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  • Name: Boris Hvoshnyanskiy ( Boris Khvoshnyanskiy )
  • Date of birth: 17 February 1968.
  • Age: 48 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 177
  • Activities: Russian film and theater actor
  • Marital status: married

    Boris hvoshnyanskiy: biography

    Boris Anatolyevich hvoshnyanskiy was born in February 1968 in Leningrad in the family of intellectuals developer of rocket engines and music teacher. On account of the father 24 of the invention. But, it seems, a greater impact on son had a mom who taught him to love and understand music. Great hearing an artist – from her.

    Boris Hvoshnyanskiy
    On the road to success |

    It is noteworthy that Boris musical did not attend school to play the piano, xylophone and castanets learned by ear.

    The future actor in my childhood was a rowdy guy. However, pronounced creativity as it is always present. In high school Boris hvoshnyanskiy passion for theater. After school all the free time he had lost in one of the Leningrad pioneer Homes, where he worked in the Theatre of youth creativity. A festive atmosphere reigned in TABA, liked him extremely.

    So after finishing school graduate went to the legendary theatrical institution – LGITMiK. Unfortunately, the exams, the guy failed. But it with open arms met the pedagogical University. But as they say, love can not be: after six months Hvoshnyanskiy so tired to visit boring couples that he left the Institute.

    Boris Hvoshnyanskiy
    In the movie, the actor did not come immediately |

    Scene as before Manila and called. So Boris went to the music school of Rimsky-Korsakov, where he looked after the departments of musical Comedy. But here, too, stayed only a couple of months: he was called for military service.

    After demobilization Boris hvoshnyanskiy again knocked on the door LGITMiK. This time he opened, taking the course of St. Petrov.


    Actor Boris hvoshnyanskiy studied in great company with Igor Lifanova, Dmitry Nagiyev and many other future stars of the movie. The creative atmosphere that prevailed on the course, remember forever. The young actor has played a striking role in the graduation performances «warm heart» and «the Seagull.» But before graduation, the enthusiasm began to evaporate. Diploma fell on the «dashing 90-e». The theaters were closed one after another. What made the film, defies criticism.

    Therefore a while the creative biography of Boris Hvoshnyanskiy was associated with music. During the year, the young man acted as a bass guitarist with the group «Pepsi». Then he managed to get in the theater «Time», with the troupe, the actor went on a tour of Germany.

    Boris Hvoshnyanskiy
    Career began in the theatre |

    Soon after his return, the artist has moved on to another stage of Theatre «Buff». Have stayed here much longer. For 6 years under the leadership of artistic Director of the theater of Isaac Shtockbant hvoshnyanskiy played many interesting roles, improving their skills.

    The new century was opened by Boris Hvoshnyanskiy the way to the domestic cinema. For the first time the actor has appeared on screen in the popular TV series «Streets of broken lamps». It is unlikely that the audience remember Boris from the film, because he only appeared in the episode.

    But in the next «COP» the series «national security Agent» noticed him. Boris hvoshnyanskiy played a chemist nicknamed «Doctor Faust», who produced drugs.

    Boris hvoshnyanskiy in the film
    In the role of «Doctor Faustus» | Cinema

    Soon his filmography appeared first starring role. In the feature film «poor, Poor Paul» the actor played Admiral Deribas. This historical costume drama was released in 2001 and received warm reviews from the audience and favorable reviews from critics.

    Loud but the popularity has fallen for Boris Hvoshnyanskiy in 2003, when the screens out the famous TV series «Chronicles of lethal Department». The role of a handsome captain porphyry Knyazhenko-Gnedich increased the army of fans and especially fans of the artist several times.

    The famous actor invited to Christmas projects on NTV and Ukrainian interests. The role of Figaro in the same Christmas musical has brought the artist a new wave of popularity.

    Boris Hvoshnyanskiy
    Anastasia Stotskaya in the role of Figaro |

    Filmography of Boris Hvoshnyanskiy quite extensive. It is difficult to list even the most popular projects in which he has starred. His roles are varied and diverse. Colorful appearance of the actor encourages Directors to offer him the characteristic images, often bad characters with criminal tendencies. Hvoshnyanskiy not just «lit up» in the ranking detective serials such as «named Baron», «Department», «Gangster Petersburg», «Secrets of the investigation» and «Foundry».

    Boris hvoshnyanskiy in the series
    In the TV series «Dealer» |

    In his piggy Bank and many of the melodramas, the most popular being the «Adjutants of love», «Gentle winter», «Word woman», «I will live!» and «Can I call you mom?».

    Ranking of projects is necessary to note the tape «Orlova and Aleksandrov», «chop» and «Harry, a lawyer, a father of Faith». In 2016, the screens went great detective series «the Investigator Tikhonov», where fans of the actor saw their pet in a small but striking role.

    Personal life

    The actor has a wonderful and strong family. With his future wife, actress Julia Ball – he met on the set. Julia is familiar to audience for his roles in the projects «Friendly family», «Persona non grata» and «the Deerslayer.»

    Boris hvoshnyanskiy and Julia Sharikova
    With his beloved wife Julia |

    In 2002, their wedding took place. And in March 2007 the happy parents of a daughter, who they named Sonya.

    The private life of Boris Hvoshnyanskiy happened quite happily. In this wonderful creative family each – a bright personality. But thanks to a shared love of all problems lose their urgency in the walls of their warm home-fortress.


    • «Poor, poor Paul»
    • «The Opera-2. Chronicles of lethal Department»
    • «Hounds»
    • «The way of the male»
    • «Swing»
    • «I will live!»
    • «Can I call you mom?»
    • «The word woman»
    • «Bounty hunters»
    • «Orlova and Aleksandrov»


    Boris Hvoshnyanskiy

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