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  • Name: Bulat Okudzhava ( Bulat Okudzhava )
  • Date of birth: 9 may 1924
  • Age: 73 years
  • Date of death: 12 Jun 1997
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: poet, singer, composer, screenwriter, actor
  • Marital status: married

    Bulat Okudzhava: the biography

    Bulat Okudzhava, whose biography deserves great attention, was a famous Soviet singer, composer, poet. In his poems, a talented artist himself wrote the song, being one of the most famous representatives of the genre of art song. His work encompassed an entire era. Poet and composer is long dead, and the poems and songs of Bulat Okudzhava is still heard in companies and on television.

    Bulat Okudzhava
    A talented poet | 2DO2GO

    Bulat Okudzhava lived a difficult but interesting life. He was born may 9, 1924 in Moscow, in the family of Georgian and Armenian women. His parents were Communists by conviction: the father – known party leader, the mother took care of the house. When Bulat was two years old, the family moved to Tbilisi, and then in Nizhny Tagil. They always followed the father, who has rapidly made a party career. He held important positions until the fight with Beria and false accusation not turned his life. Okudzhava Sr. was arrested, sent to a camp and shot. In 1938, the mother of Bulat was sent to a camp in Karaganda as the wife of a traitor, and to return from there she had only in 1947.

    Bulat Okudzhava in childhood
    Photos of Bulat Okudzhava in childhood | LiveInternet

    After the arrest of the mother of Bulat lived in the family of relatives in Tbilisi. He went to school, then enrolled as a Turner at the plant. In 1942, a young man volunteered to the front, participated in many fierce battles. In 1943, he was wounded near Mozdok. During this period, Okudzhava wrote his first song, «We in the cold supply trucks could not sleep».

    When the war ended, Bulat Shalvovich he entered the Tbilisi state University on the pedagogical faculty. He graduated in 1950 and began working as a teacher in a rural school. At this time, Okudzhava constantly wrote poems, many of which then became songs.


    The start of his literary career dates back to 1954. Bulat Okudzhava was present at a meeting of writers N. Panchenko and St. Koblikov with readers, and after graduation took courage and offered them his poems. So you liked the poems – soon Okudzhava started to print the Kaluga newspaper «Young Leninist.»

    Bulat Okudzhava
    Reading poetry | ARIS

    In 1956 there, in Kaluga, was a collection of poems «Lyrics». The verses of Bulat Okudzhava liked. In 1961, the almanac «Tarusa pages» printed the story of the writer «Be well, scholar». In 1987 autobiographical work was published in a separate edition. In the years 1969-1983 Okudzhava published the story «breath of freedom», «Rendezvous with Bonaparte», «Travel of laymans» and others. His novel «Photographer George», published in the West, the author always felt weak, so Russia was not given.

    Bulat Shalvovich Okudzhava
    Photo By Bulat Shalvovich | LiveJournal

    Bulat Okudzhava was engaged in translations from Polish, Swedish, Finnish languages, translated mainly poetry. Until 1961 he worked as the editor of the publishing house «Young guard» and headed the Department of poetry in «Literary Gazette». Then retired and self-employed never worked – engaged in creativity.

    Songs Of Bulat Okudzhava

    Songwriter Bulat Okudzhava was in 1958. By the time he had returned to Moscow – his parents rehabilitated.

    Bulat Okudzhava
    Talented performer of his own songs | MD

    His concerts were sold out: posters of the capital was not, but worked «sarafannoe radio». In the early 60s Bulat Okudzhava was one of the most popular Soviet bards. His songs «On Tverskoy Boulevard», «sentimental March» and other memorable and loved by the audience. The first official concert of Bulat Okudzhava, was held in Kharkov in 1961. After the poet and songwriter has been actively touring around cities of the USSR. The contractor became a bright representative of the Russian art song — this was his main creative direction.

    In 1962 he wrote his first song for the film — it was a composition for the painting «Chain reaction». Unfortunately, the film is successful not used. But the next song for the movie instantly became a huge hit: «We need a victory», performed in the film «Belorussian station», heard on radio and from tape recordings.

    Bulat Okudzhava wrote songs for the films «Straw hat», «Zhenya, Zhenechka and Katyusha». The song «Your honor, lady luck» for the cult film «White sun of the desert» also wrote Okudzhava. In total, his songs sounded nearly 80 Soviet films.

    In 1967, he was in France, where he recorded 20 of his compositions as they became the basis for the album, which was released in Paris next year. In 1974, finally recorded the first LP of the plastic in the Soviet Union, but left it after two years. In 1978 they recorded another disc, and in the mid-1980s, came two albums of songs about the war.

    Their last concert of Bulat Okudzhava gave on 23 June 1995 at the headquarters of UNESCO in Paris.

    Speaking about the biography of Bulat Okudzhava, one should also mention his participation in the film. The role of the artist was only occasional, he appeared in cameo roles, and at times wasn’t listed in the credits. This movie «Chain reaction», «the Key is not transferable», «Zastava Ilyich», «Keep me, my talisman».

    Bulat Okudzhava in the film
    A photo of the actor from the movie «Strogovy» | full MOVIE.RU

    The big role went to Okudzhava in the eight-serial film «Strogovy» where he played officer.

    Personal life

    Bulat Shalvovich was married twice. His first wife – Galina Smolyaninova, in this marriage they had two children. But the daughter died at an early age, and his son Igor became addicted to drugs, went to jail. In 1964, their family fell apart. Exactly one year later, on the day of the divorce, Galina died of a broken heart: she was 39 years old.

    Bulat Okudzhava and Olga Artsimovich
    The poet with his second wife Olga Artsimovich | LiveInternet

    His second wife was Olga Artsimovich. They had a son Anton, who followed in his father’s footsteps and became a famous composer. The relationship in this marriage was more or less successful, although the photographs and other evidence remained small.

    Personal life of Bulat Okudzhava was linked to another woman, singer Natalie Gorlenko. They lived in a civil marriage some years.


    The last years of his life Okudzhava spent in Paris. After the tragic death of the eldest son, Igor, his health gave way – he always felt guilty for the fate of the firstborn. The poet was admitted to the hospital with the flu, which gave complications to the kidneys. The doctors ‘ prognosis was not encouraging. Okudzhava always considered myself a believer for a few hours before his death were baptized.

    Bulat Okudzhava grave
    Burial place on the Vagankovsky cemetery | Wikimapia

    He died on 12 Jun 1997 at the age of 73 from kidney failure in a military hospital in the suburbs of Paris. Buried by Bulat Okudzhava at the Vagankovskoye cemetery in Moscow.


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    Bulat Okudzhava

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