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  • Name: Brandon Lee ( Brandon Lee )
  • Date of birth: 1 February 1965
  • Age: 28 years
  • Date of death: 31 Mar 1993
  • Place of birth: Oakland, CA, USA
  • Growth: 183
  • Activity: the Hong Kong and American actor, martial artist
  • Marital status: not married

    Brandon Lee: biography

    The life of the only son of Bruce Lee, Brandon similar to flared a meteor. The actor tragically died in his Prime, that is, on the rise in 28 years. The mystery of his death, as well as his death, legendary father, and now worries the minds of fans.

    Brandon with his parents
    Brandon with his parents |

    Brandon Bruce Lee was born in February 1965 in Oakland, California. The boy has a mixed Chinese-German father’s blood and the Anglo-Swedish mother.

    When Brandon was 3 months old, his parents Bruce Lee and Linda emery moved to Los Angeles. But here the family stayed only for 6 years. 2 years after the birth of her daughter Shannon, in 1971, it was decided to move to Hong Kong. Here Brandon Lee went to the school where he once studied his father. He learned the Chinese language. More precisely, mastered prestigious Cantonese dialect.

    To school children of Bruce Lee were forced to walk accompanied by bodyguards, the parents tried to protect his son and daughter from possible theft. Martial arts Brandon Lee started very early. In 5 years, the boy walked on his hands and jump could reach his father’s shoulder. Bruce was taught the art of Brandon’s kung fu with its own system in Jeet Kune do.

    Brandon's father
    Brandon’s father | Korok.Gee

    His father died when Brandon was 8 years old. The mother made the decision to leave Hong Kong together with the children moved to America. First, the orphaned, the family moved to Seattle, but soon stopped in California. When Brandon grew up, he went to study at the military school of the arts – the IMB Academy in Los Angeles. It was led by the disciples of Bruce Lee – Dan Inosanto and Richard Bustillo. But the system of education in USA is very different from Chinese. Brandon almost got expelled for bad behavior.


    At school, Brandon Lee was fond of playing on stage. Several times he appeared on stage in small theaters. This hobby turned out to be decisive when he finished school. He enrolled at Boston College Emerson, where he studied acting. Classmates Brandon remembered the dark young man, withdrawn and even aggressive. He always wore a black bandana, worn denim suit and tough shoes.

    After graduating from College, Brandon attended the famous Lee Strasberg Institute in new York, where for some time he took acting lessons.

    Brandon Lee, Dolph Lundgren in the action movie
    Brandon Lee, Dolph Lundgren in the action movie «Showdown in Little Tokyo» |

    When Brandon tired to perform at small theaters in the new York area, he decided to break into Hollywood. But there the young man was greeted as the son of a star. First offered the role to play his father in a biographical picture. Brandon Lee refused. He dreamed of his own way and didn’t want to stay in that niche that was previously occupied by his father. But the proposed role seemed to have been «written off» with those who used to play Bruce. In the mid-1980s, Brandon appeared in the movies «Crime killer» and «Kung fu: the Film version». But neither the success nor the popularity of these projects did not bring him.

    The young actor became disillusioned and left «the dream factory». He went to China. Here he immediately proposed to play the main character in the film «Substituted». The debut was successful. Chinese film fans warmly received the film, after which the actor returned to Hollywood. He starred in several TV series, but the result didn’t satisfy him.

    The long-awaited breakthrough to the heights of movie-Olympus occurred in the early 1990s. the Action movie «Showdown in Little Tokyo» in which Brandon Lee appeared with Dolph Lundgren., brought the actor’s popularity. Following a movie called «Rapid fire» and solidified success.

    Brandon Lee in the movie
    Brandon Lee in the movie «the Raven» | TVC

    To turn Brandon Lee no less a star than his famous father, was a film «the Raven». The young actor has put on this dark ‘Gothic’ project of great hope. And these hopes were justified. But posthumously.

    Personal life

    In 1990, Brandon Lee met with assistant Director Eliza Hutton.

    Brandon Lee and Eliza Hutton
    Brandon Lee and Eliza Hutton |

    Broke out the affair lasted 2 years and that was supposed to culminate in marriage. Personal life Brandon Lee was the happy scenario. In his career, finally make the breakthrough. Next was a loved one. But wedding plans have not been played: 2 weeks before the wedding artist died.


    The shooting of the project «the Raven» was launched on the birthday of the actor – February 1, 1993. March 31 night, the unavoidable happened. In the final scene the hero of Brandon Lee had made the fatal shot from a revolver 44 caliber. Actor Michael Massey, who played the villain Fanboya, shot at with blank cartridge. But the barrel turned out to be plugs that are not noticed technology. Plug pierced the stomach and lodged in his spine.

    From profuse bleeding that the surgeon was not able to stop Brandon died in 12 hours after the shot. The death occurred on 31 March 1993 in the hospital of Wilmington.

    The graves of Bruce and Brandon Lee
    The graves of Bruce and Brandon Lee | Usnisa

    Brandon was buried next to his father.


    • «Crime killer»
    • «Kung fu: the Film version»
    • «Substituted»
    • «O’hara»
    • «Operation Laser»
    • «Showdown in Little Tokyo»
    • «Rapid fire»
    • «The Raven»


    Brandon's father

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