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  • Name: Brooke Shields ( Brooke Christa Shields )
  • Date of birth: 31 may 1965
  • Age: 51 years
  • Place of birth: new York
  • Growth: 183
  • Activities: American actress and model
  • Marital status: Married

    Brooke shields: biography

    Brooke Christa shields, more familiar to us as Brooke shields, appeared at the end of may 1965 in the historic core of the huge new York – Manhattan. Brooke’s parents divorced, according to one source, when she was 5 years old, others a few months. The daughter remained in the care of her mother, Terry (Libra) shields, the former of SMON.

    The woman came from a large poor family of Jews, Catholics and desperately tried to become an artist. She worked as a makeup artist and model. The absolute opposite of his wife was the father of Brooke and Frank shields, in which were the ancestors of the Royal families of France and the UK.

    After the divorce, Terry shields took over the fate of the daughter herself, seeing her only way of future movie stars and the catwalk. It seemed that Teresa of SMON wanted help Brooke realize their unfulfilled ambitions.


    The debut of Brooke shields on the screen took place when the girl is not a year old yet. She advertised the goods for the children together with mom. Soon, the girl barely standing on his feet, had already scored several commercials. In school young shields been on the set more often than the lessons in school.

    When Brooke shields was 10 years old, edition Playboy Press offered her, or rather her mother, to do an erotic photo shoot girls. Terry gave consent. Photos of naked girls appeared in one of the galleries of Manhattan, caused a stir. Later, Terry shields had tried to sue the magazine photos and negatives, but lost to the process.

    In 1980, when Brooke shields was barely 15, she starred in a rather ambiguous and provocative advertising. The girl showed jeans brand Calvin Klein. The slogan meant that the model is not wearing any underwear. For Vogue magazine, which appeared in the brook, it was some kind of record: she was the youngest model that ever appeared on its cover.

    In 16 years, Brooke, as planned, her mother becomes one of the most famous and highly paid models in the world. As reported by Time magazine in 1981, the daily fee Brooke shields has reached 10 thousand dollars. But fame had a downside. Work schedule supermodels teenage was such that she had to live under the gun cameras almost around the clock. Fans, many of whom were mentally unbalanced people followed her everywhere. Brooke often received threats. In the tabloids scandalous articles followed one after another. Shields is almost devoid of childhood and adolescence.


    A cinematic biography of Brooke shields as a model, which began in childhood. Scandalous popularity of the 10-year-old girl after a photo shoot in Playboy helped her to get a lot of secondary roles. In 1978, when Brooke was 13 years old, she starred in the film, by Louis Malle «Pretty baby». The image of a young seductress violet, 12-year-old prostitute in a new Orleans brothel, was quite provocative. In the film, mother violet, played by Susan Sarandon, sells daughters virginity on auction for 4 hundred dollars. But Terry shields agreed to the role, not paying attention to the categorical objections of the girl’s father. Tape brought Brooke shields the dubious reputation of being a sex star. In a press there were scandalous rumors and speculation. This has affected the mental health of a young actress not the best way: the girl often appears on the family psychiatrist. The path to glory was thorny.

    In 1980, the world in rolling out the picture that turned Brooke shields into a real movie star. This is a romantic film about the love of two teenagers on a desert island. «Blue lagoon» instantly becomes a cult hippie movie, downshifters and nudists. But for the part in the picture Brooke was the first ever contender for the anti-prize «Golden raspberry». However, the growing popularity of the shields is not affected.

    For the «Blue lagoon» it should be another sensational film in which Brooke shields again gets the starring role. It’s a romantic film «Endless love», which earned the artist the honorary title of «Face of the 80s». Photo beauties regularly adorn the covers of glossy magazines.

    Reaching the age of 17, Brooke makes a little break to improve education. Some time she is studying at Princeton University and appears on the stage, but soon returned to the active set. Painting «the diamond trap» and «Brand Old» bring another portion of the fame and huge fees.

    In the 1990s, Brooke shields proves critics and viewers that his fame is not accidental. The actress starred in diverse roles in the films «Slum dreams» and «Mug». She looks good in all roles. Can not do without Brooke and the popular TV series she starred in «Friends» and «Law and order».

    One of the favorite projects the actress calls the melodramatic series «Two and a half men». Here Brooke starred in for 6 years, since 2004.

    Was in the career of shields and unfortunate failures. Critics very cold met pictures «Hannah Montana» and «Lipstick jungle.» But then, they fall to be followed by UPS. Back several faded glory actress managed after the release of the horror film «Midnight Express», where supporters and critics saw a brand new Brooke shields.

    The most successful of recent films, the audience called the film «the Boy who cried werewolf» and «Castro’s Daughter». They appeared on the screens in 2010. And in 2011, Brooke shields played brilliantly by Joan brown in the melodrama «Youth Whitney brown.» Interesting and talented call the game of the actress in the film «How to marry a billionaire», in which she played the character Caroline.

    Personal life

    In the mid 1990s Brooke met «the king of tennis Andre Agassi. 2-year affair ended the marriage. But very soon it turned out that the joint life is not so rosy as the novel that preceded marriage. Brooke’s career began to decline, and Vice versa Andre things were going well. Brooke dreamed of children, a tennis player considered them appearance untimely. In 1999, the couple divorced.

    After the divorce the personal life of Brooke shields got better. However, as a cinematic career. Actress again invited to a wonderful Hollywood projects. It turns out witty Comedy «the Bachelor» made the audience to talk about Brooke. While filming the Comedy tape «Unpredictable Susan» actress met with the colleague and producer Chris Henchy. Their whirlwind romance ended in marriage in may 2001. After 2 years, Brooke had the first long-awaited child – daughter novel Francis. Even after 3 years had a second child Grier Hammond. Happy family lives in his own mansion in Florida.

    In his free education of girls the time Brooke shields manages to write his memoirs. In 2014, she published her autobiographical book with a long title «There was a little girl: the Real story of me and my mother,» in which the star candidly spoke about not the most pleasant events of his life.


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    • The diamond trap
    • Brand Old
    • Slum dreams
    • Run into the wild
    • Mug
    • Two and a half men
    • Midnight Express
    • The Daughter Of Castro
    • Youth Whitney Brown
    • How to marry a billionaire


    Brooke Shields

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