress and writer decided to write a book of reminiscences about the filming of the famous Saga «Star wars.»

    Personal life

    1977 for 6 years, Carey met with singer and musician Paul Simon, and then they broke up, as the actress has met with the canadian comedian Dan Aykroyd, with whom he engaged. But soon she broke off the engagement, returned to Simon and married him in 1983. This marriage lasted 11 months.

    In 1990, Fisher began Dating Brian Lourdes, an agent of the actors from the Creative Artists Agency. In 1992 they had a daughter Billie Catherine Lourdes. But Kerry and Brian their relationship to register did not and after a time went.

    In 2003, the actress was in a romantic relationship with singer James Blunt, who was younger than her 15 years. In 2005, Fisher was having an affair with a politician from the Republican party, Greg Stevens, who was found dead from a drug overdose in her Villa in Beverly hills.

    Repeatedly in interviews and various talk show Carrie Fisher have discussed their problems with drugs and alcohol that she had in the late 70’s and early 80-ies after sudden fame. Including the actress several times and was a drug overdose, one day she fell into a short coma.


    • 1977 — Star wars. Episode IV. New hope
    • 1980 — Star wars. Episode V the Empire strikes back
    • 1983 — Star wars. Episode VI. Return of the Jedi
    • In 1984 Garbo talks
    • 1986 — Hannah and her sisters
    • 1989 — the Suburbs
    • 1989 When Harry met Sally
    • 2001 — Jay and Silent Bob strike back
    • 2009 — Enlightenment White
    • 2015 — Star wars: the force awakens


    Carrie Fisher

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