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  • Name: Boris Kamorzin ( Boris Kamorzin )
  • Date of birth: 10 November 1966
  • Age: 50 years
  • Place of birth: Bryansk, Russia
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Boris Kamorzin: biography

    Boris Kamorzin is a popular Russian actor of theatre and cinema, which became famous in middle age after a brilliant role in the TV series «Liquidation». He has also pleased their fans with interesting imagery in such films as «Gromozeka», «Gregory R.» and «the End of a great era.» The skill of the actor Boris Kamorzin was appreciated at various film festivals and was awarded prizes of the Guild of film critics, «Kinotavr», the «White Elephant», «the East & the West. Classic and avant-garde» and many others.

    Boris Kamorzin
    Famous Kamorzin was already in middle age

    Biography of Boris Kamorzin started from November 10, 1966. He was born in Bryansk, in a theatrical family. His mother was the Director of the local theater, and the father in the same performed on stage. The boy grew up backstage and always knew he would become an artist. But since Boris is very well studied in the music school, piano class, after graduation could continue their education in seventh grade, Central special school at the Moscow Conservatory named after P. I. Tchaikovsky. Thus, even in adolescence Kamorzin was alone in the vast metropolis, away from home.

    Boris Kamorzin
    Now Kamorzin equally in demand in the movie and in the theater

    After the maturity the young man was going to continue education in a Conservatory, but was drafted into the armed forces. Service Boris took place in Belarus in missile troops, but most of the time spent in the orchestra of the military district. After demobilization, the young man makes a choice not in favor of the Conservatory, and for the benefit of theatre of the University. He becomes a student of the Higher theatre school of Boris Shchukin theatre Institute, where until 1991 studying Yuri Katin-Yartsev, Vladimir and Poglazova. Unfortunately, the issue of school coincided with stagnation in the domestic film industry, so in full voice for the whole country Kamorzin declare itself to only one and a half decades. And while the newly minted actor has concentrated its forces in the theater.

    Boris Kamorzin in the film
    In the role of Mikhail in the film «Liquidation» | Cinema

    He spent seven years played on the stage of the Moscow youth theater, although not in a row – for the year Boris went to the Vakhtangov Theater. Then, in biographies of Boris Kamorzin was «Commonwealth of actors Taganka» and the Comedy theatre of Alexey Kiryushchenko, where he stands still. In addition, the artist sometimes receives invitations from other companies. He has collaborated with Contemporary theater, repertory, Theatre company Sergei Vinogradov, Centre of drama and directing under direction of A. Kazantsev and M. Roshchin.

    It is important that the staging was imaginative and profound, even if they are shocking, such as the performance «Communicants» in the theater «Practice», where Boris together with his colleagues performed the images in the Nude.


    The first films of Boris Kamorzin began to appear when he was still in high school theater. Then there were the long years of a break, but in the late 90s, and the beginning of XXI century the actor has not yet received wide recognition. First popularity came after the release of the melodrama «the Long goodbye», but real fame came to the military crime series «Liquidation». Also, for the long patience and waiting for a serious role rewarded the film «the fairy Tale about darkness» Boris Kamorzin the main award of the festival «Kinotavr».

    Boris Kamorzin in the film
    In the role of Peter Svistunov in the film «Gregory R.» | Cinema

    Subsequent work stood out for two part Thriller «Bros» detective «Harow» social drama «Gromozeka» political painting «End of a great era». Very interesting images appeared in the filmography of Boris Kamorzin after filming with Maria Shukshina in the criminal history «Its alien» and Vladimir Mashkov, Andrei Smolyakov, Valery src Degtyar and many other stars of Russian cinema in a large-scale project, «Gregory R.» on the life and famous death of the elder Gregory Rasputin. In the film Boris Kamorzin «the Monk and the demon» also play a large celebrity – Timofey Tribunal and Nikita Tarasov.

    Personal life

    Officially married Kamorzin was only once though before marriage he had several novels, including long. In an interview, the actor even admitted that he has a grown daughter who gave birth to his ex-girlfriend. But as the girl considers as the father of another man, Boris with this child is not issued.

    Boris Kamorzin wife
    With his beloved wife, Svetlana | Source

    Wife Boris Kamorzin, personal life which returned to normal at the beginning of 90-ies, met when came to Moscow TYUZ. Svetlana worked there administrator, they had a friendly relationship, but no romance then arose. But when the actor returned after a year’s absence another theatre, they almost immediately reached out to each other and after a few months got married.

    Boris Kamorzin family
    With wife Svetlana and son Boris in Egypt | the Source

    Boris and Svetlana Kamariny married for over 20 years and very happy. Many friends are surprised that they still treat each other like newlyweds. The couple have only son, who was named in honor of his father Boris. Incidentally, this is the third person in a row with that name in the family of Boris Kamorzin. The actor with his wife spend their free time necessarily together, and their favorite way of relaxing is foreign travel.


    • 2007 — Liquidation
    • 2010 — Gromozeka
    • 2012 — angel heart
    • 2014 — the memory of the heart
    • 2014 — the Inquisitor
    • 2014 — Interpreter
    • 2014 — Gregory R.
    • 2015 — the End of a great era
    • 2015 Its another
    • 2016 — the Monk and the demon


    Boris Kamorzin

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