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  • Name: Boris Rotenberg ( Rotenberg Boris )
  • Date of birth: 3 January 1957
  • Age: 60 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 169
  • Activity: entrepreneur, Manager, co-owner and member of the Board of Directors of SMP Bank, Vice-President of Federation of judo of Russia, Honored coach of Russia
  • Marital status: married

    Boris Rotenberg: biography

    Boris Romanovich Rotenberg is well known in Russia and far beyond its borders, a multimillionaire entrepreneur, co-founder of multiple profitable enterprises including banks. And he is an athlete, Honored coach of Russia and Vice-President of Federation of judo. The brother of the oligarch Arkady Rotenberg. It is considered that Boris Romanovich and his brother Arkady have warm and friendly relations with President Vladimir Putin over half a century.

    Older brother Boris Rotenberg - Arkady - sparring partner of Vladimir Putin
    Older brother Boris Rotenberg — Arkady — sparring partner of Vladimir Putin |

    Boris Rotenberg was born in the city on the Neva river at the beginning of 1957. At the time of its appearance in the family grew up the eldest at 6 years old brother Arkady. Like any older brother, he had a huge influence on the younger, who sought to imitate him in everything.

    And to be similar to the Arcadia very much. For Boris and his peers, he was an idol. After all, didn’t go to some music school together with the girls and visited Sambo on the Decembrists, which was the club «Turbostroitel». Confident, with bulging muscles brother Arkady and Boris led the younger section of his trainer Anatoly Rahlina. At the time sportsmen were not so much – no more than ten. Among them is a friend and sparring partner Arkady Vladimir Putin, the boy from Baskov pereulok.

    Boris Rotenberg with his brother Arkady
    Boris Rotenberg with his brother Arkady |

    In 1972, Rachlin was able to procure more room, and moved there with his disciples. At that time, the team has grown, but «skeleton», which includes the Rotenberg brothers, Putin, remained the same. In the same year the coach started the boys Japanese judo.

    Boris Rotenberg, however, like other young athletes, literally «lived» section. It was a big family where all problems were solved together. However, the guys were celebrating birthdays and went to visit. And the coach had for Boris the same weight as the native father.

    Boris Rotenberg
    Boris Rotenberg |

    A few years Rotenberg, Jr. has demonstrated solid success in judo. He regularly played for the national team of Peter and then of the country, and brought to the common Treasury all the more tangible rewards. In 1974 Boris Rotenberg became the prize-winner of superiority of the Soviet Union. In the same year, 17-year-old judoka got the title of master of sports. 6 years later – another one of the same title, but in Sambo.

    After finishing school Boris Rotenberg, following the example of his brother, entered the Institute of physical culture named after P. F. Lesgaft. In 1978 he received a diploma. The first record of an athlete in his workbook were made in the school and the police, where he worked as a instructor in self-defense.


    1980s, and then «dashing 90-e», left many people without work. Escape the lack of money and unemployment, Boris Rotenberg, at that time married to Irina Haranen had Finnish citizenship, took the opportunity of repatriation and immigrated with his family in Finland. In Helsinki Boris Rotenberg took Finnish citizenship and continued to do what he likes – settled in dzyudoistsky club «Chikara» instructor.

    After 7 years, Rotenberg returned to Saint Petersburg. At that time his brother has already made the first steps in business. As a child, he did the example of Arcadia. Along the Rotenberg brothers founded a Bank, calling it «the Northern sea route» (NSR). SMP soon entered the Top 50 largest banks in the country.

    Boris Rotenberg |

    But the brothers decided not to limit the banking business. Their assets grew thanks to favorable purchase of the assets of the enterprise «Rosspirtprom».

    Favorite sport Boris Rotenberg did not quit. Gathering a team of partners and associates, he was engaged in revival of youth sports and created a few clubs where children could practice martial arts. Clubs appeared in new and new cities of Russia. First in his native city, then in Perm, Novosibirsk, Ryazan and Grozny.

    In 2003, the business biography of Boris Rotenberg expanded. He founded 2 companies, which specialised in the supply of pipes for «Gazprom». Detractors are talking about the protection of a childhood friend of Vladimir Putin, at that time occupied the presidential post. Without higher protection to enter into agreements with the Corporation the country’s No. 1 seemed impossible.

