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  • Name: Borislav Brondukov ( Borislav Brondukov )
  • Date of birth: 1 March 1938
  • Age: 66 years
  • Date of death: March 10, 2004
  • Place of birth: Oak village, Kyiv region
  • Activities: actor, people’s artist of Ukraine
  • Marital status: married

    Borislav Brondukov: biography

    Borislav Nikolaevich Brondukov was a Soviet actor who received in 1988 the title of people’s artist of the Ukrainian SSR. Also Brondukov was the first winner of the State award of Ukraine of Alexander Dovzhenko. Domestic audiences is best known for his roles in the films «fallen», «the adventures of Sherlock Holmes», «Garage», «Green van», «it depends» and many others.

    Borislav Brondukov in his youth
    Photo Borislav Brondukov in his youth

    Brondukov was born on the first day of spring 1938 in the village of Dubova, located in the Kiev region. He comes from a Russian-Polish family. Growing up, the future darling of the public is very frail and sickly child. In early childhood he suffered whooping cough, which at that time was considered a fatal disease. Medicine could not help the boy, but he was saved by a local healer who treated Borislav herbs and drove the child to breathe the air near marshes. The disease has receded.

    Borislav Brondukov
    Photo Borislav Brondukov | memorial Website

    Brondukov studied first at home and then in a parochial school, the Roman Catholic Church. At adult age he began to attend educational classes. In those years the teenager even thought did not connect themselves with the movie. After school in the biography of Borislav Brondukov was the Kyiv construction technical school, after which the guy worked for some time on the construction site, was promoted to superintendent. Then the young man took the plant «Arsenal». And so it was there that the future star of the silver screen’s first encounter with art: he began to attend rehearsals of the factory drama club in which the employees have organized Amateur folk theater.

    Borislav Brondukov
    Photo Borislav Nikolayevich Brondukov | memorial Website

    Gradually arises in the soul Brondukov dream to go to drama College. He submits documents to the Kiev Institute of theatrical art named. K. Karpenko-Kary, however, Borislav’s career could have ended before it began. The fact that the admissions Committee had not even wanted to accept the documents, quite rudely saying that with such appearance need not go to artists, and builders. But here the applicant was lucky – stepped the rector of the Institute Nikolai Zadneprovsky, which happens to be seen a game Brondukov on stage and was amazed at his talent. The teacher said loudly to the stunned ladies in the admissions office that this young man will be famous and popular, and forced to accept the documents. All the exams were handed in on the first attempt, the training has flown by as one day, and then began the biography of Borislav Brondukov.


    After graduating from the theater Institute in 1965, the actor was distributed at the Kiev film Studio name A. Dovzhenko. There came the first film with his participation, production drama about the miners «Flower on stone». After it for 10 years, there have been dozens of works, including the social picture of the parable «Stone cross», for which Broadcom was awarded a diploma at the Leningrad all-Union film festival as best performer of the male role. Interestingly, voiced a character Borislav Brondukov another actor, but the singing actor in the film yourself.

    Borislav Brondukov in movie
    Borislav Brondukov in the role of loader Fedulova in the film «Afonya» | Movie-theater

    Note, however, that in the end such a successful film was never shown. One of the reasons was the heartfelt speech of the actor during a press conference on his award. On the question of what role he would like to play after image of social dissident, Borislav Nikolaevich naively said publicly that would like to become Vladimir Lenin, and submit it as a Comedy character. In the hall there was a stunned silence, and later Brondukov even summoned to the KGB for questioning.

    Borislav Brondukov and Louise Mosendz in the film
    Borislav Brondukov with Louise Mosendz in the film «Sportloto 82» | Movie-theater

    In the filmography of Borislav Brondukov there are many main roles, for example, the head of the Outpost, major Konstantin Grebnev in this tale «I serve on the border,» veterinarian Paul Dezhkin with a light melodrama «You are expected by citizen Nikanorova» or foreman of the construction team Michael Stepchuk with the production of the painting «the Great conversation». But the greatest fame came to the actor of the secondary role of different of bums, crooks and even alcoholics, who in his performance went consistently attractive.

    Borislav Brondukov and Dmitry Kharatyan in the film
    Borislav Brondukov with Dmitry Kharatyan in the film «the Green van» | Movie-theater

    A phrase of characters Brondukov turned into aphorisms. In the Comedy of Leonid Gaidai «the Garage» young screaming «let me Out, today’s my wedding night!», in the Gypsy drama «the camp leaves in the sky» Buchi says his philosophical words «Muzzle did not come for good deeds!», but the most famous words turned out to be a replica with the imperishable picture «Afonya»: «Goni ruble relative, I Afonya ruble had!». In addition to these paintings, the audiences loved these films Borislav Brondukov as «the adventures of Sherlock Holmes» where he plays the hapless inspector Lestrade and a «Green van», which depicts a rural policeman Grishchenko. Also a warm welcome to fans of Soviet cinema and the fake captain Kolbasiev from the music of the film «We are from jazz», and the crane Izmailov with a sparkling Comedy «time on Time is not necessary.»

