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photo Bozhena Rynska

  • Name: Bozena Rynska ( Eugene Ryńskie )
  • Date of birth: 20 January 1975
  • Age: 42 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • Height: 171
  • Activities: journalist, writer, blogger
  • Marital status: married to Igor Malashenko

    Bozena of Rynska: biography

    Bozena of Rynska was born in St. Petersburg January 20, 1975. Her real name is Eugene L., Rynska. The girl grew up in the family energy Lev Isaakovich Ryńskie and mathematics teacher Alla Konstantinovna Ryńskie. During his school years, Eugenia had to go through a parents divorce the father left the family, leaving his wife and child.

    Since childhood, Rynska was interested in the exact Sciences and even went to school with physico-mathematical bias. As she says the journalist, this hobby has played a role in shaping its analytical thinking.

    Immediately after high school, Eugene Rynska went to work in the newspaper «Change», which at that time was quite a popular publication. First journalistic experience has not made much of an impression on the girl, and she decided to look for happiness abroad. After a short stay in America Ryńskie came back to his hometown, where he began to study at the directing Department of the Leningrad Institute of theatre, music and cinematography.

    After graduation she starred in a small role in a serial film «Streets of broken lamps»: she played a waitress Eugene in one of the episodes. But this role was her first and last work in the cinema, after which she decided to go to Moscow.

    Bozena of Rynska.

    In 1998, Eugene began working under the pseudonym «Bozhena Rynska». Then, in 2003, he went to work in the «Kommersant» newspaper as a freelance correspondent.

    A year later, after gaining the necessary connections, Bozena suggested the chief editor of the newspaper «Izvestia» (at the time Rafa Shakirov) his candidacy for a leading strip gossip in the publication: the corresponding section in the newspaper was fully developed by the journalist themselves. Bozena of Rynska wrote for the publication for five years. During this time, she managed to earn a reputation as the most controversial of the secular journalist of Moscow.

    Since 2009 of Rynska maintains her column in the project and in GQ magazine.

    Bozena of Rynska: blog

    Bozena of Rynska not miss the opportunity to show off a talent for writing in his blog «LiveJournal». Here she has the opportunity to post on a more and more direct style than in the Newspapers. Blogger takes notes, under an assumed name, becky_sharpe, whom she named in honor of the heroine of the novel «vanity Fair». Favorite journalistic work, which the unfolding events in the 18th century, the character Becky sharp is a shy young girl who seeks to conquer the secular society of the UK.

    Thanks to the topical issues blog Bozena is a great success, and in 2008 she published a book called «Thank God I’m a VIP» and mostly based on her notes.

    At the moment the blog Bozena Rynska that is constantly at its peak, contains about five thousand publications. Many of the views published by the blogger, often quoted.

    Bozena of Rynska: scandals

    Being very eccentric and emotional person, Bozhena Rynska is always at the center of scandals. Some of them are very well known as the relationship journalist found out mainly with public people.

    One such situation was the quarrel Bozena Rynska and Tatyana Tolstaya from buckwheat. The scandal broke in 2010, after a Thick casually looked at one of the posts Bozena. Host of the program «School for scandal» remember when she offered her assistance to the journalist, who underwent surgery on his leg. Remembering Pushkin’s fairy tale about the fisherman and the fish, Fat claimed that Rynska first asked her to buy drugs, then cook buckwheat porridge, and then allegedly Bozhenov wanted cheese «Maasdam». It Rynska gave saved correspondence with Tolstoy, which indicated that Bozena reimbursed the expenses Tatiana Nikitichna, but the cheese is out of the question.

    In the same year there was a scandal with Nikita Dzhigurda. Showman and socialite has not found understanding in the transfer of Vladimir Molchanov’s «all-nighter». First peaceful conversation about social life almost ended poured boiling water on the chest of the flamboyant actor – so Bozena was trying to protect his personal space.

    In February 2012 in the newspaper «Moskovsky Komsomolets» published an information that the Ryńskie real name – Kuritsyn. This newspaper is not giving any sources of their awareness. Angered by Bozena threatened the offenders to court proceedings, but despite this, the publication refused to publish a retraction. Development the story had.

    In 2013, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous district, together with her husband received a lawsuit over something in his yard, they attacked the journalist and cameraman tried to take Bozena interview. As a result, in 2014, the court issued a guilty verdict, whereby journalist sentenced to a year of corrective works with deduction of 10% of his earnings to the state budget.

    Bozena of Rynska: personal life

    Until 2012, the media often appeared rumors about a new relationship Bozena Rynska. In February it became known that the socialite is in the actual marriage with journalist and political scientist

  • Igor Malashenko, previously held the chair of General Director of «First channel», the head of NTV and head of international TV channel RTVi. Malashenko over the Ryńskie almost 20 years. For the sake of relations with his beloved, he left behind a wife and two children, who live in new York. But the children in pairs.

    However, Rynska never tires of repeating that happily married. According to her, her husband gave her a sense of peace, don’t have to think about their daily bread.

    Bozena of Rynska: photo

    Bozena Of Rynska

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