(biography, photos, videos) Catherine Akhmetzhanova

photo Caretta

  • Name: Caretta ( Catherine Akhmetzhanova )
  • Place of birth: Taldykorgan, Kazakhstan
  • Activity: a clairvoyant, a psychic, a witch, a finalist on season 6 of «the battle of psychics»
  • Marital status: married

    Caretta : biography

    Catherine Akhmetzhanova, better known to viewers as Cajeta was born in 1968 in Kazakhstan. Full date of birth, a hereditary shaman, as she calls herself, says. Like most of her colleagues, she believes that this information can be used by its competitors and enemies in the evil.

    Catherine grew up in Taldykorgan region. The exact location of her birth is also unknown.

    Says Cajeta, it is a unique gift inherited from his grandfather, the well-known shaman. In childhood she began to see people, but she saw no one else. As explained to her grandfather, it was the souls of the dead. Later she was able to tell many interesting things about the past and future of the living. The pulse was determined by their illness, the eyes saw the character and true intentions of a person.

    Biography Cagetti amazing. At age 14, the mother took her daughter to a Sufi master. He saw in Kate a rare gift, and held the rite of initiation into the shaman. He gave Catherine’s name Caretta. But, says Akhmetzhanova, she was scared entrusted mission and not immediately accepted it. Supposedly this got a penalty – cancer disease.

    Pilgrimage to the Holy places of Turkestan, Caretta got to the «places of power» – the mausoleum Arystan Bab. After that, the psychic took their gift and received a reward – a healing from sickness.

    In their work with people who come to her for help, Caretta uses the «speaking stones». A different precious, semi-precious and ordinary stones, which «talk» about the shaman people. Today she got 17 stones. Each of them, according to a clairvoyant, emits its color, which «gives answers to questions.

    «The battle of psychics»

    On television Caretta could appear back in 2007 on season 1 of «Battle of psychics.» But on the way to project a psychic met a pigeon with a broken wing. She understood it as a sign that the path will not be successful. Therefore, despite successfully passed the qualifying test and received an invitation Caretta refused to participate.

    Came a hereditary shaman to «Battle» in 2008, after watching five seasons. Ahmetzhanova was one of the most prominent member. With the help of his «talking stones» it was a difficult test called «Mr. X». Caretta solved much, before unknown details of the life of the singer Irina Ponarovskaya.

    The ability of the medium to communicate with past people and their souls helped Casette worthy to pass most of the contests. As a talisman, it gave the people with whom we talked in the TV show, one «speaking» stones.

    Caretta ahmetzhanova were able to reach the final of the 6th season of the TV show. With her was Alexander Litvin and Ziraddin Rzayev. But audiences have voted, so they hereditary shaman was in 3rd place.

    Personal life

    Medium and psychic reports minimum information about yourself. It is known that personal life Cagetti he had a happy. She has a family. But how many children she and her husband, their gender and name the healer says.

    Male Cagetti her colleague and assistant. The woman says that he is spiritual and a believer. His «diocese» is the soul of man. Supposedly a healer helps those who suffer, «proofreading» their disease, both moral and physical.

    As once predicted Catherine legendary Indian sage Sati SAI Baba, Caretta with his family moved from Kazakhstan to Moscow, where he lives today. She fell in love with this city and with her husband helps everyone who comes to her for help.



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