    Borislav Brondukov in movie
    Borislav Brondukov in the role of inspector Lestrade in the movie «the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson» | Movie-theater

    Very interesting and unusual that Brondukov often refused major role if considered heroes not bright, but the episodes were taken consistently: he himself made the call to turn a momentary appearance on the screen in such an extravaganza that people will remember this job forever. Latest Borislav Brondukov film was the adventure Comedy «Hippiniada, or a Continent of love», released in 1997, but only on account of his more than 150 film projects.

    Borislav Brondukov in movie
    Borislav Brondukov as administrator of the variety, Varenukha in the film «Master and Margarita» | Movie-theater

    Incidentally, Borislav Nikolaevich considered the record for the number of roles, which are voiced instead, other actors – more than 40 of his characters say «strange» voice, in particular the famous inspector Lestrade. Director Igor Maslennikov believes that the Ukrainian patter Brondukov very far from the English language and asked to do the voice of Igor Efimov. But Borislav Brondukov not let things drift, and was in a recording Studio and led the process.

    Personal life

    The first time the personal life of Borislav Brondukov changed in the early 60-ies, immediately after graduation. He married the student of the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute, who studied the skill of the sound engineer. But the marriage was short: immediately after the wedding, the actor found out that his young wife suffers from childhood mental illness that periodically makes itself felt. But for Brondukov divorce was easy: my husband was in a long depression.

    Borislav Brondukov wife
    Borislav and Catherine Brondukov | memorial Website

    Only in 1968, having become acquainted with his new love, Catherine, Borislav came to life for real. They met at the Kiev airport «Zhulyany», where both came to see the famous actor Ivan Mykolaychuk. At the time, Borislav Brondukov already exchanged the fourth decade, and Kate just turned 18 years old. The artist fell in love with a beautiful young woman with no memory. Almost a year he was making Catherine, who only later realized how much she lost if she rejected his courtship of the actor. In February 1969, in Odessa, Borislav and Catherine announced their engagement, and two months later were married. After a year in their family was born the firstborn son Constantine, and his younger brother Bogdan was born after nine years.

    Borislav Brondukov family
    Borislav Brondukov with his wife Catherine and sons | memorial Website

    I must say that this couple was madly in love with each other. As a career artist requires constant absences from home, Brondukov for many months was on the road, but from there he often sent his wife love letters, which are always reported their own poems. Later, Catherine Brondukov will publish a book called «Thirteen confessions», which will present the lyrics of her husband. When the head of the family returned home, he took the whole burden of the household and gave his beloved wife for such kind of recreation. Borislav and Catherine Brondukov for a long time wanted a daughter, but a serious illness of the artist crossed those desires.


    Brondukov the couple lived together for 33 years, but the last 10 of them, Catherine has become a nurse the sick man. The actor has never spared himself, constantly dangled the shots and almost never rested. In 1984 on the set of the biographical drama «Karastoyanova» he played the commander of the guerrilla group, who in the story learns of the death of the entire family. Borislav is so accustomed to the way that he was stricken by a stroke, which was the first, but, alas, not the last. At the time, Borislav Brondukov recovered and four months later was able to return to normal life and work.

    Borislav Brondukov
    In the last years of his life Brondukov was paralyzed | Site of memory

    In the early 90-ies he was overtaken by the re-kick, after which Catherine has left her job and began to care for her husband. Before filming, he was able to return, but appeared on screen for quite rarely. The last years of life people’s artist spent almost in poverty. His youngest son asked from a friend of the butcher bone, supposedly for the dog, and in fact, the family cooked the soup for yourself. In 1998, the actor was the third stroke started epileptic fits, after which his body was paralyzed, and her husband stopped talking and almost couldn’t move.

    Borislav Brondukov monument
    The plaque on the house in which he lived Borislav Brondukov | memorial Website

    Borislav Brondukov later had surgery to remove a hematoma of the brain. Doctors warned the family to prepare for the worst, but the actor continued to live, though, and on tablets. And in the last year of his life has changed financial situation of the family. Catherine was contacted by representatives of the Kharkov TV studios, which offered to take on the story. Transmission has shown not only in Ukraine, but according to NTV, so the family began to support the screen actors Guild cinema of Ukraine, and even ordinary people who remembered a favorite artist. But on March 10, 2004 after a long illness that tormented him for decades, Borislav Nikolaevich Brondukov died and was buried on baykovoye cemetery in Kiev.


    • 1975 — Athos
    • 1978 — You are expected by citizen Nikanorova
    • 1979 — Garage
    • 1979-1986 — Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson
    • 1981 — close-conversation
    • 1981 — Look sharp!
    • 1983 — the Case for real men
    • 1983 — the Green van
    • 1987 — on Time is not necessary
    • 1991 — birthday Gift


    Borislav Brondukov

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