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  • Name: Bradley Cooper ( Bradley Cooper )
  • Date of birth: 5 January 1975
  • Age: 42 years
  • Place of birth: Philadelphia
  • Activities: Actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Bradley Cooper: biography

    Bradley Cooper, son of Gloria and Charlie Cooper, born January 5, 1975 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Bradley’s mother worked for the television network NBC, and his father was a stock broker at American investment Bank Merrill Lynch. The boy was the youngest child in the family. Bradley and his older sister, Holly was brought up in connection with religious beliefs of the Catholic Church, whose congregation was a family of Coopers. But religion its mark on the upbringing of actor was cast and especially the origin of his parents: Charlie was an Irish immigrant, and the family of his mother Gloria was of Italian origin.

    At the age of five years after the start of the diving boy was diagnosed with cholesteatoma middle ear, which could damage the hearing of the future actor. However, the quick intervention of doctors and a series of complex operations, which continued until the 18th birthday of the guy who helped to avoid negative consequences.

    Enrolling in a Germantown Academy in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania, Bradley Cooper made friends with Brian Klugman (also a future actor and screenwriter). In addition to training, Cooper worked in the newspaper daily news of Philadelphia. In 1993 he enrolled In a private University Villanova. There’s Bradley studied for about a year and transferred to Georgetown University, located in Washington, DC. At the University he joined the team in rowing, and also took part in productions a traveling Theater. Studied French language, so that six months spent in France in AIX-EN-Provence as an exchange student.

    In 1997, Cooper successfully graduated, receiving the degree of bachelor of arts. After that, Bradley went to new York to go to University and the New School, where he studied drama and acting. In parallel studies, the guy was moonlighting as a doorman at the hotel. In 2000 graduated from the University and became a master in fine arts.

    Bradley Cooper movies

    Bradley Cooper began acting while still a University student. His first role was a cameo appearance in the cult TV series «Sex and the city» in 1999. Then the actor showed up in popular science show «Globe Trekker» as the lead. Debuted on the big screen of movie theaters in the role of Ben from the cult Comedy «wet Hot American summer» started in hire in 2001. For the sake of shootings in a Comedy Bradley was forced to miss the graduation ceremony at the University.

    From 2001 to 2003, Bradley participated in the filming of the series

  • «Spy» in a role of will Tippin. The series has added actor to the popularity, it began to invite in various films in small roles. Also, the actor has not ceased to play in the series, he starred in the crime television series «Law & order: Special victims unit», AMD «Street» and «Jack and Bobby», the sitcom «the Secrets in the kitchen.» In 2009, the cinemas showed a romantic Comedy
  • «Promise not to marry», where Cooper appeared on one screen with such famous Hollywood stars like Ben Affleck, Jennifer aniston, Scarlett Johansson and drew Barrymore. In the same year in the cinemas of America and the world were shown a film with the actor
  • «The hangover». Comedy won the approval of critics and audiences, bringing a sum thirteen times the budget of the film. This tape brought Bradley’s long-awaited fame and popularity, and the award presented at the annual Hollywood film festival.

    Despite the tremendous success of the actor, his next film «All about Steve», where he played with star Sandra Bullock was cool was adopted by the critics. The actor himself, along with his colleague on the stage was rewarded with nominations for worst male and female role in the film award «Golden Raspberry» became the winners.

    In 2010, Cooper appeared in another romantic Comedy «

  • Valentine’s day,» which also was not deprived of an all-star cast. Not surprisingly, the Comedy received commercial success. In 2010, the actor, in addition to participating in the continuation of the Comedy «the Hangover 2» and also starred in the unusual role for its movie — Thriller «fields of darkness» based on the novel by Alan Glynn. In 2012, Bradley was nominated for an Oscar, Golden globe and BAFTA for her role in the tragic Comedy
  • «My boyfriend — crazy». A year later, the Cooper, who starred on the time in the crime Comedy «American hustle», was again nominated for the same awards, however, was not able to collect any of the figurines. In the same year was shown in the third film of the trilogy «the Hangover-3», which was completely destroyed by the critics, and the actor again came in the «Golden Raspberry». In 2014, the name Bradley Cooper were heard again on the award «Oscar» in the nomination «Best male role» for her role in the film of Chris Kyle
  • «Sniper». Thus, the actor became the tenth man, which was nominated for the Academy Award three years in a row. Everything else in this film, Cooper made his debut as a producer. In the same year, the actor took part in voicing rocket Raccoon from the movie Guardians of the Galaxy, filmed based on the popular worldwide comic book from Marvel.

    Bradley Cooper: personal life

    At the beginning of his stellar career, the actor had an affair with actress and dancer

  • Jennifer Esposito. In October the lovers announced their engagement in December and got married. However, after four months of living together Jennifer and Bradley decided to leave. The official reason for filing for divorce actor called «irreconcilable differences». In August 2009, the actor was seen in the company of actress
  • Renee Zellweger and thereby confirmed the rumors about their affair. Cooper himself says that he met with the actress in 2006, but to meet they started just after the official divorce of the artist. The novel stars the movie lasted almost two years, but in 2011 they parted ways. Then for a short time, the actor met up with Olivia Wilde and Jennifer Lopez. At the premiere of «the Words» in the end of 2011, Bradley Cooper appeared in support of the actress and model
  • Zoe Saldana. Their affair lasted until March 2012, after which the couple for a while took a break. Bradley and Zoe got back together only half a year ago, but in January 2013 the actors went again. The next two years, Bradley has spent in the relationship with the model of British origin
  • Sookie Waterhouse. For the first time the couple were spotted together in Boston in 2013, and after nine months they debuted as a couple at the premiere of «Sniper». Latest girlfriend of the actor at the moment is the Russian supermodel Irina Shayk, who previously dated footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. Shake and Queer attract the attention of the press, their personal life is regularly discussed in glossy magazines.

    Bradley Cooper: filmography

    • Wet hot American summer
    • Spy
    • Promise— not to marry
    • The hangover
    • All about Steve
    • Valentine’s Day
    • The «A» Team
    • Region of darkness
    • Bachelor party 2: From Vegas to Bangkok
    • My boyfriend — psycho
    • The hangover Part III
    • American hustle
    • Sniper

    Bradley Cooper: photos

    Bradley Cooper

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