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  • Name: Boris Grachevskiy ( Boris Grachevskiy )
  • Date of birth: 18 March 1949
  • Age: 67 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 180
  • Activity: the Russian film Director and screenwriter, organizer of filmmaking
  • Marital status: married

    Boris Grachevsky : biography

    Is a name known to millions of countrymen, especially the younger generation. When the TV sounded musical «call» the children’s magazine «jumble», «boys and girls, and their parents» drop everything and happy to sit watching television to get a charge of vivacity and good mood.

    Boris Grachevskiy Y., and he is the artistic Director of the legendary children’s newsreel, was born in the capital in March 1949. Immediately after his son’s birth parents went Polushkino in Moscow, where there was a rest house of the same name. Here Grachevskii worked. Mother – biblioteken, Papa – cultural worker.

    Little Boris 5 years, first came on the scene: the father used him in one of the concert numbers. Even then, Grachevskiy, Jr. felt the pleasant taste of fame. But seriously about the creative work of Boris thought much later. After high school he went to study at Turner. Then, after serving in the army, suddenly realized that tournicoti he is not interested. With the help of his father, he got a job at a film Studio named after Maxim Gorky.


    First, Boris Grachevsky worked as a mover prop shop. A little later he was a laborer at the shooting of «Crime and punishment» and with great interest watched the whole film-making process. Grachevskiy then moved to the shooting of the film «Barbara, beauty, long braid» Alexander Rowe.

    On the second month of work on the film, the Director drew attention to the young man with burning eyes and decided to give him a tiny role. Grachevskom was instructed to portray the monster, which was the arm out of the water in a special glove.

    Probably, then, in the film row and began his artistic career of Boris grachevskogo. After the first was followed by several cameo roles. And between filming the handyman Grachevskiy mopping the floor, trays or unloaded, the props and did all that he instructed. So he studied film-making process from the inside and have learned the basics of the Director’s work.

    A couple of years of their work at the Studio Boris Grachevsky entered VGIK, by the faculty, «Organization of production».

    In 1974, Alexander Khmelik, at that time Deputy editor of Gorky film studios and editor in chief of the just-formed film magazine «Yeralash», were looking for a new project Director. Remembering Boris Grachevsky and his excellent organizational skills, Khmelik asked the young man in the Studio. And not lost. Success crowned the first release of «Yeralash».

    Since then, the little and adult audience saw on the screen more than 700 short films. «Jumble» Grachevsky and Khmelik was a real «star forge». It is difficult to list the names of all the young actors who started their career in the newsreel. Sasha Loya, Fedor Knocks, Sergey Lazarev, Alexander Golovin, and many other now well-known actors of the «left» of the «jumble».

    For many years Boris Grachevsky has managed brilliantly to bring the newsreel. He is on the filming process is not present. Task grachevskogo – setting the shooting mechanism and setup of the team. The idea to use on the set of the already known stars of cinema and show-business also belongs to Mr Titov.

    In 2009, viewers saw the first full-length film grachevskogo. It was a film «Roof.» The second project came in 2014. Director Boris Grachevsky filmed a drama with definite sexual overtones under the title «Between the notes, or Tantric Symphony». This is a love story of an elderly composer to a young girl from the provinces. The main roles in this film went to Andrey Ilyin and Ioannina the Melekhova.

    Personal life

    With his first wife Galina Boris Grachevsky met at a time when I was working as a labourer at the Gorky film Studio. The girl was a student of capital Institute of communications and at first did not pay attention on guy. But persistent boyfriend managed to get the favor of beauty.

    Boris and Galina Grachevskii were married in 1970. At first the couple lived in the barracks on the outskirts of Moscow. But then a young family, knowing that soon it will have the Deposit moved to the communal to parents Galina. Here was born their first son Maxim. Then was born the daughter Xenia.

    The couple lived together for nearly 35 years. Came the divorce was an unpleasant surprise to all friends of the family and especially children. Ksenia felt the departure of the father from the family betrayal and stopped to chat with him.

    The private life of Boris Grachevsky was in the midst of increased attention in 2011. Then the Director began to appear along with a young (younger than his 38 years old) actress Anna Panasenko. Soon they were married. 2012 the couple had a daughter Vasilisa.

    But this marriage proved to be unstable. In 2014, the couple divorced. This divorce also was not «quiet.» The pair exchanged unpleasant characteristics and charges.

    Of marrying 66-year-old Boris Grachevsky 31-year-old actress and singer Ekaterina Belotserkovsky has become known in 2015. In December, the Director gave his beloved the ring. The wedding took place in Mauritius, where happy Grachevskiy and received the congratulations of friends.

    It is known that the third wife of Mr Titov met on the set of his second feature picture.


    • «Roof»
    • «Between the notes, or Tantric Symphony»


    Boris Grachevsky

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