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  • Name: Bradley James ( Bradley James )
  • Date of birth: 11 October 1983.
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Exeter, UK
  • Growth: 183
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Bradley James: a biography

    Bradley James Gregory is a British actor, who gained international fame for her role as young king Arthur in the TV series «Merlin». His popularity contributed to such projects as «I zombie», «Damien» and «underworld: blood War».

    James Bradley
    Bradley James Gregory | Group VK

    He was born October 11, 1983 in Exeter, the main city of the County of Devonshire, and was the second child in the family. James has an older sister Natalie and younger sister Stephanie. When the boy was about nine years old, in the biography of Bradley James, the first having United States. His family for several years moved to Jacksonville, located in Florida. That’s where the future actor began to study in elementary school «Crown Point», and visit classes in the middle school called the «Fletcher School».

    James Bradley with his sister
    With her younger sister Stephanie | Group VK

    But finished school in Bradley in the UK. Senior year, the teenager had never really thought about the professional future, it creates two incompatible dreams. James wants to be a footballer or an actor. But in the sports section he saw a much more trained and technical guys, so his biography Bradley James decided to associate with the art of transformation.

    James Bradley
    James could not become an actor, and a professional soccer player | Team VK

    He enrolled at the famous London drama centre, which has graduated such stars as Gemma Chan, Colin Firth, Tom hardy and many others. This school is famous for its very strict policies towards its students, but that mainly gives a good result, because it teaches the young generation to withstand the barrage of criticism and serious psychological stress.


    For the first time on screen, Bradley can be seen in the series «Music for which you can die» of the second season of police drama «Lewis». Almost immediately he got the role of Ben in the youth social drama «Dis/Connected».

    Bradley James in the film
    In the role of Arthur Pendragon in «Merlin» | BBC

    But a major breakthrough in the career of the actor was connected with the role of Arthur Pendragon, the future of the legendary king Arthur, in the TV series «Merlin». His duet with Colin Morgan, perfectly created the image of a Celtic sage and wizard, was received by the audience with great interest bordering on enthusiasm. Following this success was followed by a psychological Thriller «homeland,» social melodrama «Portobello 196» and sports a picture of «Fast girls».

    Bradley James in the film
    In the role of Lowell Tracy in the movie «I — Zombie» | Fanboyism

    The following movies star Bradley James is a police black Comedy «I, Zombie», for which actor in 2015 received the audience award from «Best Of TV Awards» and the mystery Thriller «Damien». This film is Bradley James, in which he played the leading role of Damien thorn, can be considered as generalizing the sequel to a series of very popular movies and books under the General title «the omen».

    Bradley James in the film
    In the role of Damien thorn in «Damien» |

    One of the brightest works of the actor a fantastic continuation of the Saga about vampires «a Different world: War of blood.» In addition to the Bradley, the film stars such Hollywood stars like Kate beckinsale and Theo James.

    Personal life

    When James Bradley came to play in the series «Merlin» in 2010, he met the Scottish actress Georgia king, who in the film played the role of Princess Elena. They started Dating, and after a few months of their romantic relationship stalled.

    Bradley James and Georgia king
    An ex-girlfriend Georgia king | Fanpop

    In 2011, the private life of Bradley James associated exclusively with British actress angel Colby, who, incidentally, also worked on the TV series «Merlin», performing in the role of Guinevere.

    Bradley James & angel Colby
    The actor with his girlfriend angel Colby | Group VK

    It is worth noting that although James chose for himself the profession of actor, his children’s fascination with football, it is not abandoned. Young people regularly participate in Amateur competitions, and often plays in charity matches and other sporting events, financial the income from which is distributed to the various relief funds.


    • 2008 — Lewis
    • 2008 Dis/Connected
    • 2008-2012 — Merlin
    • 2009 — Portobello 196
    • 2012 — Fast girls
    • 2014 — Fatherland
    • 2015 — I zombie
    • 2016 — Damien
    • 2016 — Another world: blood War


    Bradley James

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