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  • Name: Carmen Ejogo ( Carmen Ejogo )
  • Date of birth: 22 October 1973.
  • Age: 43 years
  • Place of birth: London, UK
  • Height: 168
  • Activities: actress, singer
  • Marital status: divorced

    Carmen Ejogo: biography

    Carmen Elizabeth Ejogo is a British and American actress who also has some success as a singer. The most famous movies Carmen Ejogo is «Boycott», «Sparkle» and «Fantastic animals and where they live». In addition, she received recognition in young viewers, when in his younger years he led a series of Saturday children’s programming on U.S. channels.

    Carmen Ejogo
    Baby photo Carmen Ejogo

    Biography Carmen Ejogo originates in the London borough of Kensington. She was born October 22, 1973, although in some sources appears 1974. The father of the future actress was Nigerian Charles Ejogo, who not only moved to Britain, but to start his own business. Mother Elizabeth Douglas, a native of Scotland. In his younger years, this woman identified themselves to the hippie movement. Subsequently, she began working as a tourist guide.

    Carmen Ejogo in Molodost
    Carmen Ejogo in youth | Lainey Gossip Entertainment

    Carmen has an older brother, Charles, who not only got the same name as his father, but followed his entrepreneurial flair and became a successful businessman. He was a member of the UK’s first reality show for entrepreneurs, «Dragons’ Den», which was held in Russia under the name «Capital». In the first issue of investments Charles in vending machines has brought huge profits, and the guy signed a contract with a reputable company.

    Carmen Ejogo in Yunost
    Carmen Ejogo in his youth | Kralsinema

    Carmen herself up to 1984 he attended the Oratory primary Roman Catholic school in Chelsea, and then, after the first successful experience of filming in 12 years, decided to focus on studying acting. Even in her youth, she moved to the United States, where many master classes from professional experts. But the first fame came to the girl work is the presenter of children’s programs that weekend was shown before the cartoons of Walt Disney.


    As mentioned above, for the first time in the film Carmen Ejogo appeared at the age of 12 years. This was a British musical «Absolute beginners», in which the girl has worked with David Bowie. Then, in the actress’s career came a decade of pause. In 1996, Carmen returns with a fantastic Thriller «Cold Lazarus», followed by a crime Comedy «City police» with Eddie Murphy, action-picture «I want you» with Rachel Weisz, the musical «love’s labour’s lost» with Alicia Silverstone. Important works of the actress are considered to be the historical-biographical film «Scandal in the White House» and the drama «Boycott», for which she was nominated for «NAACP Image Award».

    Carmen Ejogo in FLM
    In the role of Sally Hemings in the movie «Scandal in the White House» | kinofilmy.TV

    According success was followed by more ambitious proposals: Comedy, «What could be worse?» the musical «Lackawanna Blues» and crime film «Kidnapped.» The next breakthrough came after the release of the musical melodrama Sparkle, who, by the way, the last project in the life of a wonderful actress and singer Whitney Houston. In addition, Carmen Angulo performed the main characters in the Thriller «Hour x», a historical-biographical drama of Martin Luther king «Selma» and the melodrama «Born to be sad.»

    Carmen Ejogo in FLM
    The role Serafini Pequeri in the movie «Fantastic animals and where they live» | CDA News

    In 2016 Carmen agreed to play Serafina Pequeri in the fantasy adventure «Fantastic animals and where they live,» starring along with Colin Farrell, Alison Sudol, Eddie Redmayne and many others. And the lead actress of the film, Katherine Waterston Agogo cooperates also in the continuation of the famous science-fiction Saga «Alien: Covenant.»


    In addition, Carmen Angulo — gifted actress, she is also a singer, who worked together with different musicians. For example, she has written and performed in duet with DJ Alex Reece song «Candles», and trip-hop singer Tricky recorded the hit «Slowly». She has created and led his own video show on the American channel BSB, where he was able to promote to the masses the music, which was considered the highest quality and meets the needs of young people.

    Repeatedly, the actress sang in the movies, which starred. For example, her vocals heard in the film «Vain efforts of love» and musical «Sparkle» that her voice sounds in such hits as «Yes I Do», «Jump», «Something He Can Feel» and «Hooked On Your Love».

    Personal life

    Personal life Carmen Angulo had two marriages. For the first time the actress got married in 1998 for the musician Adrian Tous, better known to music lovers under the name tricky. However, this marriage lasted only one year, and the couple decided to leave.

    First husband Carmen — singer tricky | Zimbio

    In late summer 2000 Carmen again comes down the aisle. This time her lover becomes the actor and film producer Jeffrey Wright, with whom the British singer met during their work together on biographical drama «Boycott».

    Carmen Ejogo I Jeff Wright
    With her second husband Jeffrey Wright | Channel «i»

    At the time of marriage Carmen even wore a double surname Engage Wright. The couple gave birth to two children: son Elijah and daughter June. But after 14 years of marriage, Wright and Agogo decided to leave. Now the actress is not married and lives together with children in your own apartment in Brooklyn, new York.


    • 2000 — Fruitless efforts of love
    • 2000 Scandal in the White House
    • 2001 — What could be worse?
    • 2008 — Pride and glory
    • 2012 — Sparkle
    • 2013 – x Hour
    • 2014 – Selma
    • 2015 — Born to be sad
    • 2016 — Fantastic animals and where they live
    • 2017 — Alien: Testament


    Carmen Ejogo

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