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  • Name: Brothers Ponomarenko ( Valery and Alexander Ponomarenko )
  • Date of birth: 13 June 1967
  • Age: 49 years
  • Place of birth: Rostov-on-don, Russia
  • Activities: the comedians, actors, TV presenters, musicians
  • Marital status: married

    Brothers of Ponomarenko: biography

    Brothers Ponomarenko – twin brothers, a popular Russian comedians. Participate in a large number of projects, are constant participants of various festivals, often touring throughout Russia with the ideas.

    Alexander Ponomarenko Valeriy Ponomarenko was born 13 June 1967. Alexander fifteen minutes older than Valeria. For parents having twins was a surprise – especially the surprised father. Until recently, he was in shock and didn’t believe what was happening until that moment, until he saw in the hospital exactly the same sons own eyes. Even the height and weight of boys was identical.

    Brothers Ponomarenko in childhood
    Brothers Ponomarenko with parents

    Boys from early childhood to take care of each other: at school taking exams one after another and always came brother brother during the different fights. In one interview they said that back in the manger all turned around after them – they always felt special. It seems that now everybody on the street in the first place to draw attention to the fact that past them were twins, and only then to learn they are the famous artists.

    Alexander Ponomarenko in childhood
    Alexander Ponomarenko in childhood | Official website

    Show skits first started Valery. He always liked to repeat the characteristics of friends and acquaintances, loved to participate in school productions. Precisely Valery decided to become an actor, and called Alexander to follow him. Brothers Ponomarenko often practiced with each other funny scenes that were then shown to parents, especially to please his father, who worked as a bus driver, after a hard day.


    After graduation, the brothers tried to enter the Kiev Institute of theatre and cinema Karpenko-Kary. First, they were hoping to get to operator training, but have not coped with the competition – the competition was very high. After that they decided somehow to make a life with film and entered the Rostov College profile «kinotehnik».

    Brother Ponomarenky
    Brothers Ponomarenko with an ensemble | Official website

    In College, a funny thing happened – the brothers, as usual they did it at school, passed exams with the support of each other. For example, Alexander taught math and English, and Valery, chemistry and physics. Each gave the same exam two times, but had to teach in half. Once in the exam for electrical engineering in College Valery accidentally slipped to the teacher gradebook, which were already assessing and deception of the brothers was revealed.

    Brothers Ponomarenko in the army
    Brothers Ponomarenko in the army

    After finishing secondary education, the brothers went into the army, but here they were together. Ponomarenko was in a military unit near Krasnoyarsk. Only at the end of life (last six months) separated on different banks of the Yenisei – Valery went to another unit to work as a projectionist. In an interview with the brothers joke that it was the only time when the art they shared.


    After the service, Alexander, who loved music, went to music school, and Valery was going to try again to do the photography Department, but I noticed in the local house of culture ads on the search frames. To work he did not take, but the Director, Tsypkin Boris saw that he had talent and offered to visit again.

    Brothers Ponomarenko on stage
    Brothers Ponomarenko on stage | Official site

    Evaluating an impressive portfolio of parodies Valeria, Tsypkin encouraged him to go on tour. He personally wrote the lyrics and together they had rehearsed a program called «And laughter, and sin». After some time, Boris could no longer travel across the country – didn’t allow health. Then Valery has written a solo program called Alexandra (the first time he was just a prop).

    Alexander, meanwhile, had finished music school and started his country music group. Brothers Ponomarenko dragged each other to the favorite fields – Sasha wanted to study music, and Valery believed that their future with music. In the end, it turned out that the younger brother was right. The brothers founded the Duo came up with the rooms and the miniatures and since then, everywhere they were together.

    Brothers Ponomarenko on stage
    Brothers Ponomarenko on stage | Official site

    Alexander and Valery Ponomarenko perform comedic theatrical performance of «Clone», which was born from the same pop miniatures. Writer of Comedy was known in narrow circles of Oleg Solod, wrote the best non-Ian Arlazorov, Ilya Oleynikov, Yevgeny Petrosyan and other masters of Russian humorous variety. Staged Boris Uvarov.

    Work on TV

    His career in television Valery and Alexander Ponomarenko started with a victory in the international competition «Cup of humor-1999». After that Yevgeny Petrosyan invited them into his program «the curve mirror». Prior to that, brothers Ponomarenko managed to take part in the program of Regina Dubovitskaya «Sold out.» Later in the interview, they admitted that went from «full House», because the transfer of the stone age, and it needs to be updated.

    After participating in the «Mirror» they are being invited into other projects. For RTR they were the lottery «TV of Bingo-show», and now run the program «Morning mail», which is published since 1974 and has become a classic. In 2013, brothers Ponomarenko took part in a parody of the program «Repeat!» on the First channel. A year later, they lit up like the TV show – «variety Theatre» on the same channel.

    In addition to these programs, Alexander and Valery Ponomarenko regularly take part in the comic festival in Jurmala, where they show their best jokes. Esters of these concerts usually go on the channel «Russia-1».

    The object of the parody brothers Ponomarenko

    Brothers Ponomarenko believe that in order for parody to become successful, you need each of them to come prepared to seriously investigate the person, to try to understand what he is of himself deep inside.

    For example, a parody of Maxim Galkin Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the brothers think the worst on stage:

    «The essence of man is not that he is constantly, incessantly shouting: «Scum! Villains!». This parody will easily make any student. However, with such a devil-may-care approach, a good parody will not work. Vladimir Zhirinovsky main thing is not it, in fact, is a tired, slow old man who long ago tired of all these political games.»

    During his long artistic career, Alexander and Valery Ponomarenko managed to show skits for dozens of stars of Russian and foreign music, as well as some politicians and athletes.

    Best parody performances and miniatures of the brothers of Ponomarenko:

    • Lavrov and Kerry;
    • Grandfather and teenager;
    • Who wants to be a policeman;
    • Housing is the answer;
    • Football sign language;
    • «New Russian» to «Field of dreams»;
    • Interview with George Bush;
    • Teenagers from the future;
    • Culinary and gastronomic verses;
    • A parody of Verka Serduchka and Leonid Yakubovich;
    • The grandfather in «Field of dreams».

    Personal life

    The two brothers the Duo Ponomarenko married. Sometimes they joke that they have a huge family – two women and five children.

    The first created a family Valery. With his wife Helen he has been living for more than fifteen years. They have three children – all of them boys. The difference between the younger and elder sons of the parodist is sixteen years.

    Brothers Ponomarenko with wives
    Brothers Ponomarenko with their wives and children | WomanHit

    Children are going to follow in the footsteps of his father, Ponomarenko’s family clearly loves humor, looks like it’s in their blood.

    Alexander Ponomarenko is also a family man. Wife Anna bore him a son Herman and daughter Love. The age of the children is unknown, the brothers try not to share such personal information. Personal photos on the Internet too quite a few, but you can find hundreds of pictures of Alexander and Valery images.


    Brother Ponomarenky

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