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  • Name: Boris Titov ( Boris Titov )
  • Date of birth: 24 December 1960
  • Age: 56 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 172
  • Activities: representative of the Russian President for human entrepreneurs
  • Marital status: married

    Boris Titov: biography

    Boris Titov – known politician, representative of the Russian President for human entrepreneurs, a billionaire, a successful businessman, whose property is company for export of petroleum products and the plant of sparkling wines «Abrau-Durso». The newly created «Party of growth» – the party Boris Titov, in which he is the leader. This political force, some believe the Kremlin’s project.

    Boris Titov
    A successful businessman and politician |

    Boris Titov, a native Muscovite. He was born in December 1960 to a wealthy family of an employee of the Ministry of foreign trade. The Titov family has noble roots. Grandpa Boris Y. on the paternal side was a medic, a doctor. A great-grandfather on mother’s side – the Orenburg Cossack.

    Boris Titov in childhood
    In childhood |

    Initial classes future oligarch graduated in New Zealand, where duty was the father. But when the son was 10 years old, the family returned to the capital. Boris continued his studies at the elite magnet school with advanced study of foreign languages. Titov is fluent in English and Spanish.

    Boris Titov
    In his youth |

    After receiving the certificate of Muscovite enrolled at the prestigious MGIMO. In his student years as a translator worked in Peru, and in 1983, Boris Titov, having received the diploma of international economist, got a job in «Soyuznefteexport».


    In 1989, the Titov left the state and headed the chemical aspect of the Soviet-Dutch joint enterprise «Urals». At this time he met with Gennady Timchenko, who is considered a person from the close circle of Vladimir Putin.

    Boris Titov
    Leonid Gozman and Georgy Bovt |

    After 2 years Titov, together with his business partners created the firm «Solvalub». After a year bought the British company, which previously worked, and has led this group of companies, calling it «the SVL Group». Soon «SVL Group has expanded its scope of activities and more deeply penetrated the market of petroleum products, liquefied gases, agro and petrochemical industries, and also engaged in investment in industrial and transport projects.

    In 1992 the company headed by Boris Titov, bought from the state Latvia a terminal for transshipment of ammonia and built his own chemical terminal in the port of Ventspils. After 2 years, «SVL Group» «rooted» by the port «Caucasus». Until the early 2000s, sales of the company rose to $ 1.5 billion.

    Boris Titov
    A successful politician |

    In these years began the biography of Boris Titov as a politician. He headed the Foundation for development of the fertilizer industry. In his possession there was a private plane. In the same watershed 2000, the businessman joined the leadership of the Russian Union of Industrialists. And after 4 years became the head of «Business Russia» and became a member of the Public chamber.

    In 2006, the company Titova began to invest in a new direction, wine production, and acquired the brand «Abrau-Durso». After 8 years, the production has expanded so that the realization of wine products «Abrau-Durso» has been increased 5 times.

    Boris Titov
    Acquired the brand «Abrau-Durso» |

    Business Boris Titov has reached a new peak of development. In 2006, the status of an entrepreneur was estimated at 1.03 billion dollars. But a political career was not in place. After a year of a prominent businessman was elected to the Supreme Council of «United Russia», and at the end of the first decade of the 2000s, he was part of the leadership of the party «Right cause».

    In 2010 Boris Titov elected Chairman of the Board of the Union of winegrowers and winemakers of Russia. At the same time he purchased from a global manufacturer of champagne «Moet & Chandon» old winery «Chateau d’avize». Estimated value of the acquisition – $ 10 million.

    Boris Titov and Vladimir Putin
    At a reception at the President | TA.Gee

    In 2012, Boris Y. was elected as an Ombudsman. In this position, he remembered a few bright initiatives aimed at protecting the rights of entrepreneurs. The main of them consider Amnesty for entrepreneurs 2013, under which was 2466.

    The inauguration required a departure from business management. Therefore, the management of «Abrau-Dyurso» passed to his son Titov, Paul. It is known that the annual revenue of the wine house from the sale of sparkling beverages is $ 150 million. Additional income provides wine tourism. According to the latest information, the number of those wishing to relax in the hotel with great views of the lake reached 130 thousand people a year. In addition, the underlying asset in the family Titova is a poultry plant in Rzhev and office center in Moscow.

    In 2016, Boris Titov led the party Right cause, which was renamed the «Party of growth».

    Boris Titov
    Boris Titov, the «Party of growth» |

    In the Declaration on the income which the politician filed in 2016, last year he earned 209 million rubles. In property Titova listed Metropolitan apartment, a house in the suburbs, a house in Spain and 5 cars.

    When detractors make it about the dirt on Boris Titov, most often heard the word «raiding». Rumor has it that the business Ombudsman, taking advantage of the proximity to the Kremlin, helped the capital to the entrepreneur, resident rublevki Sergei Kuchko to their property in a profitable enterprise «Yalta Khladokombinat». But no these rumors are not confirmed.

    Personal life

    Not only is he a successful businessman and politician, private life of Boris Titov also was happy. In his student years, he married the student of MGIMO Elena. It is known that in 2012 she was appointed Director of the Russian Museum of decorative-applied art.

    Boris Titov (right) with his wife Helen and son Paul
    With his wife, son and daughter-in-law |

    The couple has two children. Son Paul was born in 1984 and daughter Mary appeared in 1992. Children received an excellent European education. Paul graduated from the British-school at John Cass and worked in a major investment Bank Merrill Lynsh. Since 2007, Titov, Jr., was an employee of the Bank ABN Amro and worked in debt securities. But in 2009 entered the family business and was in charge of the projects «Abrau-Durso» and «Chateau d’avize». The son of an Ombudsman in the UK. Judging by the photos on Twitter, Titov, Jr. gave parents two grandchildren.

    Daughter Mary graduated from Imperial College in London and in charge of marketing. Winter 2011 Maria became a member of the annual ball in the hall of columns, which organizes an annual edition of «Tatler».

    The Daughter Of Boris Titov
    Debutante ball |

    The presidential Ombudsman Boris Titov loves to travel. Perfect for playing tennis and squash, scuba diving and knows a lot about yachts.


    Boris Titov

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