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  • Name: Boris Moiseev ( Moiseev Boris )
  • Date of birth: 4 March 1954
  • Age: 62 years
  • Place of birth: Mogilev, Belarus
  • Height: 172
  • Activity: dancer, choreographer, singer, actor, Honored artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: not married

    Boris Moiseev: biography

    Boris Moiseev was born in not quite the usual situation – he was born in prison on March 4, 1954. Native to Moses-the Belarusian town of Mogilev. The little Bori is not happy – father-the boy was, his mother was a political prisoner. He grew up in a Jewish district and provincial Mogilev.

    Moses was a weak, sickly child. Later, the mother gave him in the dance circle, in order to improve the health of her son. Since then, Boris realized that dancing is his calling. He did a lot of improvising, arranged house concerts for the neighbors. After school, the future artist has Packed her bags and went to Minsk to study.


    After moving to Minsk, Moiseyev enrolled in a ballet school. There he studied classical dance at the ballerina Mladinskoy, who played with the Pavlova. Boris grew up in training, but he felt drawn to pop dance. It so happened that, having received the diploma, he had to leave Minsk, it was a kind of exile the young man’s love of freedom and a sharp tongue.

    The young artist went to Ukraine. There, in the Kharkov theatre of Opera and ballet, he made a career from an ordinary dancer to choreographer. But Boris Moses had to leave this city in connection with the exclusion from the Komsomol.

    In 1975, Moses moved to one of the independent Soviet cities – Kaunas. There he worked in music theatre, and later held the position of chief choreographer orchestra of Lithuania», trinitas».

    3 years after his arrival in Kaunas Boris Moiseyev created the dance trio «Expresia», which, in addition to himself, consisted of two girls. Later, the trio began to collaborate with the Theatre songs of Alla Pugacheva. In the «Expression» of Moses has traveled to many countries, took part in a large number of competitions.

    In the late ‘ 80s trio «Expresia» came out from under the wing of Alla, the artists decided to start a solo career. The venture was a success – they performed in clubs in Italy, France, America, in addition, the long time worked on Italian television «RAI-2» in the show «Raffaella Cara presents». Very soon, the dancer have already worked in America, where he managed to try his hand as chief of the Director of the municipal theatre of the city of New Orleans.


    For the first time in the movies Boris Moses had in 1974. It was a small role in the film «Yas and Yanina.» Next time in the movie, the actor appeared only 11 years later in two films: «Come and speak» and «Season of miracles». The main role went to Moses in the picture-the musical «revenge of the clown» (1993).

    In 2003, the singer participated in the filming of the musical «Crazy day or the marriage of Figaro» in the role of the gardener Antonio. Two years later he played a Gypsy fortune-teller in the same entertainment film «Ali Baba and the forty thieves».

    In 2006, the actor starred in «Day watch» and also played himself in the TV series «Happy together». In 2007, the filmography of Boris Moiseyev has added roles in the films «a Very new year movie or night in Museum» and «best film». Then had roles in the films «the Golden fish» (2008), Zolotoy Klyuchik (2009), «Zaitsev, burn! History of a showman» (2010) and «the Martian» (2012).


    In 1991, Boris Moiseev came back to Russia. On the screens out a documentary film about dance trio of the same name «Expression». This event marked the beginning of a solo career as a singer in the country. In 1992 his trio transformed into show-project «Boris Moiseyev and its lady.» Three years later, the artist created his show and presented a debut performance of «Child of Vice». His first album with the same title was released in 1996.

    His performances cannot be described as purely dance during the concerts of Moses created the show, sang, danced, and shocked the audience with all sorts of extravagant antics. From the debut album hits was the song «tango cocaine», the «Child of Vice», «Selfish». Two years later he released the album «Celebration! A celebration!».

    In the late 90’s there were several unmatched hits – «Mute love», «Blue moon» and «the Nutcracker». The last two songs were performed in duet with Trumpeter Nicholas.

    Later hits were «Star» (1999), «Two candles» (2000), «the Sexual revolution» (2001). In 2004, together with Boris Moiseev and Lyudmila Gurchenko recorded the legendary song «Petersburg-Leningrad», which was marked by many awards.

    It was later released two albums, followed by a creative break in the deterioration of health. In 2012, the artist recorded the album «Pastor. The best of men», which is characterized by philosophical depth of the lyrics.

    Personal life

    Boris Moiseev became the first artist on the national stage who was not afraid to openly declare their homosexual. For many years the public without a doubt thought that the singer was gay. But in 2010, Moses made a sensational statement in which he admitted that he is homosexual. According to him, he invented this legend to create a kind of shocking image and to achieve success.

    In the same year, Boris Moiseev said that he is going to marry American citizen Adel Todd.

    The singer has a bastard son named Amadeus from Lithuanian actress and theater of Eugenie Plescia. His son he has become Pope, giving the grandson of Moses.


    In late 2010, Boris Moiseev was in the hospital with a suspected stroke. The diagnosis was confirmed, the status of the artist was rapidly deteriorating – the entire left side of his body was paralyzed. After three days Moses was in a medically induced coma and hooked up to a machine that artificially supports the breathing process.

    The disease has receded. After staying in the hospital until February 2011, the showman was discharged and after a few months was singing at the «New wave».

    To fully recover from a stroke the singer, unfortunately, failed. To date, he has disrupted the normal operation of the muscles of the face and difficult speech.


    • «The child of defect»
    • «Alien»
    • «Angel»
    • «Pastor. The best of men»
    • «Celebration! A celebration!»
    • «The Swan»
    • «Ladies and Gentlemen»
    • «Dessert»
    • «Boris Moiseev. Just the Nutcracker»
    • «Forever Yours… Boris Moiseev»


    • «Come and say»
    • «The Golden key»
    • «Best film»
    • «The Martian»
    • «Season of miracles»
    • «Happy together»
    • «Day watch»
    • «Revenge of the clown»
    • «Yas and Yanina»
    • «Goldfish»


    Boris Moiseev

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