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  • Name: Brigitte Bardot ( Brigitte Anne-Marie Bardot )
  • Date of birth: 28 September 1934
  • Age: 82 years
  • Place of birth: Paris, France
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: actress, singer, model
  • Marital status: divorced

    Brigitte Bardot: a biography

    Brigitte Bardot was born in Paris in September 1934. The father was a native of Lorraine, quite a big businessman and mother was a housewife and raised two daughters. Once, when the family of the young Brigitte went to the restaurant, they were approached by a street fortune teller and predicted that the name Bardot is glorified all over the world. The father then decided that fortune awaits him in the business.

    It is hard to believe that as a child, Brigitte was a true «ugly duckling» and she did not consider herself a beauty. Baby she wore metal braces to correct the bite, suffered from strabismus, wearing glasses, her hair had a dull brown hue. But the figure has always been a matter of pride girls.

    Together with his sister Brigitte Bardot visited dance classes. The parents noticed the tendency of the daughter to this art form and gave it to the ballet school. In 13 years, the girl went to study at the National dance Academy, after undergoing a very serious selection. There she was fortunate to become a student choreographer with the Russian origin Boris Knyazev.

    Soon the «ugly duckling» has not disappeared. The girl bloomed such beauty it was hard not to notice – she began to offer shooting in fashion magazines. In 1949 Bardot starred for magazine «Jardin des Modes», and the following year graced the cover of «ELLE». It was then that Brigitte was noticed by the Director Roger Vadim and persuaded his colleague Mark Allegre to ask a girl to audition.


    The debut of Brigitte Bardot in the movie took place in 1952 — it was a small role in the Comedy «the Norman hole». Over the next four years the young actress managed to appear in 17 films. Among them — «the Long teeth», «Manina, the girl without veils», «Future stars», «Doctor at sea» «Son of Caroline sherry», «Big maneuvers», «dear Nero».

    In the present example of glorified his role in the film «And God created woman» (1956). The film became a sensation at the time: the painting was condemned by the Catholic Church for excessive frankness. Despite this, the Nude scene with Brigitte Bardot, who dances on the table, made her a star. In addition, the film can even be attributed to the assumptions of the sexual revolution. After the role in «And God created woman» many Directors vying began to call Bardo in the films, the actress became a sex symbol of the era.

    No less famous was her role in the film «Babette goes to war». Later in women of extraordinary popular hairstyle that was worn in the movie Brigit. The hairstyle was called «Babette».

    Memorable and bright steel roles in the films «Parisienne» (1957), «Contempt» (1963), «Viva, Maria!» (1965), «Novices» (1970), «the Rum Boulevard» (1971).

    Brigitte Bardot has starred in over forty films.


    Bardot has become a hostage of his own beauty and sexuality and tried to run away from the established way. To do this, in the 1960-ies she worked as a singer. Few know that the actress has recorded over 80 singles, including many hits. Despite this, she managed to become famous in the musical field due to the scandalous erotic song «Je t’aime moi non plus», which was recorded in 1967, together with Serge Gainsboro. The entry was hidden, so as not to anger the then-husband of Brigitte Bardot.

    A year Genzbur re-recorded the song, but with the actress Jane Birkin. As a result, the song became a hit, and Birkin gained popularity. Only in 1986 was published the original recording of the song with Brigit Bardo, which very few people have been interested in.


    Brigitte Bardot has been at the center of political scandals. As you know, her husband Bernard d Ormal one time served as counsel to party with right-wing views «national front» and from the Bardo, you could not just hear the statements in the nationalist spirit. Despite the fact that the actress says the lack of sympathy to one or another political force, it has repeatedly condemned for inciting interracial hatred.

    Brigitte Bardot dissatisfied with the government of their country from «Islamization». In her opinion, in France to impose the culture and way of life of Muslims, gradually destroying the identity of the French.

    Protection of animals

    In 1973, Bardot announced that her movie career is completed. At the same time, the actress did not lead a secluded way of life, and decided to devote his life to caring for animals. Her love for our younger brothers was always amazed at her actions and statements have surprised the entire world community. She called once and forever abandon the use of horse meat, condemned the deer hunting, which takes place in Canada. In 1999 was not afraid to write angry appeal to the leader of China, in which he accused the Chinese of killing the world’s last rhinos and tigers for the sake of aphrodisiacs.

    On its 75th anniversary, the actress asked a colleague Sophia Loren to make her a special gift – to give up wearing natural furs.

    Currently Brigitte Bardot lives in a Villa in San Tropez surrounded by a couple of hundred Pets.

    Personal life

    Bardot never lacked for male attention. In a woman’s life had many novels.

    Brigitte was only 16 years old when she began a relationship with Roger Vadim. Love the girl completely lost his head that its reckless behavior. Parents did not approve of her choice, so the aspiring actress tried to commit suicide to protest. In 18 years, Brigitte still married to Vadim.

    First marriage broke in 1957. The actress has a new man Jean-Louis Trintignant, the co-star in a crucial moment for Bardot picture. The lovers began to live together, but this Union lasted only two years.

    Immediately after breaking up with Trintignant Brigitte Bardot marries again. This time her husband was Jacques Charrier, who a year later, the actress gave birth to a son, Nicolas. Then came the divorce, and numerous novels. Associate relationship with Sasha Distalen, Serge Gainsbourg, Bob Zaguri.

    The third husband of Brigitte Bardot became a photographer-millionaire Gunter Sachs. The marriage lasted three years.

    In 58 years, the actress has decided to re-marry – the wedding of Bernard d Ormulum took place in 1992. After a few years, then divorced him.


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    Brigitte Bardot

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