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  • Name: Boris Nemtsov ( Boris Nemtsov )
  • Date of birth: 9 October 1959.
  • Age: 55 years
  • Date of death: February 27, 2015
  • Place of birth: Sochi, Russia
  • Activity: the politician, the opposition leader
  • Marital status: married

    Boris Nemtsov: biography

    Nemtsov Boris Efimovich — the famous Russian politician, statesman and public figure, the businessman. During his career, the Germans achieved enormous success in the Russian domestic policy and in the international arena, many foreign leaders were surprised by his resilience and commitment to change. In 2015, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko called Boris Nemtsov «a connecting bridge between Ukraine and Russia.»

    Boris Nemtsov was born on 9 October 1959 in Sochi. Father Efim Davidovich was official. Mother, Dina Yakovlevna eidman, doctor. The first eight years of his life Boris had spent in his native city, but soon went with his mother and sister, Yulia in Gorky (now Nizhny Novgorod). Despite the divorce of his parents, the boy continued to communicate with his father, who helped the family financially and often took his son to the capital of the Soviet state.

    Boris Nemtsov in childhood
    Baby photo

    School of the future politician he graduated with a gold medal received soon in the Gorky state University, where at the Radiophysics Department began a successful training. After graduation, the Germans decided to work as a research assistant. At that time he dabbled in literature, wrote poems and stories under the pseudonym Ben eidman, constantly worked as a tutor of English language.

    In 1985 Boris Nemtsov fully immersed in science by working in different research institutes. The husband became a candidate of physico-mathematical Sciences, in his «piggy Bank» already in 1986 there are more than 60 scientific papers in physics, acoustics and thermodynamics.

    Boris Nemtsov in his youth
    Young | Our newspaper

    It was assumed that the interest in science will be the basis for his further professional growth in this area, but that all changed in 1988, when the Germans joined the environmental movement. The members of the Association objected to the construction of Gorky nuclear stations of a heat supply (in the end the project was stopped). From this point, the policy becomes the main component of the life of Boris Nemtsov.

    Political career

    The struggle against the construction of the largest strategic object was the beginning of the political career of Boris Nemtsov. In 1989, an aspiring politician was nominated as a candidate in people’s deputies of the regional society «For nuclear security», but the representatives of the electoral Commission did not register it.

    In 1990, Boris Nemtsov, joined the campaign, taking an active part in the creation of a new political Union «Candidates for democracy.» As a result, he was able to win the elections and became the people’s Deputy of the RSFSR. In addition, he was a member of Deputy group «the Russian Union», «non-party deputies» and «Change».

    Boris Nemtsov in the state Duma
    In The State Duma | Political Officer

    1991 can be called a certain breakthrough in the career of Boris Nemtsov. He becomes a confidant of the candidate for the post of President of Russia Boris Yeltsin. The powers of the new representative head of the Russian Federation covers the territory of the Nizhny Novgorod region. In August of the same year already known to the official, being with my family on vacation in the capital of Russia, participates in the defense of the White house.

    30 Nov 1991, Nemtsov was appointed head of administration of Nizhny Novgorod region, becoming the youngest in the country to head such a high level. During the tenure of the Governor managed to implement successful programs in the assigned territory of the Russian. In particular, the list of successful initiatives of Nemtsov called the program «meter by Meter» (initiative for reforming the living conditions for soldiers), as well as «people’s phone», «Gasification of villages» and «Grain».

    Boris Nemtsov and Boris Yeltsin
    With Boris Yeltsin | Mirtesen

    As Governor, Nemtsov has repeatedly criticized the economic program of the President of the government of the Russian Federation Yegor Gaidar, but in the future a politician will appreciate the efforts made by the economist who tried to stop the process of destruction of economic sectors not so long ago the all-powerful Soviet Union.

    The Germans claimed that the reforms were not carried out fully, and the government’s inaction was considered a sign of weakness. Thus, he decided in December 1991 to invite Nizhny Novgorod oblast Grigory Yavlinsky for the organisation for economic reform in the region. In 1992, Yavlinsky, leading research Institute Center for economic and policy research «Hub», developed together with Nemtsov ambitious program of regional reforms.

