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  • Name: Cameron Monaghan ( Cameron Riley Monaghan )
  • Date of birth: 16 August 1993.
  • Age: 23 years
  • Place of birth: Santa Monica, United States
  • Growth: 182
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Cameron Monaghan: biography

    American actor Cameron Monaghan was born 16 August 1993 in Santa Monica (USA, California). He was raised by his mother. Diana Monahan gave birth to her son when she was 28 years old. Shortly after the birth of her son she moved to Boca Raton and gave the child to kindergarten, because she had to work. Their family lived in a modest house with several cats.

    Cameron admits that grew up a restless child. He loved to watch movies, even learned to read in the credits. When the boy admitted that he likes movies, mother began sending his photographs to the agencies. The future actor at the time was only 3 years old. In 5 years, Monaghan’s on the cover of a magazine, and two years later he was invited to advertise a children’s toy.

    He, like other children, went to school, but only went to school for gifted children. The mother never doubted the talent of the son. After class the guy was only in group of the prolonged day, played football.

    Diana, despite it being busy, all my free time and weekends with my son. Every week they went to the theatre and cinema. And soon he Cameron Monaghan began performing on the stage. The actor recalls how he liked to sign autographs until, until my arm went numb.


    In the winter of 2002 at the insistence of his mother, Cameron flew to Los Angeles to audition for the TV series «Family affair», but it was not approved. And two weeks later he called the agent and reported that a red-haired, toothless and freckled boy interested producers. So at 9 years old began his acting career.

    A few years Monahan offered only supporting roles, but he gained invaluable acting experience. Gradually the situation has changed – the guy started to appear in TV shows and feature films. With each role the popularity of the actor, the teenager grew. And he willingly shared with the journalists the challenges and secrets of his inspiration.

    For her role in the TV series «Malcolm in the middle» Cameron Monaghan received the award «Young actor». Then there was shooting in the films «Brothers in arms», «remote control on life», «the Diamond dog» and many others. For 23 years he had already starred in nearly 40 films and television series.

    One of his best works was the role of Ian Gallagher in the TV series «Shameless». The plot of the film is about a dysfunctional family in which the father is an alcoholic and drug addict with six children. Cameron played middle brother — soldier, an arrow and a gay man that suffers from bipolar disorder like his mother. In the course of events it appears that his real father – his uncle, with whom mother had a relationship under the influence of drugs.

    The role of Jerome of valeski in the TV series «Gotham» even more warmed up interest of the audience to the actor.

    Personal life

    Cameron Monahan married. He lives in the same area of Los Angeles, and 13 years ago.

    In his spare time the actor is skiing and snowboarding, is Boxing, playing drums and guitar. About yourself Cameron once wrote that gay he plays, and identificeret themselves as heterosexual. More topics sexual orientation of the actor is not concerned.

    Periodically Monahan meets with the girls. In 2012 he was often seen in the company of Liana Liberato – together they appeared at parties during the year.

    The actor then dated British model Sadie Newman. Almost two years the pair hid their relationship, but in the summer of 2015, they began to openly appear together and publish in social networks photos. However, after a stormy summer came the cool autumn in their relationship. Cameron Monaghan is most of the time spent in Los Angeles, and Sadie in new York.

    Now, Forman said no.


    • «Gotham»
    • «Dedicated»
    • «Prom»
    • «The mentalist»
    • «The brink»
    • «Criminal minds»
    • «Click: With remote control for life»
    • «The limit»
    • «Vampire Academy»
    • «Mercy street»


    Cameron Monahan

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