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  • Name: Cameron Diaz ( Cameron Diaz )
  • Date of birth: 30 August 1972
  • Age: 44 years
  • Place of birth: San Diego, CA, USA
  • Height: 174
  • Activity: actress, model
  • Marital status: Married

    Cameron Diaz: biography

    Cameron Michelle Diaz born August 30 1972 in San Diego, California, USA. Her parents were of mixed blood. Father Emilio Diaz, a Cuban by birth, worked as a foreman at the oil station, and his mother – Billy Joan Diaz (born. Earley), in whose veins German, British and Indian blood, worked as a broker import-export company. Also Cameron has an older brother Michael and sister Cimen.

    The approval of the Actresses, their childhood was happy and carefree, always there was an atmosphere of love and freedom. Girls prefer heavy metal music, partying in Nightclubs, and, at times, even fought with classmates. Favorite singers girls were Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne and «van Halen». However, parents relaxed attitude to Hobbies of the daughters, moreover, the mother herself several times accompanied them to rock concerts.

    Cameron Diaz in childhood
    Cameron Diaz in childhood

    At the time Cameron dreamed of becoming a zoologist. At home the girl had a zoo: dogs, cats, birds, mice and even 2 snakes. Who would have imagined that she will be a brilliant career of actress and model?

    His childhood years Diaz held in long beach and studied at the » Long Beach Polytechnic High School. However, studies at the Polytechnic school were not very fond of Cameron. It was more trips to the cinema and participation in a support group.


    At the age of 16 years at a party the girl met photographer Jeff Dynasim, who offered her a job in a modeling Agency «Elite». Impulsive by nature, Cameron immediately agreed and signed the contract. And no wonder – the career of a young Diaz immediately took off.

    Cameron Diaz
    Cameron Diaz | Expectaculos

    Soon the face Cameron Diaz began to adorn fashion magazines and frequently appear in commercials in one day of filming, she was earning up to 2 thousand dollars. Now she has collaborated with world-famous brands such as «Calvin Klein», «Levi’s» and «Coca-Cola». While models Cameron travelled a lot, visited Japan, Australia, Algeria, France, Mexico.

    Went from modeling Diaz on their own: in the 18 years she discovered the world of cinema, where her career began unexpectedly, but again extremely rapidly soared.


    A cinematic biography of Cameron Diaz began in mid-1994, when the girl stumbled on the script of the film «the Mask», which lay on the table of her Manager. After twelve auditions, the role of the main character of Tina Carlyle went to Cameron, the male lead embodied by Jim Carrey.

    The picture immediately became a hit and Cameron immediately started talking about as a young talent by awarding her the title of most promising actress of the year. Despite what some skeptics have suggested that the star Diaz will turn off after one role, the actress did not stop: she attended acting classes and gave their all to this cause.

    Cameron Diaz in the film
    Cameron Diaz in «the Mask» | Amazon

    Soon she began to trust serious role, and now the former model has appeared in the films «the Last supper», «my best friend’s Wedding», «Fear and loathing in Las Vegas» and many others.

    In 1996, Cameron had the opportunity to showcase their talents, performing a deep dramatic role in the movie «Feeling Minnesota». After the failure of Gwyneth Paltrow, the main role suggested Diaz. Cameron was able to convince everyone that her acting abilities are not confined to Comedy.

    However, the real popularity and fame to the actress, no doubt, brought the film «Charlie’s Angels» with drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu, she played special agent. The role not only increased the popularity of Cameron, but also made her the winner of the most sexy Actresses of Hollywood.

    Cameron Diaz in the film
    Cameron Diaz in the movie «Charlie’s Angels» | a Real movie

    The next milestone in the film career of the actress becomes the painting «Vanilla sky», where Cameron is working with Tom cruise and Penelope Cruz. There Diaz played the role of «beloved» hero. In the 2000s, the success of the actress also brings the release of the movie «the Holiday» (2006), «Once in Vegas» (2008) and «My angel» (2009). Also, the actress tried herself in a new field, and voiced Princess Fiona in the world famous cartoon «Shrek.» And 23 June 2009 on the walk of fame in Hollywood appears star No. 2386 with the name Cameron Diaz.

    Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake
    Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake | Life Stream

    In 2011, Diaz appears in the film «bad teacher». Despite the presence of negative reviews, the film has success with the target audience.

    Periodically the success of the actress gave way to a lull because of not the best roles. So, in early 2015, Diaz was nominated for a negative award «Golden raspberry» for his work in the film «Home video» and «the Other woman».

    Personal life

    Personal life Cameron Diaz is not less bright and interesting than her acting career. As its representatives were many famous men. In his youth, the first serious affair of the actress was working with producer Carlos De La Torah. Relations pair lasted 5 years, and despite divorce, ex beloved still speak very warmly about each other.

    Cameron Diaz and Matt Dylan
    Cameron Diaz and Matt Dylan | Fanpop

    Another passion Cameron was the actor Matt Dillon, whom she met on the set of the movie «Feeling Minnesota». However, after three years of civil marriage, the couple broke up. Then she started Dating Jared Leto, with whom they even managed to get married, but in 2003, the year went the gap.

    Cameron Diaz and Jared Leto
    Cameron Diaz and Jared Leto | Elive

    Particular attention has attracted public relations Diaz with singer Justin Timberlake, who was younger than Cameron for 8 years. The wedding date was scheduled for Christmas 2007, but before the lovers are parted unexpectedly.

    Later the place of the chosen of the actress, the baseball player Alex Rodriguez, with whom the star linked the romantic feelings until September 2011. Said that after that, Cameron also had Affairs with rapper P. Diddy and actor Jude law.

    Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden
    Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden | Sarnote

    In January 2015 Cameron Diaz went down the aisle with musician Benji Madden, guitarist and backup vocalist band Good Charlotte. Now the couple lives in a mansion in Beverly hills.

    In recent time, the media periodically publish information about what Diaz may be pregnant. At different times in the Network could stumble across pictures where the star was allegedly in the position, however, every time these leaks the actress called fakes.

    Cameron Diaz
    Cameron Diaz | Your journal

    Now fans of Cameron Diaz again suggested that the completeness of the stars, seen in the last photo, linked to her attempts to get pregnant by using hormone therapy. From sources it is known that 44-year-old Diaz and Madden dream about the baby, however the pair that adds up. Anyway, the actress has long refused all offers and prefers to spend all her time with her husband.

    Interesting facts

    • The growth of Cameron Diaz is 174 cm, weight — 54 kg
    • The actress suffers from mysophobia – obsessive fear of contamination or infection.
    • Diaz speaks out against plastic surgery. However, in an interview on the TV channel «TV Center», the actress admitted that 4 times to do the rhinoplasty. Explains the actress, her visits to the plastic surgeon associated with a dangerous sport – surfing.
    • Cameron Diaz has published your photo without makeup in Instagram, which caused an extremely violent reaction in social networks: members noted its deep lines, haggard look, some people sharply criticized the excessive otvetstvennyy the cover of the book celebrity. The actress absolutely does not hurt criticism, and not so long ago, she again shared a selfie without makeup in your profile.
    Cameron Diaz without makeup
    Cameron Diaz without makeup | Apsebbay
    • Cameron Diaz introduced the world to two books about female beauty and health. 44-year-old actress urges women to love themselves and not be ashamed of the age. On the pages of his works («The Body Book» and «The Longevity Book») Cameron shares with readers his own example of a great life after 40 and considers age-related changes are quite natural and no less attractive.


    • 1994 the Mask
    • 1996 Feeling Minnesota
    • 1997 my best friend’s Wedding
    • 1998 there’s something about Mary
    • 2000 Charlie’s Angels
    • 2001 Shrek
    • 2001 Vanilla sky
    • 2002 Sweet
    • 2006 the Holiday
    • 2008 One day in Vegas
    • 2009 My angel
    • 2011 Very bad uchilka
    • 2014 Annie
    • 2016 Bobby Sue


    Cameron Diaz

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