    Boris Nemtsov
    Photo policy |

    In December 1993, residents of Nizhny Novgorod region choose their Governor in the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, and in February 1994 he became a member of the Committee of the Russian Federation with currency and credit regulation.

    In 1995, the Germans again became the Governor of Nizhny Novgorod region. In that period, Nemtsov had a reputation as a progressive reformer, and his considerable experience in restructuring economic sectors of a particular region, the government has recommended to implement in all municipalities of the state. Reformist thinking, perseverance, efficiency of program delivery and successful implementation of ideas into practice became a kind of meaningful confluence of factors which has led many citizens to believe that Nemtsov is able to become the semantic force in Russia that will lead the country to prosperity.

    It should be noted that during the period of his governorship, the Germans became well-known media character because of a dispute with the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky in a live televised ORT. During the telecast Zhirinovsky doused his opponent with mango juice.

    In 1996, Boris Nemtsov, took initiative, organized in Nizhny Novgorod collect signatures for the withdrawal of Russian troops from Chechnya. These signatures were submitted to the President Yeltsin.

    In March 1997, Nemtsov already holds the position of first Vice-Premier in the government of Viktor Chernomyrdin. On a new post, Nemtsov was in charge of the social block, and also carried out control in the sphere of natural monopolies. He has repeatedly proposed to introduce a new program that could completely change the state of Affairs in the country, laying a solid Foundation for future development of the entire socio-economic sector.

    Boris Nemtsov
    MP | TECHS.Gee

    In the spring of 1998 was a large-scale reorganization of the government, head of Cabinet of Ministers became Sergey Kiriyenko. Despite significant changes, the Germans continued to engage in financial-economic bloc, he continues to trust the most responsible tasks in the financial sector. After the default in August 1998, the Cabinet of Ministers of Russia resigns, Boris Nemtsov leaves the post of Deputy Prime Minister.

    The opposition

    The post of Deputy Prime Minister Boris Nemtsov remembered by the citizens, urging them to transplant all Russian officials on vehicles of domestic manufacture. 13 years later with a similar proposal made by Dmitry Medvedev, held the post of President of the Russian Federation, but the Germans, being the main opposition to the current government, called the idea «stale and futile.»

    Having parted with the Executive power, the Germans created the movement «young Russia». In 1999 he was elected Deputy of the State Duma of the electoral bloc «Union of right forces». From this fraction on 1 March 2000, Nemtsov was elected Deputy Chairman of the Russian Parliament.

    Boris Nemtsov
    Opposition | peRevodika

    In December 2003, the «Union of right forces» in the elections has not received the necessary support of the voters, not once in the state Duma of the IV convocation. In 2004, Nemtsov resigned together with the other co-chairs of the political Council, explaining this situation by the failure in the elections.

    Before the resignation as co-Chairman of «Union of right forces» Boris Nemtsov was one of the main founders of the «Committee 2008: Free choice», became head of the chess player Garry Kasparov. The purpose of the organization was the consolidation of all liberal forces into a common platform for future activities in the political arena. Boris assumed that such initiative will help to change the vector of development of the state through a radical change in the structure of governance at the highest level.

    Boris Nemtsov and Garry Kasparov
    With Garry Kasparov | The Gazette

    In the fall of 2004 Boris Nemtsov supported the supporters of the «orange revolution» in Ukraine. He took an active part in the protests on Independence square in Kiev. Russian politician welcomed the victory of the Ukrainian «right» and expressed willingness to support them in their desire to spread their vision of a new Russia. On the main square of the country, Ukrainian citizens welcomed the speech Nemtsov.

    In his speech he repeatedly said it is ready to hold such actions in the Russian Federation. His vision of development of the Russian state is not perceived in the homeland. This often becomes a reason for criticism of Nemtsov in Russia, but the politician continued to work, trying to implement their own ambitious plans. From 2005 to 2006, the Germans acted as a freelance Advisor of the President of Ukraine. Viktor Yushchenko, who was at the head of the Ukrainian state, said then that «advice Nemtsov was not fatal, but he did everything he could.»

