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  • Name: Callum Turner ( Callum Turner )
  • Date of birth: 15 February 1990
  • Age: 26 years
  • Place of birth: London
  • Height: 188
  • Activities: actor, model
  • Marital status: not married

    Callum Turner: biography

    Callum Turner is a young British actor and model, known for her roles in war drama «Queen and country», the series «Glue» and the historical epic «War and peace».

    Callum was born and raised in the capital of England, one of the most prestigious areas of the city – in Chelsea. He was very friendly with her mother which inspired the boy to the idea to try myself in art. Turner has always loved to watch movies, but my mom tried to find him to view the really good pictures.

    As a result, the actor says, he distanced himself from the crowd and looked at all those popular blockbusters, like his peers, and professional work, real masterpieces. The greatest impression on the teenager produced canadian drama «a Room for Romeo Brass», after which Callum was confirmed in his desire to be an actor.

    However, the professional activities of the Turner, began from a different region. In 2010, a twenty-year man signed his first contract for advertising of products of such brands as «Next» and «Reebok». As a model he has participated in a large number of photo shoots, and many of the posters you could see a future movie star.


    A year later, the success in modeling helped Callum Turner to debut in the long-desired profession. He was involved in the role of Tony in the drama «zero», and then went on to star in the historical series «Borgia», the melodrama «the Gap,» criminal detective «Street Ripper». The young actor drew serious attention after his participation in the mini-series «Town,» in which he interacted with the star of «Sherlock’s» Andrew Scott.

    And immediately followed by historical drama «Queen and country», and Callum Turner finally appeared in the title role. For an actor new to this work was the fact that the Director, as a professional psychoanalyst, asked him the small secrets of the past and discussed the details of the personal life of the character that Turner could play as realistically as possible. After that the young man was named among the most promising British actors, which in the future will be proud of the United Kingdom.

    Such significant works of Callum steel crime series «Glue», where he played a Gypsy tramp, whose younger brother was killed, and also a fantastic Thriller «Victor Frankenstein», which also glisten Daniel Radcliffe and James McAvoy. Another interesting film with the participation of Turner is a youth Thriller about a rock band «Green room».

    But the biggest success in the career of an actor is currently participating in a large-scale series, the epic «War and peace». His hero, Anatole Kuragin, a frivolous playboy and dandy, persuade to run away with him Natasha Rostova played by British actress Lily James. In 2016 another film Callum – fiction Thriller «assassin’s Creed».

    Personal life

    Turner is still very young and way too enthusiastic about their profession to have to think about creating a family. While his romantic relationship serious enough to talk about them, the actor is not particularly fond of.

    Callum Turner grew up in Chelsea and childhood is a devoted fan of football club Chelsea, owned by Roman Abramovich. The actor has a permanent loan at the stadium and tries not to miss a single game of their favorite team.


    • 2011 — zero
    • 2012 — the Gap
    • 2012 — the Town
    • 2012 — Ripper Street
    • 2014 — Queen and country
    • 2014 — Glue
    • 2015 Green room
    • 2015 — Victor Frankenstein
    • 2016 — War and peace
    • 2016 — assassin’s Creed


    Callum Turner

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