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  • Name: Boris Tokarev ( Boris Tokarev )
  • Date of birth: 20 August 1947
  • Age: 69 years
  • Place of birth: village Kiselevo, Kaluga oblast
  • Growth: 183
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian theater and film actor, film Director, Honored artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: married

    Boris Tokarev : biography

    Boris Vasilievich Tokarev was born in August 1947 in the village Kiselevo in the Kaluga region. Here, in her mother’s homeland, has passed the early childhood of the future actor. Tokarevich then the family moved to the capital where he was sent to serve his father, a military officer. In Moscow, Boris went to school.

    A cinematic biography of Boris Tokarev began very early, at school age. 12-year-old boy took a picture of the «Saved generation». Directed by Georgy Pobedonostsev endorsed his candidacy for the role of boy Viti.

    After a year the young artist was invited to play the play «Pillars of society», which was put on the stage of the Moscow Theatre named after A. S. Pushkin. The evening Boris came on stage as the son of the Consul, and in the morning ran to school.

    In high school Tokarev starred in three paintings. And the role offered to him was incidental. In the melodrama «the Introduction» directed by Igor Talankin has entrusted Boris Tokarev role of Volodya. Later, viewers saw the young actor in the film «the Chamber» by Georgy Natanson and youth in the picture «Where are you now, Maxim?», removed by Edmond Keosayan. In this project, the Tokarev for the first time played the main character Maxim Bobcova.

    In cinematography Boris Tokarev did, having a solid filmography.


    As a student Tokarev continued to act in films. Audiences saw him in the films «Road to the sea», «the Sixth summer» and «Loyalty.» In the latest tape, filmed by Peter Todorovsky, the artist got a cameo role, which he played brilliantly.

    After graduating high school theater Boris Tokarev was adopted in the Theatre of the Soviet army, but remained there only a year. Cinema attracted him much more than the scene.

    From 1969 to 1971, the actor starred in several films. The most striking of them can be called a musical drama «Prince Igor» and two military-adventure film «Maritime character» and «the Stolen train».

    A breakthrough in the acting career of Boris Tokarev occurred in 1972. A picture of Stanislav Rostotsky «the dawns here are quiet», in which the artist got the role of a border guard Thinking, instantly turned him into a star of the Soviet cinema. To consolidate the success it was succeeded in the same year: military-dramatic film «Hot snow» was warmly received by millions of viewers.

    Another movie that was released in 1972, was a beautiful painting by Ilya Freza «That we do not pass».

    As it turned out in 1976, all the tapes that brought Boris Tokarev considerable success, was only a prelude to the glory that came down on the actor after the release of the iconic 6-part film «Two captains». In the character of Sasha Grigoriev Tokarev was remembered by several generations of viewers forever.

    In the «dashing 90-e», hurt the art of Boris Tokarev almost didn’t hear. Talking about it in 2005, when the screens released film «the Last fight of major Pugacheva». The image of the head of the Kolyma camps, General Artemiev, at first alarmed Tokarev, and he even refused to play «creep». But, after reading the script, Boris understood that this is a very interesting and complex character, which can be called wholly bad. As a result, the Artemyev was quite lively and charismatic.


    In the new century, the admirers of actor Boris Artemyev loved him in another capacity – as a Director. A year after graduating VGIK Tokarev became the artistic Director of AMTA «Debut». This is an experimental Association gave national cinema with many wonderful films.

    The directorial debut of Boris Tokarev was the telenovela «my angel», released in the late 1970s. the Undoubted success was the movie «We are not crowned in the Church» and «the Hermit» shot at «Mosfilm».

    But the best project Director, received critical acclaim and warm feedback from the audience, appeared in the 2000’s. Epic «My Prechistenka» in this series takes a prominent place. This multi-project, in each series, which reflects some important historical event in the time interval from 1900 to 2000.

    The audience liked the film «Distance» about the Olympic athlete-runner that was released in 2008. The prototype of the heroine – twice champion Svetlana Masterkova. In this tape, played Olga Pogodina, Tatiana Dogileva and Pavel Maikov.

    In recent years, Boris Tokarev gave his fans another 2 wonderful project – series «Visionary of Omar Khayyam. Chronicle of a legend» and drama «118 seconds, before… and after.»

    Personal life

    A strong family of actor and Director Tokareva is an example to follow and the subject good the envy of many of his colleagues. In his future wife – actress Lyudmila Gladunko artist fell in love when he was 15 years old. They met on the set of the film «Where are you, Maxim?». Ludmila, and Boris, too, was 15. They entered in the University and married after graduation. Since then, the private life of Boris Tokarev and Lyudmila, Gladunko inextricably linked.

    The wife appeared in almost all films of her husband. And he claims that the woman is still to him a mystery, because it changes all the time and gets better and more interesting.

    In the mid-1970s, this wonderful couple had a son Stephen, who became a single later and a very expensive child for the parents. The son did not follow in their footsteps and become an artist, he was never attracted. Stepan Tokarev graduated from the Institute of international relations.


    • «Road to the sea»
    • «The sixth summer»
    • «Where are you now, Maxim?»
    • «The dawns here are quiet»
    • «Hot snow»
    • «Sea nature»
    • «The stolen train»
    • «Two captains»
    • «Last fight of major Pugacheva»


    Boris Tokarev

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