    Boris Nemtsov
    Photo policy | BBC

    In March 2007, Nemtsov congratulated the results of the next parliamentary elections with the participation of the «Union of right forces,» because the party was able to overcome the 7% barrier in six of the nine regions. In September 2007, Nemtsov was among the top three list of political power, but did not become a Deputy of the state Duma, as the party gained only 0.96 percent of the vote.

    In 2007, Boris Nemtsov ran for the presidency of Russia, but at the end of voting the politician could not gain and 1% of the votes of the citizens. After that, in the politician poured harsh criticism, some politicians negatively evaluated the results of his work in the political sphere. In the same year he published a book of Boris Nemtsov’s «Confessions of a rebel.»

    In February 2008, the Germans announced that ceases to be a member of «Union of the right forces». To explain such a decision, the politician refused, but said that he intends to continue to cooperate with the party in different directions. Yet in spite of his efforts, the political unification ceases to exist.

    Boris Nemtsov and movement
    At a rally of the movement «Solidarity» | Interfax

    In 2008, the well-known politician together with his colleagues decided to organize a new opposition movement «Solidarity». The decision on the organization of political power was adopted at the St. Petersburg conference «new agenda for democratic movement». He also participated in the creation of conferences on «Solidarity» in Moscow, Krasnodar, Irkutsk, Ufa and Nizhny Novgorod. Kasparov and Nemtsov become leaders of «Solidarity».

    In 2009, Nemtsov declared candidate for mayor of the future capital of winter Olympics 2014 — Sochi. Elections in April 2009, the Germans lost, taking second place.

    In 2010, the Germans involved in the creation of the opposition coalition «For Russia without arbitrariness and corruption». On the basis of a new political platform it was decided to organize effective party to victory in parliamentary elections. It was founded in December 2010 as «people’s freedom Party» (PARNAS). For a new political force, the opposition has high hopes, but Parnassus in 2011, it was denied registration.

    Boris Nemtsov
    Arrest on Triumfalnaya square |

    31 Dec 2010 Boris Nemtsov together with Ilya Yashin (the ally of Nemtsov on «Solidarity») was detained by police at Triumfalnaya square after a speech at the rally, which previously without much confrontations agreed with the Metropolitan municipality. Law enforcement officers accused Nemtsov in the violation of public order, he was serving 15 days of arrest.

    The last years of the life of Boris Nemtsov remembered regular criminal cases. In 2012, he faced a charge of beating blogger Maxim Perevalov, but the trial was completed, and the video, which allegedly Nemtsov has Perevalova in Domodedovo, was irrelevant, because blogger messed up politics at the airport with another person. It turned out that a well-known politician was completely uninvolved in the incident.

    Boris Nemtsov on the March of Peace
    Peace March in 2014 | PARNASSUS

    In 2014, Nemtsov said that he is a supporter of the Kiev «Euromaidan», sharply criticizing the policy of Russia towards Ukraine.

    March 1, 2015 in Russia, he was going to take part in the protest of the opposition March «Spring».

    Personal life

    Nemtsov was married. With his wife Raisa Akhmetovna they last years of the marriage lived apart. Raisa Ahmetovna worked as a librarian. From this marriage Nemtsov has daughter Jeanne (born in 1984). In 2005, she decided to follow in his father’s footsteps, he ran for election to the Moscow city Duma. Despite the support of five political parties, Jeanne lost the election.

    Boris Nemtsov with his wife Raisa
    With his wife Raisa | Vechernyaya Moskva

    Nemtsov also have children from the journalist Ekaterina Odintsov: son Anton, daughter — Dina. In 2004, Irene the Queen, who held the position of Secretary, a daughter Sophia.

    Boris Nemtsov and Ekaterina Odintsova
    Ekaterina Odintsov | KP

    Another sweetheart Nemtsov was Anastasia Ogneva, which politician met in 2012. He met her more than three years.

    Many accused Nemtsov in excessive attention to representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, but he has repeatedly said that his women are always just loved, and men were jealous of this state of Affairs.

    Boris Nemtsov and Anna Duritskaya
    Anna Duritskaya

    Last policy was Ukrainian model Anna Duritskaya.

    The Germans loved sports. In his spare time he loved to play tennis, which was engaged since 1979, was fond of Windsurfing.


