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  • Name: Bryan Cranston ( Bryan Lee Cranston )
  • Date of birth: 7 March 1956
  • Age: 60 years
  • Place of birth: San Fernando, CA, USA
  • Height: 179
  • Activity: American actor, screenwriter and Director
  • Marital status: married

    Bryan Cranston biography

    Future Hollywood star Bryan Cranston was born in March 1956 in the Californian city of San Fernando, in the family of little-known actors. Father Joseph Cranston in addition to acting also engaged in the production. Mother, Audrey Peggy sell starred in low-budget serials. But failed to achieve any of them.

    As later admitted Brian, his mother and father was broken and incapacitated people who are role of parents failed. In the end they got divorced and their house for debt was laid and sold. 12-year-old Brian Cranston and his older brother had to live with grandma and grandpa. Father disappeared from the lives of children for 10 years.

    Family problems superimposed on nature boy. At school he, as he claims, was quiet and unobtrusive outsider. To believe in themselves Cranston could only matured. When he turned 16, he got into the program the strengthening of the police Department of Los Angeles. Brian was a major success in criminology. At the same time the guy tried his hand as an actor in Amateur performances. And when the question arose of whom to be a COP or an artist – Cranston chose the latter. And, as time showed, was not mistaken.


    After graduating from high school Bryan Cranston studied for some time in one of the colleges of Los Angeles. At the same time, he attended various acting workshops and auditions. To earn money to live, he had to search for any part time job. For a while he even worked as a loader.

    A year later, Cranston left College and went to new York. Here fortune smiled upon the boy. First, he starred in commercials. Then he entrusted the episodes in soap operas and low-budget melodramas. But Brian, remembering the sad experience of his father, all his life vainly waiting for the star role, took everything that he offered.

    As it turned out, the chosen path was correct. After several years of shooting in an inconspicuous projects of the young artist was offered a prominent role in rating the romance «Endless love.» His character named Douglas Donovan noticed and highly appreciated by the audience and critics. Thus began a stellar cinematic biography of Bryan Cranston.

    The popularity came to Cranston in the late 1990s. during these years, the wide screens came out bestsellers «Baywatch», «Amazons on the moon», «the Law of Los Angeles», «abrupt Walker: justice in Texas» and «Honey, I shrunk the kids!». These projects have been recognized not only in America but also in Europe.

    While Bryan Cranston was able to avoid binding to the same role. He did manage well the characters are fantastic, comedic and action movies. Also the actor played in the melodramas and action movies.

    Most popular Cranston brought to the role of Hal in the popular TV series «Malcolm in the middle». This project was broadcast from 2000 to 2006. But most significant in the filmography of Hollywood star is considered drama «breaking bad». Reading the script of the film, Brian realized that this is the role that every actor is waiting for many years. For the sake of working in a drama, Cranston refused to participate in the popular American show. And again did the right thing. His character was a cancer patient chemistry teacher Walter white brought the actor 2 Emmy awards and screen actors Guild USA.

    In the film Brian Cranston is known not only as an actor but also as Director and producer of many successful projects. His filmography includes such famous works as «the Last chance», «Office», «Big day» and «American family». In some, he played a key images.

    In the Bank Cranston many prestigious awards such as Golden globe, Emmy, «Satellite» and «Saturn», and filmography consists of nearly 200 items. He is well known as the actor voicing. Its the voice of the cult heroes of the cartoon «Madagascar-3».

    In an interview, Brian admitted that money although have great importance, but the fees were never decisive in the selection of roles. The main criterion was always the proposed method and the desire to embody on the screen.

    Personal life

    The first marriage of the actor for the writers Mickey Middleton lasted 5 years. But the relationship deteriorated in 1982 and the couple broke up.

    Personal life Bryan Cranston was adjusted after meeting on the set of the film «Air wolf» with colleague Robin Dearden. In 1993, the couple had the girl happy the couple named Taylor.

    In his spare time Cranston attends baseball games. He’s an old fan of the team, «the Philadelphia Phillies and Los Angeles Dodgers».


    • «California highway patrol»
    • «Airwolf»
    • «Baywatch»
    • «Amazons on the moon»
    • «The Law Of Los Angeles»
    • «Abrupt Walker: justice in Texas»
    • «Babylon 5»
    • «Sabrina, the teenage witch»
    • «Honey, I shrunk the kids!»
    • «Breaking bad»


    Bryan Cranston

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