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  • Name: Boris Shcherbakov ( Boris Shcherbakov )
  • Date of birth: 11 December 1949
  • Age: 67 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 177
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian theater and film actor. People’s artist of Russia
  • Marital status: Married

    Boris Shcherbakov: biography

    Boris Shcherbakov – people’s artist of Russia, actor, whose Arsenal of more than two hundred roles, TV host.

    Boris Shcherbakov
    Boris Shcherbakov

    Shcherbakov Boris was born in Leningrad on 11 Dec 1949. His parents met during the war in the besieged Leningrad. The father was carrying on his lorry through Ladoga bread. Mom was a policewoman «road of life» across the frozen lake.

    After the war the family Scherbakovykh one by one came 5 children. Lived Sherbakova, like all at that time very modest. They lived in a small communal apartment, the only advantage of which had Windows with views of the Gulf of Finland. Little Boris would often look out over the water and watched the ships. It is not surprising that from a young age, the boy dreamt of becoming captain to travel on big ships to distant countries.

    Young Boris Shcherbakov in movie
    Young Boris Shcherbakov in «Mandate»

    The transition from one dream to the second happened when he was twelve years old. Then Boris Shcherbakov accidentally got a small role in the adventure film Lebedev «Mandate». To work in the light of the cameras, the boy liked it. Even more of interest in this work came when the teenager looked at the screens out the film with his participation. For my first job the guy got huge for those times money – almost 500 rubles.

    In 1967, Boris Shcherbakov left the school. Of course, he tried to become a student LGITMIK, but in the last examination round guy «screened out». Boris did not give up and managed to become a student of another University – the Leningrad Institute of culture, choosing for himself the Director’s specialty.

    Boris Shcherbakov in his youth
    Boris Shcherbakov in his youth

    Then the country was thundering glory of the people’s artist of USSR, laureate of the Stalin prize Pavel Massalsky. And suddenly, in my first year of University to Boris Shcherbakov heard a rumor that Pavel is taking its course. Learn the Why – what could be held in high esteem for the young student who dreams of becoming a famous artist? Boris decides to go.

    When Shcherbakov came to Moscow, it was already too late: the Moscow art theatre Massalsky along with going on a foreign tour, so the exams are here moved to the earlier period. Shcherbakov had only in the last exam.

    Boris Shcherbakov at the theater
    Boris Shcherbakov at the theater

    As later told Boris that it gave courage and recklessness. They pushed almost desperate guy to take extreme measures: Boris burst into the exam room and yelled, «Fell Massalit! I want to learn from you!». The appearance of a strange student, has mixed a patronymic and a surname of the legendary artist, surprised and pleased the teachers. Exceptionally, they agreed to see what else he can do. So Boris Shcherbakov was in the School-Studio MXAT. These years were very interesting but difficult. Parents were not able to support the son the money. Had to earn money and a car wash, and a janitor.


    In 1972, after graduating high school theater Boris was accepted into the troupe of the Moscow art Theater. There he served until 2003. Debuted Shcherbakov Mat on stage in the play «Steelworkers». For almost 30 years the actor has played many different roles and has become a legend in the theatre. The most talented are the work of Boris Shcherbakov in productions of «the Cherry orchard» and «the Seagull» by Chekhov, «Leaving, look back», «Valentin and Valentina». All the works of the artist, not to mention, because on the stage of the Moscow art theatre he has participated in more than 50 productions.

    Boris Shcherbakov in the play
    Boris Shcherbakov in the play «Free couple»

    On the Small stage of the Moscow art theatre for the first time with his father went out to the audience the son of Boris Shcherbakov Vasily, grew up backstage of the theater. It happened in the play, the script for which was written by Shcherbakov and Director Michael Apartsev.

    Boris Shcherbakov was one of our favorite artists, the artistic Director of Moscow art theatre Oleg Efremov. Last time on this stage actor appeared in the last play of Ephraim «Cyrano de Bergerac». After the death of Oleg Nikolaevich actor was forced to leave the theatre, where he worked for many years. Replaced Ephraim tobacco has not renewed with the artist contract.

    Boris Shcherbakov in the play
    Boris Shcherbakov in the play «All over again»

    After a heavy departure from his native Moscow art theatre Shcherbakov went to «free floating». He appeared in films and received offers from Directors of various theatres. So Boris played in the formulation of Tatiana Dogileva «don’t give up on love» in a Comedy play «Yodellers» Olga Anokhina and many others.


