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  • Name: Boris Galkin ( Boris Galkin )
  • Date of birth: 19 September 1947
  • Age: 69 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Activities: actor, Director, screenwriter, presenter, composer, singer, producer
  • Marital status: married

    Boris Galkin: biography

    Boris Galkin – well-known Soviet and Russian actor who starred in such films as «In the zone of special attention», «Retiree», «Hunting for Gauleiter» and many others. In addition, it has been realized and as a Director, producer, writer, composer and singer. Boris was born in Leningrad in a simple family. His father Sergey was a tailor and a shoemaker, and mother Svetlana Georgievna nurse. By the way, the actor is a direct descendant of field Marshal Mikhail Kutuzov, or rather his sister.

    When Boris was still in preschool age, the family moved to Riga. There Galkin, Sr. was offered a job of a shoemaker in the Theater of Opera and ballet. So behind the scenes Boris visited since childhood. But the theater at the time was of little interest to the boy. In early childhood he spent days in sports. Galkin practiced volleyball, wrestling, skiing, swimming, and how the wrestler became the silver medalist of the Republic of Latvia.

    In high school the young man had already run, as wages of the parents is not enough for normal life. Boris was a gardener, illuminator and even a sailor in a lifeboat station. Around the same time he became interested in the readings: in the evening daily visited the Studio, where she also taught actor of the Riga drama theater Konstantin G. Titov.

    This teacher first reviewed in Galkina acting talent, he also helped to prepare a solo program, consisting of poems by Sergei Yesenin. Moreover, Titov wrote for Boris a recommendation letter with which a young man and went to conquer Moscow. However, it is not needed. In drama school named after Boris Shchukin in that year, the course has gained the Faith of Lviv, who saw the applicant’s potential and recorded it in his Studio. By the way, on the same course Galkin studied in the future such famous actors as Alexander Kaidanovsky Leonid Filatov.

    After graduation the young specialist came to the theater of Satire, two years later moved to the Theater on Taganka. Then Boris Galkin has collaborated with the Moscow theater Mayakovsky, Pushkin and city Council, as well as with the Novgorod drama theatre where he went on purpose to put his debut directorial performance.

    As Boris Sergeyevich would like not only to play roles but to manage the process, he received a second degree at the directing Department of theatre courses at higher GITIS. Put a lot of performances, sometimes he wrote plays and scripts. And in 2003 he received experience on the TV when started a weekly broadcast of the famous program «I Serve the Fatherland!».


    In his first film «shore leave» Boris Galkin acted when he was 15 years old. While studying at the school continued to appear on screen in small roles, but in strong paintings, for example, «home among strangers, a stranger among his own» and «Slave of love». But really the actor Galkin country learned after the release of the war drama «In the zone of special attention», where Boris got the role of a paratrooper Lieutenant Tarasov.

    It is believed that Boris Galkin played only soldiers. Of course, he at different periods of the career had a lot of beautiful paintings on military subjects. Suffice it to mention such films as «back door», «commando dad», «Werewolf Hunt», «Retiree» and «Hunting for Gauleiter». And all such tapes in the filmography of the actor over 40! By the way, is the character of Galkin’s military drama «Expectation of Colonel Shalygina» belongs to the phrase «hate hate!» subsequently became a way of life of the population.

    But Boris Galkin played not just people in uniform. He starred in the children’s adventure film «the Captain Sovrem-head», the musical «the Blue carbuncle», the Comedy «the great ride», a biographical drama about the player, «White snow of Russia». So the range of genres that the actor is quite wide. But Boris Sergeyevich principle is to play only when he is interested.

    There was a case when he agreed to film in the detective series «Maroseyka, 12», where his character Colonel Durov was conceived as a Central and was supposed to appear for a long time. But quickly this work the actor was no longer like he is, to withdraw from the project, insisted on redoing the story. As a result, the writers wrote a version of the death of his hero.

    Personal life

    Boris Galkin was married three times. His first wife, actress Irina Pechernikova, he lived for 6 years. Their relationship was not strong, but the couple parted friends. Then on the set of the drama «Matveeva radost» actor met the artist Elena Demidova, with whom he lived for more than 30 years.

    Boris Galkin adopted son of Elena from his first marriage, Vlad sukhacheva, gave him his name and he, when he grew up, became famous throughout the country as an actor, Vladislav Galkin. Boris with stepson always had friendly relations. It turned out it was next to him when difficulties in life. And that stepfather found dead Vladislav in 2010. Also, the actor brought up the daughter of his wife Maria, who now lives a solitary life in the village, where he leads their own subsistence farming, and writing stories.

    After the death of the son of Elena and Boris collapsed normal relations and in a few years they divorced. In 2013, the actor got married again. His new fiancee Inna razumihina, whom he had met at the film festival in Brest, under the age of 26 years, but this does not prevent the couple to feel one. Inna — singer, winner of numerous competitions. With her help, Boris Galkin organizes solo and duet performances, because he himself is a singer and composer: Galkin has released two Studio album «For the honor and glory of the Fatherland!» and «unscheduled flight.»


    • 1978 — the zone of special attention
    • 1979 — the Blue carbuncle
    • 1981 — Return move
    • 1982 — the Journey will be pleasant
    • 2002 — the Taiga. Survival course
    • 2009 — Retiree
    • 2009 — Werewolf Hunt
    • 2009 — a Whisper of orange clouds
    • 2011 — Made in USSR
    • 2011 — Surprise me
    • 2014 — the Road home


    Boris Galkin

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