    The night of 27 to 28 February 2015 was for the Russian opposition to the latter. At 23:40 (Moscow time) the politician was killed in Central Moscow.

    The murder of Boris Nemtsov happened on the Big Moskvoretsky bridge, when he was walking with a Ukrainian model Anna Duritskaya. The criminals shot the politician, hiding from the murder scene in a white car (it was recorded by local surveillance camera). Russian President Vladimir Putin said that a high-profile murder is «customized and provocative.»

    The Murder Of Boris Nemtsov
    Photos from the scene of the murder | Vechernyaya Moskva

    The murder of Boris Nemtsov happened right before the opposition March scheduled for March 1, 2015. Thus, the opposition March «Spring» was one of the last projects Nemtsov, as a public figure until the last moment was the organizer of the rally. Due to the fact that the March «Spring» has been transferred to one of the most populous Metropolitan areas of Marino, some opposition members refused to take part in it, but the well-known Russian politician was not going to stop, calling the demands of the campaign «more important than the venue of the opposition March».

    Crime investigation under special control took the head of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. Law enforcement agencies began to carry out operational-investigative activities.

    Photos from the scene of the murder of Boris Nemtsov
    Photos from the scene of a murder |

    The death of Nemtsov stirred up the world community. Foreign political and public figures, learn of the murder of Russian politician-the opposition leader called on the Russian authorities to bring the investigation to logical conclusion. Many in the world said that to find the organizers and perpetrators of the massacre – a matter of honor for the entire state system of the Russian Federation.

    Putin immediately instructed the military departments to establish a joint group of the RF IC, the interior Ministry and the FSB to investigate terrible crimes. In turn, the government has also engaged the best experts to clarify all the details of what happened.

    Boris Nemtsov
    Photo policy | What’s going on?

    Friends and associates of Nemtsov was shocked by the tragedy. In particular, the well-known Russian TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak in his Instagram account extremely painfully reacted to the death of the policy, writing that he was an honest, brilliant, brilliant man, who lived fast and died as a real fighter».

    The investigation of the murder of Boris Nemtsov

    In 2016, the representatives of the RF IC has completed the investigation of the murder of Boris Nemtsov. According to investigators, the accused in the massacre of politician customers offered 15 million roubles.

    Policy killer did not act alone. Shadid Gubarev, Temirlan Eskerkhanov, Zaur Dadayev, Anzor Gubashev and Khamzat – five defendants in this case.

    The defendants in the case about the murder of Boris Nemtsov
    Defendants in murder cases |

    Militiamen found out that the group of killers prepared to commit a crime, studying the way of life of a politician, the place of his residence, kept him under discreet surveillance. Former commander of the Chechen battalion «Sever» Ruslan Muhudinov the investigating authorities named the customer of murder. According to investigators, in September 2014 it was «Ruslan muhudinov and «other persons» invited the performers of funds in the amount of 15 million rubles for the murder of Boris Nemtsov. Muhudinov November 2015 is on the international wanted list.

    Photo Ruslan Muhudinov
    Photo Ruslan Muhudinov | Caucasian Knot

    20 January 2016 it was announced that Nemtsov murder is solved. The involvement of all the accused persons is confirmed by the results 70 challenging forensic examinations.

    Movies about Germans

    After the murder of the famous statesman, many representatives of the film industry decided to tell in his films about his life.

    In 2015, the Director Zosia, Rodkevich made the film «My friend Boris Nemtsov». In this documentary, the author presented his view on the life of the famous Russian statesman.

    In 2017 will also be another movie about the Germans called «Too free man.» Here we will talk about his political biography. The film directed by Vera krichevskaya.

    Boris Nemtsov
    The last photo policy | MMR

    Nemtsov that freedom has a high cost is indicative of how a politician was stuck to their values throughout life. For many Russians, the Germans associated it with freedom, which he took with him on 28 February 2015.

    January 17, 1999. Boris Nemtsov in an interview with the magazine «Ogonek» about freedom:

    «Freedom is when you don’t feel guilty for all the ills that occur on open spaces of our vast country, and is responsible only for themselves and their families.»


    Boris Nemtsov

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