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  • Name: Boris Grebenshikov ( Boris Grebenshhikov )
  • Date of birth: 27 November 1953.
  • Age: 63 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Activity: musician, composer, poet, rock musician
  • Marital status: married to Irina Titova

    Boris Grebenshchikov: the biography

    27 Nov 1953 in a family of Petersburg intellectuals (engineer and lawyer) came to light a boy, who years later was destined to become an epoch in the history of Russian music, spiritual teacher and author of the favorite songs of many thousands of listeners. Boris Grebenshikov grew up in the glorious city of Leningrad, went to school with a mathematical bias and from childhood was fascinated with music.

    After school he entered the Leningrad University, the faculty of applied mathematics. But most importantly, at the same time, he decided to create his own musical group «the Aquarium». School friend Anatoly hunicke, whose amazing resemblance to Harrison called «George» was Boris company in his long creative searches and rehearsals in the auditorium of the University. According to witnesses, the boys were gifted poets, and could not imagine my life greater joy than singing songs.

    Trained in the classics of rock-n-roll, in love with Mark Bolan, Bob Dylan and The Beatles, they first wrote and sang in English. But it was soon made a firm decision: to sing songs only in their native language.

    Boris Grebenshchikov: «Aquarium»

    The first album «

  • Aquarium» published by the samizdat. «The temptation of St. Aquarium» in 1973, critics have called «the first attempt to create a conceptual music in the USSR». In 1974 the group be two character — N. Feinstein and A. Romanov. Young people to expand their creative horizons and create on the native faculty of the drama club. Feinstein writes absurd plays, and Novels, and Grebenshchikov happy to play them. The only bad thing is guys are so keen on the drama that you almost forget about the music. They come out of the group, at the same time they are forbidden to rehearsals at the University and leader of the team is threatening to deduct. In the «Aquarium» only one warrior Grebenshikov. But Boris did not despair: the universe begins to slowly but surely set him up with musicians that will linger in the squad for the next fifteen years. The first sign was the cellist Vsevolod Haeckel. Then BG says real hits, still sound at concerts. To rehearse and record the songs to the group in these years absolutely anywhere – everything is very expensive and is not accepted in the right rooms. However, in 1976 the «Aquarium» released the album «the looking glass», and in 1978 in the open air recorded a duet with Mike Naumenko album, «All brothers-sisters». Since 1981, things got a bit more fun: Boris began working with the legendary Studio Andrew Trail. There was recorded the album «the Blue album», «Triangle», «Acoustics», «Taboo», «Day of silver» and «Children of December».

    The musician continued to record songs, although in this period the problems had been «through the roof» — after a speech at the Tbilisi rock festival in 1980, he was expelled from the Komsomol, was fired as a Junior researcher and was officially banned from performing.

    Grebenshikov again is not lost, and finds a job as a janitor, not to become a «parasite». His concerts turn into a «house concert» format, when musicians and listeners gather at home and very quiet with a guitar singing to watchful neighbors contacted the police. Then the musician makes acquaintance with the Leningrad avant-garde artist Sergei Kuryokhin, and it appears in the television show «Cheerful children». After that, invitations for TV come the singer more often. In 1981, Boris became a member of the Leningrad rock club in 1982, notices and producing the first album of Viktor Tsoi and groups «Cinema». Few albums and think records from two English language album «Radio Silence» and «Radio London» broadcasts in 1989. Then the singer met with many foreign rock figures. Since 1990, the group «Aquarium» officially did not exist. Grebenshchikov headed «BG-Band», but it sufficed not for a long time – 1993 «Aquarium» resumed its activities.

