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  • Name: Boris Nevzorov ( Boris Nevzorov )
  • Date of birth: 18 January 1950
  • Age: 67 years
  • Place of birth: Starominskaya village, Krasnodar region
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian actor and film Director, people’s artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: married

    Boris Nevzorov : biography

    Loved by many millions of viewers actor Boris G. Nevzorov was born in January 1950 in Krasnodar Krai. Here, in the village of Starominskaya, spent the first years of his life. But most of all memories of Boris Nevzorov associated with years spent in Astrakhan, where the family moved a responsible party worker of George I. Nevzorova. It was here that the boy grew up and went to school.

    The first dream of Boris Nevzorov was not connected with the theater, and medicine. In middle school he planned to attend medical school and become a doctor. But the fascination with the stage and performances at the Astrakhan theatre of the young spectator have dramatically changed the plans. Here the young artist first got a taste of creativity and of fame, of power over an audience, and with nothing comparable to the atmosphere of the theatre.

    After school, Boris Nevzorov went to act in behalf of WTU N. Shchepkin. Came the first time, but after 2 years he transferred to the School-Studio of MKHAT. In 1975 Nevzorov, having received the diploma of theatrical school was accepted into the troupe of the New drama theatre in Moscow.


    On the stage of New drama theatre Boris G. Nevzorov went on for 7 years. Here polished his acting skills, acquire experience and fans.

    In 1984, in search of himself Nevzorov went to the Theater Mossovet, but after 2 years returned to the old place.

    In 1993, the artist again changed the scene, he began performing in the capital drama theatre named after Konstantin Stanislavsky. For seven years Boris G. Nevzorov played in dozens of plays. But the most striking role – Jourdain – was played in the play «the petty Bourgeois-a nobleman» Semyon Spivak. For this work the actor was awarded with the prize named after Innokenty Smoktunovsky.

    Very fruitful and intense collaborations between actor with a Small theatre, which began in 2005. In performances of «Wolves and sheep», «wedding, wedding, Wedding!» and «don Giovanni» Nevzorov, according to the audience and theater critics, were great.

    In 2009 Boris Georgievich played in the entreprise of the play «the Trap».

    In recent years, a talented artist who received in 1997 the title of Honored, and in 2011 – people’s artist of the Russian Federation, teaches at GITIS.


    A cinematic biography of Boris Nevzorov began in 1975. The young actor has just received the diploma of high school theater, made their debut with the title role. But if the audience praised the picture, the party officials formed a different opinion. However, the young artist managed to Express themselves clearly.

    This role Nevzorov received only after 3 years, when the bureaucratic wave of anger subsided. He played the revolutionary Blucher in the movie «the Marshal of the revolution».

    Glory and national recognition came to Boris Nevzorov in the 1980s. The picture «young Russia» and «Moscow speaking» received the highest marks not only the audience but also critics. For the work in the first film, where he brilliantly played the Ivan Ryabov, the actor was awarded the State prize of the RSFSR behalf of the Vasilyev brothers. And for the film «Moscow speaking» he was awarded a Silver medal named after A. P. Dovzhenko.

    Suggestions from eminent filmmakers began to arrive regularly. «Swamp people», «search and destroy» «the Order: cross the border», «risk», «primary Russia», «the priest had a dog…» – these pictures turned Boris Georgievich in the well-known actor whose face was familiar to all Soviet viewers.

    The artist managed not to get lost in the new century. Most of the time he starred in the TV series. By the way, the first «serial» experience he had in 1999. Then the screens began to leave, one of the first domestic melodramas «Simple truth». Viewers saw Nevzorov in the role of the school Director.

    And in the 2000s Boris Nevzorov played in a number of serial projects. «Kamenskaya», «Dear Masha Berezina», «the New Russian romance», «Native people», «Hot ice,» «the Mistress of taiga», «the Method Laurel», «My big family» – it’s not all a popular strip where there was the artist. As a rule, it plays a positive and strong characters. In the Bank Nevzorov a few generals.

    Personal life

    The first girl Boris Nevzorov fell in love with a student, was actress Alla Panova. Together they went to the «Chips». But soon Nevzorov went to another University and met another girl, quite a young high school student Marina. Waiting until she becomes an adult, immediately married. They lived together for 11 years. To this marriage was born a son Dennis. But married life has cracked and a couple broke up. Now son and his mother lives in England and, according to some reports, has no relations with my father.

    In 1982, the private life of Boris Nevzorov has changed. On the set of the movie «can’t say goodbye,» he flashed a romance with actress Anastasia Ivanova. They married and were very happy. In this marriage they had a daughter Pauline.

    In June 1993, Anastasia, died tragically. The kick actor was going through a very hard. But after a while he decided to start life with a clean slate.

    During filming in Sochi Boris Nevzorov met Alla Panov, the same girl he was once in love with «Chips». It turned out that feelings for her as before now. Alla, too, have experienced a family tragedy and raised her son alone. Since then, the actors began to live together. But after 4 years of their marriage, a scandal broke out: the Nevzorov has a new girlfriend, whose name was Elena Khripunova.

    Parting with Alla Panova was loud and was accompanied by a controversial section of the acquired property.

    Now Boris Nevzorov new family. The artist’s wife has nothing to do with art — she’s an accountant by training.


    • «Marshal of the revolution»
    • «Young Russia»
    • «Moscow Says»
    • «Swamp people»
    • «The priest had a dog…»
    • «Dear Masha Berezina»
    • «Native people»
    • «Hot ice»
    • «The mistress of taiga»
    • «The Method Laurel»
    • «My big family»


    Boris Nevzorov

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