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  • Name: Boris Novikov ( Boris Novikov )
  • Date of birth: 13 July 1925
  • Age: 72 years
  • Date of death: 25 Jul 1997
  • Birth place: Ryazhsk, Ryazan governorate
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Boris Novikov: biography

    Boris Novikov was a Soviet actor of theater and cinema, in the mid 90-ies has earned the title of people’s artist of the Russian Federation. In his filmography there are a number of leading roles in such films as «Shadows disappear at noon», «Seven old men and a girl» and show «Tavern «13 chairs». Also the voice Novikova known young audience as he voiced many animated characters, including postman Pechkin of Buttermilk. But Boris Kuzmich left in the annals of Soviet cinema in the first place as the King of episodes.

    He was born in Ryazan region, the station Ryazhsk, in the family of ordinary workers. Boris was obedient, but very active and inquisitive boy. He did well in school, spent much time in various circles at the House of pioneers. But the fate of many of his peers have been changed by the war. Novikov was lucky to return home alive, and then the guy started thinking about his education.

    Boris leaves his house and goes to the capital. There he manages to interest his artistic abilities Director Yuri Zavadsky, who adopts a talented young man in his School Studio. After completing the course of acting Novikov in 1948 became a member of the troupe Mossovet.

    For a long time the actor was on the sidelines, but then he was entrusted with the demanding role of Basil terkina in the production of the famous poem. Novikov made a splash. A lot of people thanked him for what he was able not only to convey the image of the character, but realistic, show the feeling of the recent war. Even the author of the poem, Alexander Tvardovsky, was stunned and captured.

    But, as often happens, next to a sweeping success and envy. Other members of the theater began to «poison» a gifted artist, and Boris Novikov decides to change jobs. His pleasure to welcome the troupe of the Maly theater, but to call detractors and discrediting actor before the new leadership. Of course, the transition did not take place.

    But Valentin Pluchek theatre of Satire has decided not to pay attention to idle talk. Novikov came to him as a professional, and Boris Kuzmich almost 10 years with gratitude almost every day has proved that a great Director was not mistaken. But in 1972, he still had to finish his theatrical career due to serious health problems. Since then, Novikov focused on the film.


    During his long creative life of Boris Novikov took part in more than 150 projects. It is interesting that first he was offered the negative role of drunks, truants and thugs, but then Directors began to understand that, first, the type of actor does not comply with these characters, and secondly, Novikov himself capable of much more.

    Boris considered his real debut picture of Sergei Gerasimov’s «the Quiet don». He got there a small role of Mitka Korshunov, but was played by the actor this image is beyond praise. After playing roles of a hairdresser Matvei Yakovlevich in the Comedy «Girl with guitar», Secretary of the Komsomol organization in the social drama «my Friend, Kolka» and especially Isaac, jeweler Liberzon-Packed television series «the Adjutant of his Excellency» Novikov became known as the «King of episodes.»

    But do not assume that Boris Kuzmich not getting the leading characters. He was on the lead roles in the film adaptation of Pushkin’s «the Shot», in the Comedy «Seven old men and a girl», the historical film «Shadows disappear at noon», the drama «Father and son», a grotesque Comedy «Talking monkey».

    The last film, which starred Boris Novikov, was an adventure film «the Return «Battleship,» which was released in the year of his death. The actor appeared in detective «Transit for the devil,» but his «role» was assembled from frames taken for the movie «Thy will, o Lord!» as voiced by the image of another performer, Yuri Sarantsev.

    Personal life

    With his only wife Hope Klimovich, Boris Novikov met during their student years. She is also a trained actress, their relationship developed very rapidly. Soon, the young people were married. By the way, in one theatre the husband and wife did not work, although this practice quite often in the acting families: Nadezhda Antonovna played in the Moscow youth Theatre.

    In 1949 they had a son Sergei. But instead of the expected joy of the spouses was expecting an additional check for strength. The boy appeared very painful, and over the years it became clear that it lags behind in development from their peers. However, Sergei was able to finish school and even in College, but then manifested itself a mental disorder.

    Boris Novikov and Hope Klimovich before the end of his days caring for a sick son, he watched over and cared for him. Later, after the death of his parents, the unknown gave her husband in a psychiatric clinic and took it living space. And only thanks to the intervention of neighbors and the screen actors Guild apartment Novikov was returned to his son, where he lives under the care of a nurse until now.


    In the early 70-ies of Boris Novikov began to develop diabetes. Because of this disease, the actor was forced to bow out with a theatrical stage and focus on the movie.

    Recently, the family lived very poorly. Not only that, in 90-e years for the actors of the older generation there was virtually no work and the illness of Boris Kuzmich demanded large financial expenses. But the elderly had to take care of a son with a disability. But Novikov was very modest and secretive man. He had not asked for help no one of his past acquaintances. Help an elderly family provided the only Leonid Yarmolnik, who would send them a certain amount every month.

    As quietly and discreetly as he lived the last years, Boris Novikov went to the other world. He died from diabetes, which caused a cardiac arrest on 25 July 1997, less than two weeks after his 72nd anniversary. On the death of the actor was not reported either in the press or on television. Much later, the journalists of one of the printed editions, after learning of the tragedy, printed note. Fans gathered money, which was installed tombstone.


    • 1958 — Quiet Flows The Don
    • 1963 — Unusual city
    • 1966 — Shot
    • 1968 — Seven old men and one girl
    • 1969-1981 — Zucchini «13 chairs»
    • 1971 — Shadows disappear at noon
    • 1987 — Autumn dreams
    • 1990 — Far, Far Away
    • 1991 — Says the monkey


    Boris Novikov in the transmission

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