    Boris Rotenberg and Vladimir Putin
    Boris Rotenberg and Vladimir Putin |

    One of the 2 founded by Boris Rotenberg firms «Baza-Torg» in turn became a founder of the new company, named «Gaztaged». This company supplied the equipment for «Gazprom».

    In 2008, Boris Rotenberg together with his brother acquired a 10 percent stake in sea port of Novorossiysk. According to experts, the market value of the port was estimated at $ 300 million.

    Around the same time, well-known businessmen bought the Gazprom Corporation 5 of contractors who were engaged in construction and installation works. Based on these, the Boris and Arkady Rotenberg founded a new Corporation. Its objective is the construction of pipelines, and industrial facilities «Rosspirtprom». But most importantly, purchased by contractors engaged in the construction of the gas pipeline «Nord stream». Namely its land area. Involved Boris Rotenberg and his brother to the construction of the gas pipeline «Sakhalin-Khabarovsk-Vladivostok».

    Boris Rotenberg
    Boris Rotenberg |

    The assets of Boris Rotenberg in 2009, has grown another profitable venture. The businessman became a partner of the company «mosstroymekhanizatsiya-5». She managed to win the contest and received the right to build housing for the «defense Ministry» under the Podolsk. The order for the construction had cost 34 billion rubles.

    In 2010, Boris Rotenberg according to the magazine «Forbes» has entered the hundred richest Russians. His assets are estimated at $ 700 million. After 5 years «Forbes» has included the millionaire in the list of the richest families in the country. The Rotenberg brothers took the 2nd place (first – gutserievs). The assets of the brothers amounted to 2.95 billion dollars. Of these, the Boris Rotenberg owned 920 million.

    In 2014, Rotenberg and his older brother, got to the sanctions list. At that time, the assets of the oligarchs experts estimated 5.55 billion. To avoid the inevitable losses, Rothenberg transferred part of the assets to the sons.

    For two years (until 2015) Boris Romanovich was the President of football club «Dynamo».

    In the ranking of billionaires In 2016, Boris Rotenberg took 9-th place. The main assets it owns, this «North European pipe project», «Gazprom drilling», SMP Bank, «TEK Mosenergo». Recently the clan Rotenberg together with the Continental hockey League created the company «Doctor sport». It is led by the eldest son of Boris Rotenberg novel.

    Well-known entrepreneur about the sport never forgot. Since 2012 he takes part in the racing. In 2014 he performed at the 24-hour race in Daytona, demonstrating remarkable endurance.

    Boris Rotenberg
    Boris Rotenberg | TEP.Gee

    Personal life

    His first wife, Irina Haranen, Boris Rotenberg met when vacationing in the village Toksovo near St. Petersburg. The Irina’s father is of Jewish origin, in the family of the mother was-Ingrian Finns. This allowed the pair to leave in 1991 in Helsinki. At that time they had sons: 1881 – novel, in 1986, Boris.

    But a few years after moving to Finland marriage has cracked. The couple broke up.

    Boris Rotenberg with his wife Karina
    Boris Rotenberg with his wife Karina |

    Personal life of Boris Rotenberg changed in 2009. A businessman met a 29-year-old native of St. Petersburg Karina, which for a long time lived in America. There she graduated from the University of Atlanta, where he earned a degree in international business and marketing. In the summer of that year, the pair were married in Preobrazhensky Cathedral.

    Boris Rotenberg’s second marriage were born three children: twins Daniel and Sophia, and daughter, Leona.

    Karina Rotenberg likes the horses. She is the Chairman of the Moscow Federation of equestrian sport. In addition, the woman is engaged in helping homeless dogs.

    His wife and younger children of Boris Rotenberg
    His wife and younger children of Boris Rotenberg |

    The eldest son of Boris Rotenberg novel — in 2005 graduated from the school of business in London, returned to Russia, where he is engaged in entrepreneurship. The second son of Rothenberg from his first marriage – Boris – the famous footballer.


    Boris Rotenberg

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