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  • Name: Boris Hook ( Boris Kruk )
  • Date of birth: 18 August 1966
  • Age: 50 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: presenter, Director, writer, producer
  • Marital status: married

    Boris Hook: biography

    Boris Hook – presenter, writer and Director of television programs, «What? Where? When?» «Brain ring» and «Love at first sight». He was born in Moscow in the family of Alexander Hook, design engineer, and Natalia Stetsenko, who was a co-author and the first editor of game show «What? Where? When?». By the way, the Boris family were another famous relative: his great-grandfather Pyotr Savelyevich was at the time first violinist in the Minsk theater of Opera and ballet.

    Parents of the future of the broadcaster were classmates, met long before the wedding, but after the birth of the son have lived together for only 4 years. Soon Natalia remarried for his colleague Vladimir Voroshilov, who also greatly influenced the education of Boris.

    At school the boy is much better given the arts and Humanities, and in addition, he was interested in creativity – Hook was engaged at musical school on guitar and often made bardovskie songs. More surprising for everyone was the decision of the Bor to enter the University which graduated his father — MGTU imeni N. E. Bauman. However, the young man managed to successfully finish University and get a profession engineer.

    However, no direct specialty Boris Hook to work is not, and immediately officially employed on TV. The Ostankino TV tower he was a member of the Youth edition of the Central television.


    In the Studio he’s been with school-age children, which is not surprising when the mother and stepfather engaged in this interesting work. Boris often was in announcer of the TV program «What? Where? When?» at the time, as it was led by Vladimir Voroshilov. And that he is the author of the rules «Losing experts are leaving the club», which he invented at the age of 12 years. He was later an assistant Director, and in high school and College years he held the position of music editor, and «commanded» the music pauses.

    In 1990 Boris for the first time tried himself in the role of Director an independent project. That is Hook’s idea was to create a dynamic intellectual game «brain ring». And since 1991, he began to appear before the audience as the leading entertainment show «Love at first sight», which for 8 years led, together with permanent co-host Alla Volkova. An interesting situation has developed around these two programs. Boris Hook directed «brain ring», which led the famous scholar Andrei Kozlov, and. Kozlov, in turn, was a Director of a romantic transmission, which was led by Boris.

    After the death of the legendary Vladimir Voroshilov in 2001, the Hook took the chair of his stepfather in the game «What? Where? When?». Although the first time, information about who was leading, was carefully hidden. Not only from viewers but also from the experts. Voice of Boris Aleksandrovich specially distorted by computer programs, and complete disorientation in the Studio came cousin Voroshilov, dressed in a tuxedo, and a rapid gait headed announcer room.

    First came Boris the Hook as the official host of «What? Where? When?» in 2007 alone, and that the camera managed to lock it only from the back. And only a year later he came out and talked with experts at the award of Andrey Kozlova the title of Master. Boris Aleksandrovich is trying to keep traditions that have invested in the game Voroshilov and Stetsenko, but does not wish to lag behind. For example, now the question from viewers, scholars come not only traditional mail, but also via the Internet and even via SMS. But the main atmosphere of intellectual excitement remains the same.

    Personal life

    The first time Boris Hook married in 1990. His wife’s name was ina and she was by profession a microbiologist. In this marriage the spouses have a son Michael and a daughter, Alexandra, who graduated from prestigious universities in the UK. The son became an economist, and the daughter received the degree of bachelor of arts. Boris and Inna have lived together for a little less than 10 years, but with the kids father kept a close relationship and always takes them with him on a trip with a new family.

    Second wife Hook — Ann Antoniuk. She worked in the economic sphere, but after marriage completely focused on homemaking and raising two daughters, Alexandra and Barbara. As you can see, in two different families Boris called the first daughters the same name Sasha. It turns out that it’s a family name: his family nearly all grandmothers and great-grandmothers name was also.


    Boris Hook

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