    With the restructuring, the musician came from the «underground» for quite a decent scene of clubs, concert halls and stadiums. His albums are becoming more and more unusual-sounding, his name writing music for movies. In the same period, he was seriously fond of Buddhism, became a student of Lama OLE Nydahl, and repeatedly visits the Ashram of the Indian guru SAI Baba. Grebenshchikov himself does not consider himself a convinced adherent of any religion, but is famous for promoter of the universal values of humanism. Since the late 90s musician deservedly showered with awards: 1998 – prize «Triumph», 2000 – prize «People of our city,» 2001 – award by magazine «Fuzz», 2002 — award «Nashe Radio», 2002 – Stanislavsky prize, 2003 — the Order «For merits before Fatherland» IV degree for his significant contribution to development of musical art.

    2005-our days of Boris leads the author’s program «the Balloon» on «Radio of Russia». The transfer is quite popular with the masses – it is the leader of the «Aquarium» in a free form raises him interested in the question, tells the little-known foreign groups, and puts the best, in his opinion, music. In 2006 Boris met guru pointwatch wing – Sri Chinmoy, who gave the singer the name of Purushottam. A new friend has helped in the organization of concerts Grebenshikov in London, at the Royal albert hole. In 2007, the musician has played a solo concert in the United Nations.

    In 2013, there were persistent rumor that «Aquarium» finally ceases to exist. The hearing was the newspaper «duck» the group once again upgraded and turned into «Aquarium International», and absorbed the Irish flutist Brian Finnegan.

    Boris Grebenshchikov: cinema and theatre

    1981 the BG acts as an actor in theatre productions and movies. Among them, «Thirst», «Long way home», «Black rose — an emblem of sorrow, red rose — emblem of love», «Red on red», «Two captains-2», «Tender age».

    In even more films the music group «the Aquarium»: «AssA», «House under the starry sky», «Azazel», «Peter FM», «rainy Season», «Nightingale the Robber».

    In 2014 he was put musical songs Grebenshchikov «Music of silver spokes».

    Boris Grebenshikov: books

    Grebenshchikov has created several works in prose: the tale «Forest» and the story «Ivan and Danilo». In 2009 he participated in writing the book «the Book for which United writers, to unite which it is impossible». He is the author of translations of several Buddhist and Hindu treatises, including «the Bhagavad Gita».

    Published books musician: «the Works in 2 volumes: «Song», «Apostie», «Book of Songs», «Two verses about the apartment number six,» «the Balloon. Currents and earth», «the Balloon. Balloonists and artifacts», «the Balloon. Parallels and Meridians», «the Balloon. Variations on a theme of Adam and eve», «Boris Grebenshchikov. Tramontana: a collection of the Author».

    Boris Grebenshchikov: personal life

    In 1976 Boris married

  • Natalia Kozlovska. Four years later the couple divorced, the marriage had an only daughter – now a popular Russian actress Alisa Grebenshchikova (12 June 1978). The second time married, the singer was married with the artist in 1980
  • Ludmila Shulgina, before the former civil wife of Vsevolod Haeckel. 14 Dec 1984 in the family was born a boy – Gleb, now known as DJ Gebe. The finale of marriage with Ludmila was another divorce and another marriage. In 1991, Boris went down the aisle with
  • Irina Titova, the former wife of the bass player of «Aquarium» Alexander Titov. From a previous marriage Irina has two children – mark and Vasilisa, who became a foster daughter Grebenshchikov. Mark Titov plays in several bands, writes electronic music under the pseudonym C. Bio Vasilisa Grebenshikov – the artist.

    Boris Grebenshikov: discography

    • The temptation of St. Aquarium (BG + George)
    • All the brothers — sisters (BG + Mike)
    • Blue album
    • Children Dec
    • Radio Silence (solo)
    • The history of Aquarium, vol. 3 Archive
    • Russian album (solo)
    • Favorite songs of Ramses IV
    • Kostroma mon amour
    • Radio London (solo)
    • Careless Russian tramp
    • Our life from the point of view of trees (recorded 1988)
    • Ballooning in the company of sphinxes
    • The secret history of beekeeping
    • Salt (solo)

    Boris Grebenshikov: photo

    Boris Grebenshikov

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