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  • Name: Boris Klyuyev ( Kluev Boris )
  • Date of birth: 13 July 1944
  • Age: 72 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 175
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian theater and film actor, teacher, Professor, people’s artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: married

    Boris Klyuyev : biography

    Future people’s artist of Russia Boris Klyuyev was born in July 1944 in Moscow. His father was actor Vladimir Klyuev. But the Pope’s son did not remember, as he died at the age of 36 years. Boris at the time was barely 4 years.

    The stepfather in the family and has not appeared because the son was categorically against any man, appeared in the house after his father’s death.

    At school Boris Klyuyev success, to put it mildly, is not impressive. Not pleased the mother and son’s behavior. And who knows what would have turned the boy’s life, if not enthusiasm for the stage. Once a student of Boris Klyuyev was involved in the school play «devil’s mill». The role of hell, which the boy turned the rest of his daily life. The role was played so that the next morning after the premiere woke up artist school celebrity. He loves to be the center of attention, that from now on the artistic career of Boris went up.

    The passion of the son was warmly supported by the mother, worried because of his poor academic performance and complaints about the behavior of the offspring. She began to drive Boris to the theater, where he stood heart, stared at the scene. Apparently, it began to show paternal genes.

    At age 14 Boris Klyuev had to go to work: the situation of the family was heavy. First guy unloaded the wagons, then worked on the construction. And yet, after finishing school he decided to enroll in drama school. Chose the Shchukin school, where he studied his father. But have passed all the exams did not pass in this school: Klyuev was asked to take the documents, as he had 3 year service in the army. He kept his head and took the documents to the «Sliver.» But the army still got.

    In 1969, Boris Vladimirovich Klyuyev graduated from VTU named after Mikhail Schepkin and was accepted into the troupe of the Maly theater.


    The debut of Boris Vladimirovich Klyuyev on stage took place when he was a student of the 4th course. Like most of his colleagues, it was the extras performances. Of the episodes began and his work at the Maly theatre. For the first time theatergoers saw Klyuev in performances of «vanity Fair», «the Power of darkness» and «Glass of water». The first major role went to a young artist in the production of «So be it», where he played a character named Sergey Sinitsyn. Merge with the image of Klyuev and skill were such that it was talked about.

    Since then, Boris Vladimirovich Klyuyev has appeared in a number of remarkable performances. For 40 years, given to one theatre, he played dozens of diverse roles. The total number of theatrical images is calculated in the tens family. «Storm,» «Tsar Ivan the terrible», «King Lear», «Wolves and sheep» — in these theater productions enjoyed watching the game talented artist.

    A cinematic biography of Boris Klyuyev also started as a student. For the first time the actor has appeared in films of 1968: in the movie «the Punisher» he got the role of the patrol constable. But after 2 years, Boris Vladimirovich, suggested first starring role. In the historical film «fall of Empire», he played Minister of the Interim government Shulgin. The actor was seen, but the real fame came to him much later, in 1979, when the screens out the legendary 3-serial film «d’artagnan and three Musketeers».

    But even after approving Mikhail Boyarsky on d’artagnan Rochefort Klyuev got at once: the Director had planned to give the role to another actor.

    After painting on the screens of everyone who starred in it, turned out to be stars of the first magnitude. Klyuevsky Rochefort extremely liked by the audience. Many can not even imagine that this role might go to someone else. It is noteworthy that the stage image of the hero Boris invented himself. He insisted that Rochefort was not a beard, but only its semblance in the form of neat aristocratic wedge.

    Following a starring role Klyuev – Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock’s brother in the acclaimed film Igor Maslennikov, which was released in 1980. Then there were a lot of other roles. The audience saw their favorite artist in the famous tapes «Mikhail Lomonosov», «an Attack on electrification», «Moonzund». Even in the 1990s, when domestic cinema was plunged into chaos and decay, Boris Vladimirovich left without work. He starred in the films «Queen Margot», «Countess de Monsoreau», «Royal hunt» and «Genius».

    And in the new century talented artist is not lost. He starred in many famous and popular TV series such as «Kamenskaya», «the Simple truth», «Raging» and «Heartbreakers». But most of all the audience liked his magic, the head of the family – Nikolay Petrovich Voronin in a Comedy sitcom «happy together», which was released in November 2009. Together with Anna Frolovtseva they created a wonderful family Duo

    Boris Klyuyev manages not only to act in films, but also regularly takes the stage of the Maly theatre, which does not change. It can be seen in performances of «Queen of spades», «How to cheat the government» and «the wise man stumbles». Boris is one of the leading artists of the theater. He’s also a Professor and the head of the Department acting in «Chips». Klyuyev has trained a galaxy of young actors like Egor Beroev, Vladimir Zherebtsov, Elena Velikanova, Alla Yuganova and Christine Asmus.

    Personal life

    The artist doesn’t like to talk about myself in a different context than the discussion of a theatrical or movie roles. The private life of Boris Klyuyev tightly closed from prying eyes. It is known that Boris Vladimirovich had 3 marriages. The names of the two first persons unknown. The only son, who was born in 1969, has died at 24 years of age from heart disease – the same disease that suddenly passed away the father of Boris Klyuyev. This is the most tragic and terrible page of the biography of the artist, which he is afraid to remember.

    Personal life Boris Vladimirovich Klyuyev tied to third wife Victoria. They are together since 1975. The wife has nothing to do with the profession of actor.

    A favorite pastime of the artist is to relax at his dacha in Zvenigorod, Moscow region. And Boris loves sports. He is the President of the football team of the Maly theater.


    • «The collapse of the Empire»
    • «D’artagnan and three Musketeers»
    • «TASS is authorized to declare»
    • «Moonzund»
    • «Queen Margot»
    • «The Countess de Monsoreau»
    • «Schizophrenia»
    • «Royal hunt»
    • «Genius»
    • «Voroniny»


    Boris Klyuyev

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