Bruce Lee

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  • Name: Bruce Lee ( Lee Jenifer )
  • Date of birth: 27 November 1940
  • Age: 32 years
  • Date of death: July 20, 1973
  • Place of birth: San Francisco, USA
  • Height: 171
  • Activities: martial arts master, philosopher, actor, film Director, producer, writer
  • Marital status: was married to Linda emery

    Bruce Lee: the biography

    Bruce Lee, a famous martial artist, Hong Kong and American actor, film Director, producer and screenwriter. It can rightly be called a legend, who, thanks to his ability has gained a huge number of followers around the world.

    Bruce Lee born November 27 1940 in San Francisco. His parents were Hoi Chuen and grace. The head of the family — an actor of Chinese Opera, which is well earned. According to the Chinese calendar, boy was born in the year of the Dragon and in the hour of the Dragon, which is why he got the name Li Xiaolong, which means Little Dragon. According to Chinese beliefs, children should be a few names to protect them from evil spirits. Subsequently, the mother Bruce gave his son a name, Jenifer, which means «go back.»

    Living in Hong Kong, the couple went to America on tour. And when it became clear that a pregnant grace is no longer able to continue the trip due to close childbirth, she remained in San Francisco. Immediately after birth one of the nurses offered to call the boy an American name Bruce: by the way, about that name no one mentioned before the move of Bruce Lee in America.

    A child growing up in Hong Kong. Incredibly, as a child, Bruce was a fairly sickly child and, despite the fact that interested in martial arts, seriously they are not addicted. Not the guy had a special success in school. 12 years old boy sent to study in the College of comprehensive development of «La Salle». At the age of 13, Bruce began to attend dance classes, and four years later won the championship in cha-cha-cha, which takes place in Hong Kong.

    When Bruce Lee was 19, he decided to move to the US, thus confirming the received birthright American citizenship. He first went to San Francisco, then to Seattle, where he worked as a waiter in one of the local restaurants. During these years he graduated the Technical school of Edison, and went on to study at the philosophical faculty of the University of Washington.


    As a teenager, Bruce Lee decided to master kung fu — these skills he needed to handle himself in street fights. Parents approved the choice of his son and gave him to study the art of wing-Chun to master Yip Manu. Thanks to the dancing guy had perfect coordination, which helped him to quickly learn the basics of technology Tactician. Since that time, Bruce Lee never stopped training. Bruce studied the style included fighting without weapons, although in the future he possessed and im a better athlete treated with the nunchaku.

    Later he mastered judo, JIU-jitsu and Boxing. In addition, he contributed to martial arts, inventing a new style of kung fu called in Jeet Kune do. By the way, he taught this style at his own martial arts school, which in 1961 opened in the years of his life in the States. The lessons were expensive ($275 per hour), but the school Bruce Lee had one fundamental difference from similar schools – it taught everyone, regardless of nationality, at that time, as other craftsmen undertake to teach only Asians.

    As a teacher, Bruce has never stopped to improve their kung fu skills, bringing every movement to perfection. He even created his own system of power, were later published his method of workouts that have gained popularity all over the world.


    Interestingly, the first time Bruce Lee starred in the movie when he was only 3 months old — it was the film «Golden gate Girl». Due to the fact that the father was associated with the world of art, the boy would often play in a movie. Already in 1946 he made his debut in the film «Born a man». Bruce then managed to star in two dozen paintings before he was 15 years old. Special income and fame these roles the young man did not bring, although the experience was great.

    In the years of living in the United States Bruce Lee began acting in American television shows and movies, demonstrating martial arts. From 1966 to 1967 with the actor out of the TV series «the Green hornet», and a year later appeared in the episode tape of «Marlowe». The main roles she didn’t get, and he decided to leave America and return to Hong Kong, and then opened a film Studio Golden Harvest. Bruce was able to negotiate with a Studio Exec on the opportunity to star in the title role, at the same time he had to put all the fight scenes. Thus, in 1971 on the screens out the film «the Big boss», which revolutionised the martial arts in the world of cinema. On the wave of success was filmed «Fist of fury» and «Return of the dragon» — these tapes did Bruce Lee super popular actor.

    In 1972, Bruce Lee worked on the film «enter the dragon», which premiered six days after his death. This picture was the last complete film with his participation.

    Another film, which managed to play the idol of millions, «Game of death»: Bruce starred in 28 minute tape. It was released in 1978, the shooting had to finish without the participation of the actor, involving the shooting similar.

    Personal life

    In 1964, Bruce Lee married Linda emery. With his future wife he met during his own lectures – 17-year-old student attended classes at the kung fu. In marriage the couple had two children. In 1965, Linda gave Bruce a son, who was named Brandon, after four years the couple had a daughter Shannon.

    Unfortunately, the fate of the son of Bruce Lee was tragic. Brandon Lee followed in the footsteps of his father and became an actor and martial arts master. In 1993, he was killed on the set – the gun in the frame shot of the actor, you happen to be loaded with live ammunition.


    At the age of 33 years, Bruce died suddenly. Of death 20 July 1973, this event was a shock to all of Hong Kong, as well as fans of the stars around the world.

    According to the official version, the death occurred due to swelling of the brain. Cause of edema was allegedly a headache pill, adopted by the actor. The body of Bruce Lee was ferried and buried in Seattle.

    Fans didn’t want to believe in such absurd death of his idol, which led to the birth of a lot of rumors about how he died. One of these versions, spoke in favor of the murder of an actor by another master who did not want to teach martial arts of Europeans and Americans. However, these rumors were not confirmed.


    • «Orphan»
    • «Love»
    • «It’s dad’s fault»
    • «A faithful wife»
    • «Game of death»
    • «Way of the dragon»
    • «Fist of fury»
    • «The storm»
    • «The big boss»
    • «Tower of death»


    Bruce Lee

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