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  • Name: Boris Vasilev ( Boris Vasiliev )
  • Date of birth: 21 may 1924.
  • Age: 92 years
  • Place of birth: Smolensk
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian writer
  • Marital status: was married to Dawn Pole

    Boris Vasiliev: biography

    Vasiliev Boris L. born may 21, 1924 in Smolensk in the family of intellectuals. His father Lev Aleksandrovich Vasiliev — commissioned officer of the Tsarist and then the red Army, Mama Elena Alekseeva was from a famous old noble family, associated with the names of Pushkin and Tolstoy, and public history topics.

    The boy is very fond of history and literature, and these two objects «since childhood, intertwined in his mind». Later, the full-time military family moved from Smolensk to Voronezh, where Boris and studied. At school the boy was playing in Amateur theatricals. And together with each other produced a handwritten journal.

    Carefree school years were interrupted by war. In 1941, Boris Vasiliev studied in the 9th grade. Childhood is over in a jiffy. At seventeen Vasiliev went to the front as a volunteer as part of fighter Komsomol battalion. On 3 July 1941 the battalion Vasilyev was sent to Smolensk, were surrounded and came from him only in October 1941.

    March 16, 1943, during an air assault near Vyazma Vasiliev got mine stretch with a heavy concussion and was taken to the hospital. After a concussion Boris L. left the army. In the fall of 1943 he entered the Military Academy of armored and mechanized forces of Stalin, and finished it in 1948, he worked as a test engineer in the combat vehicles.

    All these years, literature and writing has drawn with terrible force. The war gave many epic paintings and heroic characters, and ask the pages of novels. In 1954, Boris Vasiliev decided: he retired from the army with the rank of engineer-captain and made a final choice in favor of professional literary activity.

    Boris Vasiliev: literature

    Literary debut and the beginning of the creative biography of Boris Vasilyev was the play «Tankers», published in 1954 and dedicated to the generational change in the army post-war country. But the play, which received the name of «Officer» after two trial performances in the Theater of the Soviet Army in December 1955 was prohibited the Main political administration of the Soviet Army.

    After this failure, Vasiliev continues to become a playwright, tries his hand as a screenwriter. Here his work provided a generous shoots: screenplay by Boris Vasilyev was delivered the movies «the Next flight» and «Long day.» And in 1971 on the screens out the film «Officers«, received wide popularity.

    Then again failure. The first prose work of Vasiliev, «Ivanov boat», and play «Tank» waiting for a difficult fate. In 1967, the novel was adopted Tvardovsky to publish in the «New world», but the product was released only in 1970.

    What is real fame, Boris Vasiliev learned in 1968, when the popular Youth magazine, he published his famous novel «the dawns here are quiet…«. This year begins a long and successful collaboration with the writer magazine «Youth». In its pages first saw the light of the best works of Boris Vasiliev. Just a year later, the novel «the dawns here are quiet…» was staged at the Taganka theater and became one of the most acclaimed productions of the 1970-ies. And in 1972, the novel was successfully filmed by Stanislav Rostotsky. Then another two movies.

    The topic of the war Boris Vasiliev drawn in most of his works. The story «In the lists did not appear» «Tomorrow there was war», stories of «Veteran», «the Magnificent six», «You are someone, stariche?», «Burning Bush» — it’s the Great Patriotic war. All of these works were filmed. Some several times.

    Another facet of creativity Vasilyeva – historical novels. In recent years, from the pen of Boris Lvovitch came a number of novels on the theme of the early history of the Russia «Oleg the wise», «Alexander Nevsky», «Prince Svyatoslav», «Vladimir Red Sun», «Vladimir Monomakh».

    Boris Vasiliev: personal life

    The private life of Boris Vasilyev is closely connected with the only woman his wife pauses Albertovna Pole. They met in 1943 when, after discharge from the hospital, Boris L. was sent to study at the Military Academy. The lovers were married in 1945. Zorya A. worked as a designer and television editor. She was a real friend and Muse of the writer. And even his wife became the prototype of the Sony Gurvich from the story «the dawns here are quiet…» and Sparks Polyakova from the novel «Tomorrow was the war».

    They lived together for almost 70 years.

    11 Mar 2013 before his 90th birthday, Boris L. Vasilyev died in Moscow. On March 14 he was buried with military honors at the Vagankovskoye cemetery, next to his wife dawn Albertovna. It was not in the same 2013. Boris Vasiliev was able to experience it only for two months.

    Boris Vasiliev: a bibliography

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    Boris Vasiliev: photo

    Boris Vasiliev

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