    A cinematic biography of Boris Shcherbakov’s no less successful than theatrical. However, the most visible role, the actor began playing in the late 1970s and early 80s. It was during this period a picture of «the day of the wedding will have to specify» «the Investigation leading Experts», «With favourite do not leave». In the latest tape Shcherbakov appeared together with Alexander Abdulov and Irina Alferova. But the most notable was the movie «the Beach». For the work in this tape, Boris received the State prize of the USSR.

    Boris Shcherbakov in movie
    Boris Shcherbakov in movie «the day of the wedding will have to specify»

    The 90 years that many artists experienced with the work, complaining of a lack of roles, Boris Shcherbakov passed without much difficulty. In 1994, the actor becomes the people’s artist of Russia. After 4 years in his collection of awards receive the Order of Friendship.

    The actor looks good in different genres – detective stories, melodramas and war pictures. But especially fond of the audience brave and noble Shcherbakov movies about the war. After the release of the domestic Thriller «Case squared 36-80», which tells about the fate of sailors, and the tapes «play in the compartments,» where the actor played the commander of the submarine, Shcherbakova literally brought a wave of audience love. The role of the legendary General Borodin in the super-popular TV series «Soldiers» and the Colonel Kolapushina «Detectives» further raised the artist on a pedestal of popularity.

    Boris Shcherbakov in the series
    Boris Shcherbakov in the series «Soldiers»

    Not so long ago, Shcherbakov played in another popular film called «the Legend number 17».

    Courageous and noble way Boris has repeatedly been claimed as a romantic hero music videos. In this capacity, he has appeared in video clips Lyubov Uspenskaya «Carousel» and «Missing me.»

    From 2007 to 2014 Scherbakov – hosting morning music program «morning» on the First channel. Due to this transfer, under which Wake up and eat Breakfast a lot of Russian families, the mass audience came to know and love the actor, who more often appeared on stage than on the screen. This work has become a second breath for the elderly actor who slowly but surely began to suffer from persistence in his theater work. The actor honestly was casting gear: people’s artist read from the piece of the text, looking at the camera and professionally stifling laughter about such simple tasks.

    Boris Shcherbakov in the transmission
    Boris Shcherbakov in the program «Good morning»

    Dismissal Shcherbakov surprised fans. The rating of his program was consistently high. First, the actor has canceled some esters, and then just not renew the contract. As many believe, the reason for this was the age of Boris. The network wanted to make way for the young people. This angered many, first, Shcherbakov liked audience transmission, and second, such dismissal because of age worldwide are considered to be bad manners.

    But to clarify further changes to the morning show. The format of «Good morning» was different. Leading was no longer sitting in a warm Studio, and was interviewed on a deserted morning streets. Such loads the body dismissed the host could not survive.

    Boris Shcherbakov
    Boris Shcherbakov

    Subsequently, Shcherbakov continued to work as a TV presenter. On the TV channel «Star», he started to lead her own show «Last day» with Shcherbakov. The transmission has a very controversial subject. The show is about the death of celebrities, or rather their last days, last words, wills, and the reaction of family and friends on this tragic event. The program opens the privacy of dead people, and while many took an interest in the new idea, some of it seemed inappropriate.

    Personal life

    The private life of Boris Shcherbakov has been a long time. More than forty years, he is married to Tatiana Bronze. His wife is not only an actress. She and writer, and head of the troupe of the Moscow art theatre school in 1991 and 2001. Went together with my husband when Oleg Tabakov has not renewed a contract with him.

    Boris Shcherbakov that Tetyana Bronze
    Boris Shcherbakov and Tatyana Bronze

    Students Shcherbakov and Bronze met and fell in love with each other in the Studio School. They raised their only son, Basil. Basil has two higher educations: he is a lawyer and Director.

    The wife forgave Shcherbakov constant infidelity. About the artist and his women went whole legend, but Tatiana is patient, keeping family. She even feels some pride from this fact: Tatyana Shcherbakova says that just would not live with a man, to which the surrounding women are indifferent.

    Boris Shcherbakov that Tetyana Bronze
    Boris Shcherbakov and Tatyana Bronze

    In 1983, the year the actor was about the biggest office romance: Lyudmila Nile in the movie «no One will replace you…». Lyudmila very worried that courting her is a married man, but he did it so gallantly that the actress couldn’t resist. Tatyana Shcherbakova completely different describes this novel. From her point of view, Lyudmila after a break of work, decided to regain popularity through scandal.

    After shooting a joint video Boris Shcherbakov attributed the novel with Love assumption, but these rumors actor was sharply denied.


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    Boris Shcherbakov in movie

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