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  • Name: Keris van Houten ( Carice van Houten )
  • Date of birth: 5 September 1976.
  • Age: 40 years
  • Place of birth: Leiderdorp, Netherlands
  • Height: 169
  • Activities: actress, singer
  • Marital status: civil marriage with guy Pearce

    Caris van Houten biography

    Caris van Houten is a Dutch actress and singer, star of war drama «Black book», also played the lady melisandre again in the television series «Game of thrones». These roles brought her international fame.

    Caris was born in the town of Leiderdorp, 5 September 1976. Her whole family has a direct relationship to television. Mom Margie Stassi was one of the staff of the educational channel, and the father of Theodore James van Houten wrote scripts for broadcasts. At Caris has a younger sister, Jelka van Houten, who also became an actress.

    The girl herself began to dream about the path of an actress since the age of five, when dad took her to the cinema for the film about Napoleon Bonaparte. Colorful costumes and the possibility of reincarnation in other people are simply charmed little Caris. In high school, she begins to visit a special theater class in high school, «Banif Popation», where for the first time takes part in the performances.

    Caris van Houten in his youth
    Caris van Houten in his youth | Tagged

    After school gifted girl accept into its ranks two leading theater schools in the Netherlands – drama of the Academy of Amsterdam and Maastricht. Van Houten chooses the Metropolitan school, after which starting a career stage actress. In 1999, she even received the prestigious award «Pussuise Prize» as best young performer, and in a year the award «Top Naeff» as best actress.

    It should be noted that Caris was not limited to just one art form. In 2012, she’s at a professional Studio recorded debut album «See You on the Ice». The title track and «Particle of Light» became hits in the Netherlands.


    Parallel with the theatrical career Keris van Houten dabbled in the movie. She started acting in television films, one of which, the drama of «Susie q» brought to her the main award of the Netherlands «Golden calf». Later, the actress will be awarded this award twice – for the family film «Lady-cat» and anti-Nazi film by Paul Verhoeven «Black book». The last picture became the highest-grossing in the history of Dutch cinema and brought van Houten wide popularity.

    Caris van Houten in the television series
    Caris van Houten in the television series «Game of thrones» | Hall of Series

    After this success, the actress is beginning to invite foreign movie companies. She plays with Maggie Smith in the English psychological mystery, «From time in time», with Tom cruise in the American historical Thriller «Valkyrie, the Spanish-British horror film «eaters».

    Another massive success Caris got when she played the role of Melisandre in the TV series «Game of thrones», filmed on the novel by American writer George Martin. The last work of the actress are action-Packed Thriller «Incarnation», sports drama «will Power» and the mystical Western «Hell», which also plays Dakota fanning.

    Personal life

    On the set of the drama «Black book» Keris van Houten met with the partner on the film, the German actor Sebastian Koch. They began Dating and even 3 years lived in a civil marriage. But due to the fact that the career of young people developed in different countries, they are less able to pay attention to each other and eventually broke.

    Caris van Houten and Sebastian Koch
    Caris van Houten and Sebastian Koch | Zimbio

    Later Caris was a two-year affair with the Dutch film Director and screenwriter Keith van Nieuwkerken. As of 2015 she lives in a de facto marriage with Australian actor guy Pearce. 29 August 2016, shortly before his 40th birthday, Keris van Houten for the first time became a mother. She and guy had a son, who was named Monte Pearce.

    Caris van Houten and guy Pearce
    Caris van Houten and guy Pearce | Telegraaf

    Together with her best friend, Dutch actress halinas the Rhine, Caris wrote and published the book «Anti-glamour», in which women expressed their view on the backstage life of movie stars. In several interviews van Houten emphasized that although she acted in Hollywood projects to live in America she couldn’t. For many colleagues it is very strange that Caris is still in Europe, but she argues that this way of life suits her much more.


    • 1999 — Susie Q
    • 2001 — cat Lady
    • 2006 — the Black book
    • 2007 — Unreal love
    • 2009 — From time to time during
    • 2010 — Repo men
    • 2011 — eaters
    • 2012-2016 — Game of thrones
    • 2015 — Incarnation
    • 2016 — Ad


    • 2012 — See You on the Ice


    Caris Van Houten

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