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  • Name: Cam Gigandet ( Cam Joslin Gigandet )
  • Date of birth: 16 August 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Tacoma, United States
  • Growth: 183
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Cam Gigandet biography

    Gollivudski actor, future star of the «twilight» Saga Cam Joslin Gigandet born August 16 1982 in Tacoma (Washington state). Father Jay Gigandet owned a small restaurant chain «The Rock, Wood Fired Pizza & Spirits» in the North-West of the country, and the mother Kimberly was a homemaker and all the free time devoted to raising children. The actor has an older sister Kelsey. For several years the family lived in the small town of Auburn.

    As a child, Cam was into swimming and karate. In the last very successful – the actor is the holder of a brown belt. However, after graduating from high school in 2001, the young man decided to enter the acting path. He moved to California, where he became a student at community College of Santa Monica.

    Teachers and classmates appreciated the acting ability of the Cam, and soon his talent was noticed by the filmmakers.


    Although Cam Gigandet dreamed about the stage, his acting debut on the TV screen. In 2003, the charismatic guy was invited to the popular TV series «C. S. I.: crime scene investigation». And although his first role was a cameo, she gave me a good start to a career. A year later, the audience saw the actor in the role of Daniel Romalotti Jr. in the Young and the restless. The first film, where the actor played the main role, became the short film «Mistaken».

    Gigandet was actively involved in TV projects. Fame brought him the role of Kevin Volchok in the popular TV series of Josh Schwartz’s «the OC». In 2005, viewers saw the actor in a drama series «Jack and Bobby». After this role, his career came to a halt.

    Return to cinema took place in 2007, but it was again a minor role in the sports Comedy «Who’s your Caddy?». Soon Cam was asked to join the youth drama «Never give up», where his colleagues were Sean Faris and amber heard. Specifically for this role, the actor spent six months going to training Krav Maga. Critics have not paid attention to the film, so that in 2008, Cam Gigandet was the winner of the MTV movie awards in the nomination «best fight».

    Crucial for him was the part in the acclaimed «Twilight». He played the blond vampire sleuths James. Role is secondary, but, nevertheless, provided the actor a good fee, worldwide fame and thoroughly expanded army of fans.

    The career of Cam Gigandet developed rapidly. In 2010 it was approved for the main role in the film «Kerosene cowboys» and «five star day». Then he shone in the successful Comedy «Student of easy virtue». The incredible success the actor is bound musical «Burlesque», where the company he was charming Christina Aguilera and cher. It is known that for the role of waiter Jack, along with Cam’s fought other heroes of «Twilight» Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and Kellan Lutz. The musical «Burlesque» received the love of the audience and became the winner of the film award «Golden globe».

    In 2016 is expected to yield three movies with Cam Gigandet – «Broken vows», «Shadow» and «the Magnificent seven».

    Personal life

    Cam, Gigante not only successful in her acting career. For a long time he lives in a civil marriage with Dominique Geisendorff – American actress, who plays the Girl in the horror movie «Beneath the surface».

    Couples first child, daughter Everly RAE, born in 2009. 4 years later was born the son of Rekker Radley. The third time the actors became parents November 30, 2015, they had a daughter Armi Hartly Gigandet. Despite the strong relationships, young people do not hurry to tie the knot.

    In his spare time, the actor prefers active recreation. Cam enjoys surfing, baseball, and Golf and skiing.


    • «Lonely hearts»
    • «Twilight»
    • «Roommate»
    • «Careless»
    • Young and the restless
    • «The experiment»
    • «Never give up»
    • «Excellent student of easy virtue»
    • «Red sky»
    • «Bloody revenge»


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