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  • Name: Boris Gryzlov ( Boris Gryzlov )
  • Date of birth: 15 December 1950
  • Age: 66 years
  • Place of birth: Vladivostok
  • Height: 192
  • Activity: the Russian state and political figure, former head of the interior Ministry, the former Chairman of the state Duma of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the Supreme Council of the faction «United Russia»
  • Marital status: Married

    Boris Gryzlov: a biography

    Boris Gryzlov, the Russian politician and statesman, stepped into the political arena of the country in the late 90-ies. His political career developed rapidly, beginning with support of the independent members of the movement «Unity» Boris Gryzlov was in the government of Russia as Minister of internal Affairs, becoming the only head of the Agency, has the General’s epaulettes. Also in 2002, he became Chairman of the Supreme Council of the largest Russian party «United Russia» and to date successfully defines its strategy in conjunction with the co-Chairman Sergei Shoigu. At the end of 2015, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has appointed Gryzlov, Plenipotentiary representative of Russia in the contact group on Ukraine.

    Born Gryzlov Boris Vyacheslavovich December 15, 1950 in Vladivostok in the family of a military pilot and a teacher. 4 years after his birth, Gryzlov on duty of head of family working at the moment in the Ministry of defence of the country, moved to Leningrad. Future politician since childhood, showed himself a smart and capable child, argued that high performance in school. He dreamed of becoming a scholar, but fate decided otherwise.

    The first 8 classes Gryzlov attended the local secondary school No. 327, and high school re-training in the Polytechnic school No. 211, where his classmate was the future head of the FSB Nikolai Patrushev. After graduating from school with a gold medal, Boris Gryzlov following his childhood dream entered the electrotechnical Institute of telecommunications named after Bonch-Buevich. In high school he also scored high in knowledge and has become almost a straight-a student. Having defended a thesis on «Ground-based transmitter of the communication line of an artificial satellite of the Earth,» Gryzlov received the diploma of the radio engineer, but in the future, was not able to conquer the science, lost among the rank and file engineers at the all-Union research Institute for power radiobuilding.

    In 1977, the future politician worked in a LPO «elektronpribor», where he developed integrated circuits for defence equipment and instruments of the national economy. Becoming the Director of a major division in the enterprise, Boris Gryzlov started activities in the political direction, first as a member of the trade Union of the enterprise, and further in the ranks of the Communist party.

    At the same time he was engaged in business activity – Gryzlov was the founder of several commercial organizations that has not brought much income policy. Since 1996, the activities of Boris Gryzlov was associated with higher education. On his initiative was created several institutions for advanced training of specialists, and the Institute workers gorkhozyaystva and vocational guidance Centre for the disabled.


    In politics Boris Gryzlov was in the late 90s. as head of the Petersburg branch of movement «the Unity», he was elected Deputy of the state Duma on the Federal list of the block. Already in 2001 the President of Russia has appointed the novice politician, Minister of internal Affairs of the country, which was a surprise to all solution, as Gryzlov at that time had no political experience, nor the General’s epaulettes.

    The head of the interior Ministry of the Russian Federation Boris Gryzlov became famous for successful business «werewolves in epaulets» by investigating large-scale malfeasance by senior police officers, who for long time were criminal activities, engaging in extortion and «manufacture of criminal cases. After two months of Ministerial activities Gryzlov undertook structural reform of the Agency and has made changes to the structure of the work of traffic police. Also on his initiative was established the Suvorov military school of the interior Ministry in St. Petersburg for children killed during the operation in the North Caucasus of the Russian military.

    In the 2003 parliamentary elections in the state Duma Boris Gryzlov together with the ex-mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov and the current defense Minister, Sergei Shoigu became the Central unit of the «United Russia», therefore, resigned from the post of interior Minister because I wanted to work in Parliament and to engage in legislative activity. In 2004, he was elected speaker of the state Duma and head of the faction «United Russia». In the same period, he became a permanent member of the security Council of the Russian Federation, and in 2005, heads the parliamentary Assembly of the Eurasian economic Union.

    In 2011, Gryzlov recalled his mandate and left the position of Chairman of the state Duma, believing it is wrong to be the Chairman of the Parliament more than two consecutive terms. However, he remained the head of the High Council of party «United Russia», and also became the head of the Supervisory Board of «Rosatom».

    26 Dec 2015 Boris Gryzlov was appointed Plenipotentiary representative of the Russian Federation in the trilateral contact group on Ukraine. The experts lay on the diplomat hopes that he will be able to «break the deadlock» long-term implementation of the Minsk agreement on the Donbas. From the very first meeting, the diplomat has successfully fulfilled its duties on the first negotiations «Minsk group» in 2016, the Ukrainian side has agreed to all his proposed initiatives aimed at addressing the conflict situation in the South-East of Ukraine.

    Personal life

    The private life of Boris Gryzlov, stable and transparent. He is married to the daughter of the Hero of the USSR Ada V. Korner, whom he met in his student years. The wife Gryzlov was his classmate at the Leningrad electrical engineering Institute, and is now the rector of the National Institute of open Russia.

    In the family of the former head of the interior Ministry and the state Duma of the Russian Federation increased two children. Son Dmitry in 1979, the year of birth left on the political footsteps of his father, he became one of the leaders of the St. Petersburg youth movement «Unity.» But politics Dmitry Gryzlov is in the law and leads the program «Territory of freedom» at one of the local television channels.

    About daughter Gryzlov Eugene, who was born a year after his older brother, information is virtually nonexistent. In the words of Boris Vyacheslavovich, she is a student at the Institute of cinema and television in Saint-Petersburg, is keen on painting, which is most likely and will be connected to her future profession.

    Apart from politics, former speaker of the state Duma of the Russian Federation enjoys football, volleyball and basketball. It also has level in several sports, including tennis, shooting and chess. Thus Gryzlov is one of the organizers of the Club of Olympic Champions in St. Petersburg.


    The last officially declared income of Boris Gryzlov was published in 2011, and after he resigned the parliamentary mandate, its work, policies are not disclosed. In 2010 the former Chairman of the state Duma of the Russian Federation had an income of 3 million 770 thousand roubles. In his possession were flat with a total area of nearly 300 square meters, a dacha and plot of land (1500 sq m). In that period He traveled on the Mazda 3, as indicated in its Declaration.


    Boris Gryzlov

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